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Some Interesting Schools Books For The Book Worms

Some Interesting Schools Books For The Book Worms


Book worms are sometimes misguided by the fact that they want to only read novels. Yes, novels are good, but there are other educational books in the market. However, other people argue that these bookstores are so overwhelming, especially in the educational areas. School books, are not as boring as how people perceive it. In fact, there are many interesting books that tackle different areas of education. Primary School books cover a wide range of choices, which can be broken down into the following categories:

apple book worm pancake 300x289 Some Interesting Schools Books For The Book Worms

Primary School Books


Junior Infants


These books aim to guide the parents who have infants.


  1. Action Maths (Junior Infants) (€11.25)
  2. A Way With Words Junior Infants (€6.90)
  3. Maths Aid (Junior Infants) (€9.05)
  4. Starways Skills Book A (€ 5.40)
  5. Sounds In Action (Junior Infants) (€7.25)


Senior Infants


These books give additional information for those with kids at home. Great for gifts too!


  1. A New Baby (€6.20)
  2. Maths Aid (Senior Inf) (€9.70)
  3. Music Made Easy Senior Infants (€5.00)
  4. My Spelling Workbook Book A (New) (€5.95)
  5. The Tooth and Twinkle Stories (€4.85)


First Class


These books are those books that are mostly for kids who are starting out their learning process. Here are some books to help these kids and their parents:


  1. A Way With Words 1 (€8.35)
  2. Action Maths (First Class) (€11.75)
  3. All Write Now First Class Workbook (€5.25)
  4. Getting Ready Formy First Holy Communion (€2.95)
  5. Handwriting Made Easy 1 – Looped (1St) (€5.50)



Special Needs Education


These books, according to an online-based bookstore ABC Books, should be categorized according to the topic. It can cover several diseases and special needs not only for kids, but for grown-ups as well.




The Alpha to Omega Students Book available at €15.35 promises to guide students suffering from this disorder to become better in their classes.




Understand & Support Child Dyspraxia worth €20.99 is definitely an eye-opener and very informative!




Teach & Manage AdHd is a book that will allow guardians to further understand the kids and give them a sense of freedom as well.




Thomas Has Autism is both a slef-help and informative book. It is about dealing with the condition, and not letting it get in the way for the kids to be their best.



Junior Certificate


The coming-of-age years are here, and so are the plethora of choices. For those interested in business, here are some book suggestions you might want to read


Business Studies Junior Certificate


  1. Better Business Documents Book (€5.20)
  2. Business 123 Documents Book Junior Cert (€9.99)
  3. New Studies In Business Textbook (€28.85)
  4. You’re In Business Junior Cert (€32.50)
  5. EuroBusiness (Book&Workbook) 3Rd Edition (€35.75)


Music Junior Certificate


Not much of a business-person? Then why not read these instead?


  1. A Tempo (€14.50)
  2. Bravo Music Workbook (€10.25)
  3. Tuned In (€31.50)


Senior Certificate


Business Studies Senior Certificate


  1. 21St Century Business (Second Edition) (€26.80)
  2. Accounting (Oriordan) (€36.00)
  3. Business A Dynamic World (€30.00)
  4. Business Resources And Revision (€9.95)
  5. Business Today (€33.95)



Music Senior Certificate


  1. Music Leaving Cert Course A Set (€22.95)
  2. Music Workbook Leaving Cert Course B (€23.50)


See? There are so many educational books to suit every interest!

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Professional help for custom essays writing

Professional help for custom essays writing


Essay writing is one of the most sophisticated ways of expressing complicated topics in a systematic manner. But the style of writing an essay and the language requires conveying the subject needs a lot of practice right from start at the school level. Hence, essay writing is very much a part of education. You can not hope of passing your school exams without writing high quality essays. However, a well written essay takes time to finish if quality is a major concern. You also need to format the essay in styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard etc. But thanks to the that students can now have essays written as per their requirements with high quality standards of writing ensured.

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The writing service for custom essays is reliable due to the assignment completed by professional academic writers, editors and proofreaders. These professionals have already accomplished many essay writing projects in different disciplines for high school, undergraduate and graduate levels. The writing service is also capable of getting the assignments done for PhD students. Besides writing in a polished language, the professional writers are also well versed in different academic styles such as Harvard, APA and MLA etc.

While essay writing is strenuous due to lots of research and stress going into it, the professional saves you from the worries and stress so that you devote time and energies towards other educational aspects. Also, the service helps you in meeting the assignment deadlines.

All these and many other benefits of come with top confidentiality for the students. The service providing company will never disclose your academic assignments to anyone, which means that you take all the credit for preparing a custom essay. Moreover, your personal details, besides the academic ones, will be safeguarded completely.

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Optimize Your Education: 5(ish) College Degrees For The Budding SEO Specialist

Optimize Your Education: 5(ish) College Degrees For The Budding SEO Specialist


When it comes to entering the field of Search Engine Optimization there’s no degree that encompasses all the skills you’re going to need on the job. After all, there’s no such thing as “majoring in Search Engine Optimization” at your state university. (At least, not yet!) So, what do you as a college student look to study in order to prepare yourself for a career in the rapidly growing field of SEO? Well, look no further as here are five great choices you can make to jump start your career in this burgeoning industry.

seo Optimize Your Education: 5(ish) College Degrees For The Budding SEO Specialist

1. Marketing

If you’re looking to work in the field of marketing (as most potential SEO specialists are), then it makes a lot of sense to look into a degree in marketing. A degree in marketing will give you the overall textbook knowledge to enter the industry on the whole. Though the information learned through “textbook marketing” doesn’t always apply to “real world marketing,” a basic grasp of how the marketing world works can be a great way to get your food in the door for potential employers. Just be sure to brush up on your SEO skills.

2. Statistics

Perhaps a strange degree choice for SEOs on the surface, the skills learned by obtaining a Statistics degree offer a wide variety of important skills necessary for the potential SEO specialist. Among these is statistical analysis; as an SEO specialist your job will regularly entail looking at web statistics and perusing through Google’s Analytics services. Because of this, being able to effectively understand the trends and data analysis and linking it to your marketing and search engine optimization strategies is key, and a Statistics degree and equip you with many of the tools to complete these objectives.

3. Business

In most cases, a business degree is a good generic degree to enter a variety of efficiency and profit-oriented enterprises in the world. Obviously, there are a variety of different sub-degrees within the field of business. A degree in business administration will give you a broad range of skills that will allow you to understand the fundamentals of business. More useful perhaps is a degree in Business Information Systems if offered by the institution you plan on attending. These degrees teach you skills in software and data analysis with an emphasis on the business side of things, but more of a technical slant than your average business degree.

4. English

Though it may come as a surprise, a liberal arts degree can come in handy when it comes to the field of Search Engine Optimization. Though certainly less technical and “business-focused” than our prior degrees, English can offer some other important skills value to the potential SEO specialist. For one, English majors typically know how to research and write well. With content development often being a sizable portion of the SEO field these days, having someone used to writing and developing well thought out and quality thought can be invaluable for your clients. They understand language use (which can be useful for keyword analysis,) and English majors also tend to have a varied broad academic background which gives them good insight into how people (and thus consumers) think, especially when it comes to search engine use. Even Google is now hiring humanities PhDs in droves, likely in order to better understand how their users use their systems and language in search queries. If Google’s using English majors, why shouldn’t you?

5. Computer Science

Though most Computer Science students opt for fields of web design or software programming, the understanding of computer software can be a critical tool for an SEO specialist. With Google and other search engines boasting complex algorithms to find search results, someone who can make sense of it all can be a valuable asset to your team. Computer scientists often have great insight into how software systems (and thus search engines) work and can help shift marketing strategies to help counteract the rapidly changing algorithms of the search engine giants.

…Or Maybe No Degree?

Full disclosure: you’re probably less likely to be hired without a college degree. Though no degree leads directly to a career in SEO, many degrees teach skills that can be valuable for understanding the profession. That being said, search engine optimization is a field based upon results. If you can produce fantastic results that rocket your client’s sites to the top spot in the PageRanks and have proven to do so in the past, then a smart employer will grab you regardless of whether you’ve got a PhD or didn’t graduate college. SEO is, after all, a rapidly changing field within marketing. With its constant shifts and the ever-updating search algorithms, you can’t learn SEO from a textbook (it would need to be updated all the time thanks to the changes engineers make to search engines every day!). Likewise, many sites such as SEOMoz now offer valuable knowledge that allow you to learn the skills necessary to becoming a great SEO specialist.

Ricardo Casas if the CEO and founder of Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin, TX based Internet Marketing company with practices SEO. With over a decade of experience in the field, Casas has intimate knowledge of the rapidly changing field of SEO and the skills necessary to be successful in the burgeoning industry.

Photo Credit: Emanuele Tolomei (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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How Important is Print in 21st Century Education?

How Important is Print in 21st Century Education?


New technologies are being utilised in classrooms worldwide; leading to the next evolutionary phase in the learning experience. It is not uncommon now to hear of whole classes being given iPads to use as an interactive learning tool instead of a textbook – or even using eBooks to download English literature reading for class etc. However, what does this mean for print in the classroom? It is becoming extinct, seen as a waste of trees? This article investigates how important print is in the 21st century classroom.

Tablets versus Textbooks

The American government, publishers and heads of the technology industry are all currently trying to make public schools invest in tablets on a massive-scale. However, is this just a sales move; or could it do a wealth of good?

The FCC states that every year about seven billion dollars are spent on providing school children with textbooks in America. The truth of it is even though such an expense goes on these textbooks; on average they are seven to ten years out of date. Experts say that not only will tablets save money in the long run, but will improve the education experience. Experts state that three billion can be cut by investing in Tablets, and will only get cheaper as technology progresses.


So how much more effective is a digital experience on a tablet, than a physical one from a textbook. A test was conducted by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in a high school in California where students were either given a digital version of an algebra text book or a print one. The study revealed that the students which used the digital version of the text book scored on average twenty percent higher than the ones using the physical text book. The success of the digital learning experience can be put down to interactivity. The digital version of the textbook contained different mediums of media, audio, video, graphics and built in tests. Students found it more motivating and engaging than staring down a physical textbook for information (something we can all relate to).


In 2012 a study was conducted using three to six year old children, examining the difference between eBooks and print. The study was held at NY hall of Science’s preschool. The parents of the children read the print book together, and then the eBook (half basic eBook, half advanced). The study revealed that the advanced eBooks were distracting with too much going on, ‘non content related interactions’ taking place. Also, it was revealed that both kinds of book (print and digital) supplied a good learning experience, providing more ‘engaged’ parents and children (63% of parents found both types of media helpful).

In conclusion, the future of print in education doesn’t look too promising; especially when the alternatives are proving to be educationally beneficial. However, perhaps it is a little too soon to make a drastic change to classrooms; there is still a lot to be learned about how we can adapt new technology to make the most of it.

This report was carried out by PrinterInks ink cartridges; the online store for cartidges from leadings brands, such as Dell, Samsung, Xerox, Brother and Epson.

education How Important is Print in 21st Century Education?

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