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Tenerife Holiday – A Mini World Tourist Destination Spot

Tenerife Holiday – A Mini World Tourist Destination Spot


Tenerife is the largest Spanish Island in the Atlantic off the north-western coast of Africa. Tenerife is a holiday hotspot since we can see the huge stadium of the deep blue sky with the glimmering moon as well the sparkling green meadows, from the sandy beaches to the thickly vegetated forests from the real hustle bustle of a busy city to the dreaming suburbs. Tenerife is the most visited island of the Canaries.

Tenerife is a mixed pot of microclimates. Within the seven hundred and ninety five square miles, you can find the snow clogged mountains and roads and just miles away the sun bathers the city. Beaches are lulled by the shore whereas the forest canopies envelop the trees in moss and lichen. People select Tenerife as a holiday spot to get energised. This thought has been aggravated by the fact that Tenerife has been acclaimed of having a mercifully mild climate.

tenerife crowd 300x213 Tenerife Holiday – A Mini World Tourist Destination Spot

Places to visit

Tenerife has been receiving good reviews right from historic times. It dates back to Queen Victoria who used to flock here on vacations in the nineteenth century. Tenerife is the tourist destination for uncountable people all year round. Places for putting up in Tenerife include the renowned Costa Adeje, on Tenerife’s south coast, where you can enjoy a lavish life in the five starred restaurant, Guia de Isora, on Tenerife’s west coast, breathing peace and serenity with exotic views of the Atlantic, Playa de las Americas, home to many beaches and clubbing credentials, purely resort based city.

Tenerife can be a tourist destination all year round although different parts of the year have different attractions. Tenerife proves to be an exultant tourist spot for families as well as mature travellers. Tenerife provides a low cost more of transportation too, so you can easily seize the opportunity of grabbing a holiday plan to the Tenerife within your budgetary means and limitations.


Before leaving for the trip

You should make sure that while you are away for Tenerife holidays that your medical insurance and care covers you. You should contact the Tenerife Tourist Department and get relevant information regarding the currency, language, weather, flight duration and time zones. You should not miss out on the beautiful Siam Park which is a huge Thai themed water park. You can also check out for other places in travel books or refer to some travel guide for help regarding the planning of the places you would like to visit during the holiday.


Before going on a holiday, you must make sure that you travel safe and travel light. The landscapes are magnificently beautiful and you should not miss out on anything. The Tenerife holiday package can prove to be an exultantly diversifying trip. You are surely to be amazed and wonder struck by the attractive and alluring place to visit in Tenerife, from the sandy beaches to the deliciously smelling forests, steamy nightclubs to the serene villages. Those who have been before are surely to find it an amazingly refreshing trip yet again since there is always something new to explore.

About Author – The author of the article is a travel agent and she writes reviews about all the places she has been to. She helps the holiday planners to plan their travel securely and provide them with important information and tips and ideas before setting out on the voyage.

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The Main Principles of Landscape Design

The Main Principles of Landscape Design


Landscape design NJ is about much more than just making a garden look pretty. Of course, your yard will look much more attractive once you have had a professional landscape designer work their magic, but the principles of landscape design go far beyond simply prettying up the environment or installing Inground pools NJ.

landscape design 300x224 The Main Principles of Landscape Design


One of the primary principles of good landscape design is to achieve unity in nature. Everything is about balance and the best landscape designers are able to create the perfect balance between the elements, colours, texture and style. They are able to take any design brief and create a garden which fits in with its surroundings, fitting in even with the many residents install in their gardens.


Of course, most people want to be able to use their garden space, so landscape designers also have to prioritise functionality when creating their designs. Whether they are installing barbecues, decking, vegetable gardens, or Pools NJ landscape designers will have to ensure that they balance elements of design with usability.


Landscape designers so often use lines to define the gardens they work on. The effects which can be achieved simply by using a curve line rather than a straight, or a straight line rather than a zig-zag can be immense, but most of us would never think of using lines to define a space. That is why professional landscapers are worth their weight in gold – they see things the rest of us so not.


Plants, flowers, and trees are a crucial part of any landscape design. One of the most important principles of landscape design is choosing plants which will not only thrive in their environment and enhance the appearance of the garden, but which will also enhance the quality of life of the people who spend their time there.

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The Pros and Cons of a Green Car

The Pros and Cons of a Green Car


Some people talk about green technology as if it could immediately solve the entire world’s problems. In reality, green technology usually comes with advantages and disadvantages. This list will help you understand the pros and cons of owning a green car.

PRO: You Save Money on Fuel

2506309084 93f523a4c1 z 245x300 The Pros and Cons of a Green Car

Whether they buy hybrids or electric cars, most people find that they save money when they invest in green technology because they spend less on fuel.

When comparing the Ford Focus ST’s and Ford Focus Electric’s fuel costs, Daily Finance found that the electric car’s fuel would cost about $5,067 for eight years of driving (at 15,000 miles per year). The standard gas-fueled version would cost about $16,222. That’s more than three times what an electric car’s owner spends.

CON: Electric and Hybrid Models Often Cost More to Buy

Unfortunately, the money that you save at the pump is offset by the higher prices of electric and hybrid cars. The Ford Focus ST retails for about $34,500. The electric model retails for about $40,000.

The costs start to even out over time, but the initial purchase demands a big financial commitment.

(A Federal tax credit takes some sting out of high prices. Most people who purchase electric vehicles qualify for a $7,500 credit.)

PRO: Green Cars Have Lower Insurance Rates

Insurance rates can vary greatly from company to company, not to mention car to car. Overall, though, you can expect insurance companies to give you better prices when you purchase policies for green cars.

If you need to find a great rate that will protect your hybrid or electric car, search for quotes online to help you find an affordable deal. is a good place to start no matter what kind of car you want to insure.

CON: Electric Car Batteries Could Give You Problems

Despite the arguments against buying a gas-guzzler, at least you know that the technology has been tested over decades by millions of drivers. That isn’t the case with electric and hybrid vehicles.

Case in point, the lithium-ion batteries used to power electric cars often struggle to work properly in cold weather. If you live in an area that gets frigid winters, then you could wake up one morning to a dead car.

That can happen with standard cars, too, but those smaller batteries are a lot easier to charge and replace than the large batteries used in electric vehicles.

PRO: Reduced Carbon Emissions

No form of fuel is perfect. If you drive an electric car, then your fuel likely comes from a coal-fired plant. Even with the latest technology, those plants send dirty, carbon-heavy smoke into the air. Despite this, electric cars still create 25 percent less carbon emissions than vehicles that run on gasoline.

25 percent less isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better.

CON: Electric Vehicles Aren’t Great for Long Drives

Portland, Oregonmight have plenty of charging stations for electric cars, but you won’t find them during a cross-country trip. Unfortunately, the U.S. doesn’t have the right infrastructure to support electric car road trips.

That’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s not as bad as some critics make it sound. Hybrid vehicles, for instance, have the option to switch to a gas-powered motor once the battery runs out of electricity. Plus, electric cars suit the daily needs of most commuters. Unless you need to drive over 50 miles, practically any electric car can keep up with your schedule.

There’s also hope that car manufacturer will continue to improve electric car technology.  This would make the cars cheaper while making them more useful for long trips.

PRO: Green Technology Makes the Country Less Dependent on Others

In 2012, the United States got 12.9 percent of its oil from the Persian Gulf. 19.6 percent came from Latin America. The United States, however, has more than enough coal to generate electricity. That keeps money at home while making consumers less dependent on other countries.

What are your top pros and cons of owning green cars?

Author Bio:

Matthew Thompson has been writing about green technology for over seven years. He is also the editor of The Louisville Lip and The Written Craft.

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A Change In Mindset Is Needed To Save The Environment

A Change In Mindset Is Needed To Save The Environment


We are all creatures of habit, our lives are controlled by what we already know and what we are comfortable doing. While this might be fine in the workplace, in our lives outside work an element of diversity is needed to prevent us going crazy. The same kind of idea applies to helping the environment. Granted most of us are very wasteful and bin our left over food,Environment

leave the taps running when we brush our teeth and fill the kettle too high when we make a brew but I believe this is due to lack of education.

We aren’t informed in real terms of the damage we are causing the environment and also our bank balances. We treat the energy in our homes as completely infinite and cost free and rarely recycle our rubbish because we just don’t know what it means.

Ok, it is partly laziness but if there was a universal drive in favor of recycling and energy saving I guarantee peoples views would change.

This article will suggest a national and global change of mindset is needed if serious changes are to be made.

Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind is very important. If your local government introduces a new initiative that involves 5 different bins then give it a go. Don’t immediately dismiss it as a waste of time, if everyone adopts the same attitude then a difference will be made. With everything to do with environmental conservation, it is a collective effort, if everyone does their bit then cumulatively the difference made will be striking and visible.

The big problem comes with quantification, how can you recycling a piece of paper make any difference? My advice is don’t approach it in this way, all you have to think is that its better than not doing it at all and this view should be applied universally.

Start the Trend

You will be surprised how many adults are like children in this sense. The age old phrase “don’t be a sheep” is applicable to this situation. Adults like children are easily led and are in a mental competition with one another. If you begin recycling extensively on your street and start telling your neighbours about it,

I guarantee people will start copying you. And for once this is a very good form of copying. If you are seen to be gaining popularity on the street because of your commitment to being greener it will cause others to follow your lead. People don’t like being upstaged and they generally care about what people think.

Starting an initiative on your street could be a great way to gain popularity and help protect your local environment. There are no specific ways to do this, do some research and see what you think will suit your living environment.

Be Innovative

This is something for the more wealthy people out there or business owners. An innovative company called Vector Foiltec has created a concept called Texlon; it is a form of solar powered energy (so it’s renewable).

Their ETFE panels are cushioned in a way they effectively traps and conserves the suns rays, it’s all very complicated but I assure you they work – just have a look at their client base.

I’m not saying install them instantly but just have a look online, it might save you money in your home or business in the long run as well as help the environment.

Andrew is a freelance writer with over 5 year’s experience. He loves to write about anything to do with the great outdoors.

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