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4 Key Ways Toy’s Will Stimulate the Development of Your Baby

4 Key Ways Toy’s Will Stimulate the Development of Your Baby


AOE DUCKY 4 Key Ways Toys Will Stimulate the Development of Your Baby

4 Key Ways Toys will Stimulate the Development of Your Baby

Toys are expansive and can do more than entertain your infant. Since the brain of a baby develops quickly, you can use various toys to stimulate and nurture their five senses. The toys can also aid in their cognitive development and help them to discover a life full of new experiences.

Visual Stimulation

Infants can be easily stimulated by bold patterns. Toys that are black and white can also stimulate your baby’s vision. Mobiles, mirrors and toys with brilliant lights can be aesthetically pleasing to their visual perception. You can encourage their development by laying them on their back and moving the toy objects back and forth through their line of vision. This will capture their immediate attention and encourage them to use their visual senses to keep the various toys in their line of sight.

Hearing Perception

Your infant can recognize sounds or songs that you’ve introduced them to while they were in the womb. You can incorporate these same notes into their everyday life. Rattles, musical mobiles, child instruments and music boxes can all aid in stimulating your infants hearing perception. You can help with the development by shaking the various toys and instruments and watch your child follow the sound. Make the notes and sounds pleasing and non-threatening. Toys with bells and soothing melodies inside an object can teach them how to open it with the press of a button. This can also aid them in experiencing the cause and effect of a toy.

Tactile Stimulation

Toys that incorporate touch are imperative to your child’s development and introducing them to an assortment of textures and styles adapts them to various concepts. Hot, cold, soft, hard and plush are all textures that can aid in your infant’s sensory touch. You can easily explain the difference at the earliest of ages by placing a hard block in one hand and a plush toy in the other. Rubber balls, hard blocks, soft animals and plastic teething rings are all examples of introducing them to various objects of different textures. You’ll be amazed at how early on they can learn the differences in the objects.

Sensory Assortment

You can also aid in their development by introducing products that stimulate a variety of their senses. Activity gyms and play mats combine several toys in one and can include a visually stimulating mat. The mats can also come in an assortment of textures with the various toys and objects sewn into the center. Magic cubes and activity mobiles are also important in their development because many showcase music and sounds with the simple push of a button. Surrounding your infant with an assortment of objects tests them in developing their perceptive skills and helps them progress at such a young age.

Few understand the importance of toys beyond their entertainment purposes in life. By incorporating simple objects such as rattles, mobiles, mirrors and musical boxes, your helping your infant can develop basic skills that can aid in their future development.

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