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The Music Schools You Should Get Into

The Music Schools You Should Get Into


Thinking of turning to music as a full-time career? It’s not as easy as it looks like. The music industry has grown to be very competitive these days, and having the talent just won’t be enough. There are people who are as equally talented as you are, but they have another advantage—education. Yes, there is very much a need for a good music education than what most people think. Music is not just about singing or playing an instrument—it is also about how much you know about music, and even who you know in the industry. But if an aspiring musician is to try his luck in the music scene, what could be the ways to meet “the” people who will take him to success? A good way is to start by getting into a good music school. You should look for one with a valuable reputation and try to screen the background and network of the instructors. To help you decide which school to pursue, here are some of the best music schools in the world.

musicschool 300x199 The Music Schools You Should Get Into

1. The Julliard School:

The Julliard School is one of the most renowned music schools of the world. It has also been featured to be the dream school in some movies. It is strategically located in the heart of New York, where they say, “All dreams come true.” This learning institution offers a degree of Bachelor of Music in the field of voice, guitar, jazz and piano among others.The school is also notable for organizing several public performances while also offering dance and drama lessons. The proof of how competitive this school is? They only allow 7.6% of the top participants each year.

2. Berklee College of Music:

Known to be one of the best universities for jazz and commercial music, it has four different departments– music technology, composition, professional education and performance. It is located in Boston with famous alumni including John Mayer, Branford Marsalis and Howard Shore. It is also best known for producing several Oscar and Grammy award winning music professionals with a strong education in music.

3. The University of Rochester:

At the University of Rochester, its Eastman School of Music that provides degrees in the various fields of music including composition and music theory. It is said to provide one of the best environments to its students allowing them to flourish prior to meeting the competitive world of music.

4. Vanderbilt University:

Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music is also well known for several musical instruments like percussion, keyboard, strings and the likes.

5. New England Conservatory of Music

This music school is located in Boston. Some of its notable alumni include Cecil Taylor and Sarah Caldwell.

6. Jacobs School of Music:

Located in Bloomington at Indiana University, it has been highly recognized for its choir performances all over the globe.

7. Manhattan School

Located in New York, this school is renowned for its orchestral performance, composition and instruments. One of their most popular instruments is the Saxophone.

8. Oberline School of Music:

Ohio University’s Oberlinespecializes in the field of music history, performance and composition. It is also known to have a highly competitive admission procedure for the music aspirants.

Going to any of these schools will certainly increase your chances of “making it” in the music industry.

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