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Top Five Reasons Why Arizona Is Spectacular In The Fall

Top Five Reasons Why Arizona Is Spectacular In The Fall


Prescott is one of the top places to live in Arizona. This is because Money Magazine rated it as one of the Top 25 Places to Retire. Prescott was also part of the Top 10 in Business from Boomtown, USA. It has a relatively low cost of living and has a variety of events and attractions throughout the year – especially in the fall.

top five reasons why arizona Top Five Reasons Why Arizona Is Spectacular In The Fall

Arizona has much to offer throughout the autumn months. There’s the change of seasons and leaves dropping. The temperatures have started to cool off and many residents look to the great outdoors as a way to stay entertained.

To better understand what Arizona has to offer, there are 5 reasons why the state is spectacular.

#1 – Tours

Various tours exist throughout Prescott. The city offers a free historic tour for all visitors as well as new residents. Some of the other tours available include tours of the Back Country and Soldiers Trail. Customized tours are also available from various vendors to see very specific parts of the state.

#2 – Fall Events

Fall events are comprehensive throughout Arizona. When anyone is looking for things to do, central Arizona is never without something going on during the week or over the weekend. Prescott has an array of events and Phoenix has even more – and that’s a little over an hour’s drive away.

Some of the fall events include music festivals, art shows, and other things going on outside. Hay rides and pumpkin patches seem to come out of the wood work. There are also a variety of Halloween parties and haunted houses throughout the month of October. Recent years have produced over a dozen of these events to choose from.

#3 – Outdoor Activities

Arizona offers a number of outdoor activities and Prescott in particular is popular because of the mild four seasons. Throughout the fall months, it can be beneficial to take a hike through the Prescott National Forest or visit some of the other active parks. Throughout the area, there are five golf courses as well as an array of equestrian and hiking trails.

Many residents choose to enjoy the great outdoors by renting a recreational vehicle. It’s possible to explore what Arizona has to offer with bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, segways and mobility scooters.

At the various parks, it’s possible to find picnic sites, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, skate areas, football, baseball and soccer fields, and even playgrounds for the younger kids.

#4 – Arts & Entertainment

The fall months are when there are the most events taking place throughout the arts and entertainment venues. Residents will be able to see events at the Elks Opera House, the Prescott Pops Symphony, and many others. Other arts and entertainment attractions include Tim’s Toyota Center and the 4 acres of landscaping at the Yavapai College Sculpture Garden.

#5 – Shopping

The shops throughout Arizona in the fall are lovely to visit. Many of them are getting ready for the winter months, decorating with twinkling lights and other ornaments. The smell of cinnamon is in the air and shop owners are talkative, telling everyone about what’s coming up in the next few months.

If anyone is considering relocating to Prescott, AZ, the fall months can be absolutely stunning. There are many luxurious homes in the area and finding a Realtor is a great way to learn more about them.

Don Stevens loves local food and unique experiences in great places across the U.S. and Canada. He helps people discover new trends, restaurants, and offers tips in different cities. Traveling to different areas can help when purchasing a home. He recommends the Chandler Anderson group for finding homes in the Prescott, AZ area. They are helpful and always provide quality service to find the home of your dreams.

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Fall Outdoor Decoration Theme Ideas

Fall Outdoor Decoration Theme Ideas


With the arrival of autumn’s cooling winds, landscapes explode into glorious hues of gold, crimson and tangerine. In recent years, decorating for the fall season has become just as popular as decking the halls for Christmastime. By adding focal points of autumnal scenery, your home will emanate a warming welcome to your guests throughout the duration of the season.

Make the most of the front entry to your home. Select an adornment for the door, such as a bunch of dried Indian corn tied together with raffia or a seasonal colored ribbon. A festive fall wreath studded with pinecones, silk leaves and blooms in autumnal hues provides another option for highlighting your front door. If there are steps that lead the way to your door, arrange potted mums or pumpkins along the sides of each step. Homes whose front entryway is framed by a porch railing have the perfect venue for exhibiting a row of pumpkins. Flank each end of the railing with cornstalks. A seated scarecrow on a porch chair makes a heartwarming and whimsical sentry. For an additional decorative touch that can be swapped out with each season, consider erecting a garden flag post, perhaps curbside at the mailbox, to display a flag of autumn graphics.

Be sure to decorate the patio or deck for backyard barbecues and cocktail entertaining around the fire pit. Home and garden centers are treasure troves for your patio decorating needs. Outdoor furniture cushions, toss pillows and table umbrellas are now marked down for clearance. Select seating cushions and pillows for the chairs and benches in colors or patterns that showcase the fall palette, which includes orange, yellow, red, maroon, purple and earth tones. Matching table umbrellas will extend the look upwards. Terra cotta pots brimming with pinecones create simple, inexpensive and low maintenance centerpieces for the tables. Baskets or wooden bowls filled with apples provide edible seasonal decorations during entertaining.

Arrange clusters of potted plants in the corners of conversational areas and around the borders of the patio or deck. Boldly colored mums, purple asters and Montauk daisies are popular seasonal choices. Fountain grasses that are now sprouting forth their purple plumes add height and dimension to the arrangement; ornamental cabbage and kale provide texture. Pumpkins, which are now available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that include the trendy white hue, can also be grouped with the plants. A decorative iron rack will ensure that extra firewood stands ready for feeding the fire pit. When the daytime barbecue extends into a chilly evening of conversation around the fire, keep a few throw blankets in solid fall colors on hand to offer guests. For added evening ambience, drape strings of miniature orange lights around the perimeter of the patio.

Your local home and garden center and craft superstore offer all of the inspiration that you need to embrace the season by setting the mood to celebrate autumn, from its first welcomed appearance in September all the way through the Thanksgiving holiday in November.

porch chair Fall Outdoor Decoration Theme Ideas

Photo Credit: Chris McClanahan (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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