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Role of the Department of Environmental Affairs

Role of the Department of Environmental Affairs


All of us need to be healthy as far as our physique is concerned. However, we see many people suffering from one type of disease or the other that sometimes leaves them bedridden and also leads to the sad demise too in certain cases. Ailments are caused due to many reasons including the atmosphere that is polluted badly due to the carelessness of the citizens, industrialists and other particular reasons. That’s where the Department of Environmental Affairs comes to the rescue of the citizens by laying down the policies to save the environment from pollution. Different steps taken by this governmental wing are mentioned below that help to keep the environment free from pollution.

Educate people – The Department of Environmental Affairs hires the services of prominent educationists and professionals to educate the people about the benefits of clean environment. Equipped with the expert knowledge about environment, these wise people guide the people about the dangers of environmental-pollution to human physique. Different programs through audio and visual programs are conducted by this department to inform the society about cleanliness in all respects. Special events and schemes are chalked out for the benefit of the people who carry with them the exclusive knowledge about environmental cleanliness.

Identification/prioritization– The Department of Environmental Affairs identifies the particular areas that are prone to pollution. It may be air pollution or water pollution. Few traders may be creating pollution while the Skip Hire Service providers including the Skip hire Kingston could also be the solid reason for pollution. After doing so, this authority takes on priority the issues related with the possible polluted areas that need to be addressed.

images Role of the Department of Environmental Affairs

Action plan – This is followed by the suitable action plans for relieving the polluted areas from the ill effects of pollution of different types, i.e. water or air pollution etc.

Apt strategies – The Department of Environmental Affairs formulates the suitable strategies for all concerned that have to follow the same for the sake of the masses that must be saved from pollution. It asks the industries and other related entrepreneurs to initiate preventive measures to safeguard the environment from any type of pollution. Same way, the shipping / airline companies are also subject to the guidelines set by this department.

Anti-pollution devices: Installation of standard anti-pollution devices is a must for all companies and manufacturing units as per the guidelines of the Department of Environmental Affairs. This authority ensures that no unit lags behind in doing so and takes legal actions against the defaulters many of whom have to face fines and jails too.

File cases – If this government department finds that some person or the industry is creating pollution, it files cases against them and calls the concerned persons to its office. They are issued show cause notices followed by strict actions with the motive to advise them to take precautionary steps to keep away the pollution.

God has blessed this beautiful world with different types of living creatures and human beings are considered as the superlative. This particular wing of the government saves them from environmental-pollution that is dangerous for them.


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