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Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals for Your Future

Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals for Your Future


AOE LIQUOR Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals for Your Future

Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals For Your Future

The beginning of the New Year is often a time for resolutions to move forward in a healthier and more meaningful way. If your New Year’s promise to yourself involves drinking less and regaining your former self esteem, you may wonder just how you can accomplish this goal without falling back into your old drinking habit. Overcoming excessive alcohol consumption can indeed be a struggle. However, it could be well worth your effort in several important ways. As you work to remain sober, you would be well advised to take each day as it comes and realize how your new found sobriety can benefit you throughout this upcoming year.

Avoiding DUIs And Legal Troubles

If your alcohol habit in the past has caused you to suffer severe legal consequences, you can look forward this year to staying on the good side of the local law enforcement and keeping out of the courtroom by resisting the temptation to drink. As you may well know, DUIs are expensive and difficult to overcome. When you incur this charge, you stand to lose your job, your money, and your freedom.

As expressed by the law firm of Katz & Phillips, “The nightmare of being charged with driving under the influence can happen to just about anyone. If you drink, there may come a time when you honestly believe you’re perfectly able to drive – but you’re not. This does not make you less than a model citizen. It makes you human.” As you pursue sobriety, however, you can anticipate avoiding all of the dire consequences that come with driving under the influence.

Getting The Counseling You Need

If the first few days of being sober have been relatively easy for you, you may still expect the coming weeks to be more of a challenge. When the desire to start drinking hits you, it is vital that you resist this urge and instead, seek professional counseling that can help you maintain your sobriety. This counseling can reveal to you why you felt compelled to consume alcohol in excess in the first place. Once you can objectify your reasons for your habit, you can work to overcome these obstacles and resist them in a healthier and more productive way.

Regaining Your Self-Esteem

You may have been the life of the party when you drank too much. However, your frequent drunkenness may have also robbed you of your self-esteem. While your friends laughed at you while you were drunk and encouraged you to engage in silly antics at parties, you may have come to realize that these individuals perhaps did not respect you as a person or as a true friend at all. Discovering that you were nothing more than side show entertainment to people with whom you used to socialize can be demoralizing and crushing.

When you stay sober, however, you can rediscover your true talents and make friends who love you for the person you are and not for your drunken acts. Having genuine friends by your side during your recovery can give you back your ability to respect yourself and the confidence you need to move forward with your life.

This year could be the time of your life when you abandon your alcoholic tendencies and embrace sobriety. As you work to maintain this goal, you can use these encouragements to keep you on track and give you the inspiration you need to succeed.

Nadine Swayne writes this article in hopes of helping those who made resolutions to keep them and get it together for 2014! She found helpful tips on the website of Katz & Phillips, which had a host of information regarding DUI and steps to take if charged.
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Teen DUI’s – Are Things Getting Better or Worse?

Teen DUI’s – Are Things Getting Better or Worse?


AOE TEEN DUI Teen DUIs   Are Things Getting Better or Worse?

Teen DUI’s – Are Things Getting Better or Worse?

Even though the controversial stop-and-frisk procedures in New York were recently ruled unconstitutional, the city of Detroit has decided to place a bigger emphasis on this technique to help them stop criminals. Detroit has recently experienced a surge of murder and other serious crimes to accompany the city’s financial woes, and this has led city officials to believe that taking the stop-and-frisk approach is the best way to help law enforcement officers do their job.

Detroit officers have begun receiving training on this technique from the same group that trained several police departments in New York City. The basic idea behind stop-and-frisk is that it enables officers to stop people who appear to be engaged in suspicious activity or who match the description of any person of interest to the department. During these stops, the officer will frisk the individual to look for any weapons or drugs.

Although Detroit definitely needs to do something to lower the escalating crime rate, it does not seem like stop-and-frisk is the right technique. After all, this procedure has been proven to target minorities, and law-abiding citizens should not be harassed simply because of the color of their skin.

Facts about Teenage DUIs

Even though people under the age of 21 are not legally able to drive in the U.S., there are still approximately 400,000 teenagers who are arrested for a DUI each year. Sadly, more than 3,000 teenagers will die behind the wheel this year because they make the bad decision to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Studies do indicate that teenage drinking is slowing down due to a large increase in awareness campaigns, but teens still consume 11 percent of all of the alcohol that is sold in nationwide.

What will Happen if My Teenager is Arrested for a DUI?

Every state sets its own DUI laws, but most area have a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking. In other words, having a blood alcohol content (BAC) above 0.00 can cause a teenager driver to be arrested. Teen drivers in Florida will receive a DUI if they have a BAC of 0.02 or higher, and they will also be subject to the typical DUI related penalties. For example, a first time offender can have their license suspended for a year, and they also face fines ranging from $500 to $2,000.

Additionally, they may be forced to serve 50 hours of community service, and it is likely that they will have an interlock ignition device installed into their vehicle for six months after their license is reinstated. It is also important to note than any driver in Florida who refuses to take a breathalyzer test will lose their license for a year. In other words, it is always best to take the test and then fight the results in court. Keep in mind that heavily trafficked areas such as Orlando place an even bigger emphasis on catching drunk drivers, and Florida is also well-known for handing out the largest number of traffic citations per year.

Are Teen DUIs Declining?

The rate of DUIs nationwide has been declining at a slow rate over the past decade due to an enhanced level of awareness campaigns and increased penalties. However, nationwide statistics indicate that teenagers are still drinking alcohol at extremely high rates. In fact, approximately 70 percent of all teens admit to having imbibed at least one alcoholic beverage. Although both genders exhibit issues with alcohol, males are much more likely to get a DUI or to cause a deadly car accident after having too much to drink.

If your teenager is arrested for a DUI, it will be imperative to get them legal representation immediately. After all, a DUI arrest can impact their rest of their life, and it can even prevent them from being accepted to the college of their choice. Therefore, it is vital to discuss the issue of DUIs with your teen driver to help prepare them for the potential legal consequences. Additionally, you should hire a lawyer who has experience dealing with teen DUIs to help increase your odds of winning the case.

Blogger Anthony Joseph offers this information to help bring awareness to the growing epidemic of teen DUI. During his research for this post he came across the law firm of Katz & Phillips, an Orange County DUI lawyer who represents many clients after they’re charged with drunk driving.

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Holiday Checkpoints: Top 3 Things to Remember

Holiday Checkpoints: Top 3 Things to Remember


AOE HOLIDAY Holiday Checkpoints: Top 3 Things to Remember

One of the things you may have to deal with this holiday season is a DUI checkpoint. These checkpoints are more common during the holidays due to the large amount of celebrations that take place during this time of year.

DUI checkpoints are designed to prevent people from driving while intoxicated. A blog post on the site of a San Bernardino DUI lawyer references statistics from the CDC (Center for Disease Control)such as the fact that DUI checkpoints can reduce alcohol related accidents and deaths by 20 percent in the area where the checkpoint is located.If you encounter a DUI checkpoint during your holiday travels, there are three things that you should know so that it goes without a problem.

1. You Must Participate.

Contrary to urban legend, if you are pulled over in a DUI checkpoint you must participate. Have your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and car registration ready to present to the officers. You should willingly answer any questions they as and try to remain calm. The police officers cannot search your car, however, unless they have probable cause. Probable cause consists of them physically seeing something illegal in your car such as an open alcohol container, a firearm or drugs and drug paraphernalia. If the officers request that you open your glove box, any bags or boxes in your car, or the trunk, you have the right to say no. If there is no reason for probable cause, they must have a warrant to search anything inside of the car.

2. Avoid Confrontation.

Yes, going through a checkpoint can be time consuming and even annoying, but you need to remain pleasant. Just remember, these officers would much rather be home celebrating the holidays with their families also, and being confrontational is only going to make them irate. Confrontation will only lengthen the process and may even lead to other problems.

3. You Can Be Arrested or Ticketed for More Than DUI.

Another common urban legend is that DUI checkpoints can only arrest you for driving under the influence. The truth is, they can ticket or arrest you for any offense that they find during the stop. It is not unusual for DUI checkpoints to result in the arrest of people with outstanding warrants, suspended licenses, or other traffic offenses.

Keep in mind that holiday checkpoints are for your safety and not just a point of aggravation. It is also important to remember that the police officers will be just as agreeable as you are, so keep calm and move through the process.If you are arrested during a DUI checkpoint, mae sure that you take the tie to call a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you start your defense the ore likely you will be to win your case. Attorneys are available during the holidays.

The best thing to remember during the holidays is that to have the best holiday, you need to refrain from drinking and driving, even if it was “just one.”

As one San Bernardino DUI lawyer states, “the main goal of checkpoints is not to arrest impaired drivers, but deter drivers from driving impaired in the first place.” Having seen friends get into legal trouble, Melanie Fleury does not need many reasons to not drink and drive. She hopes that those who read this article will have a safe holiday on and off the road.

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DUI Plea-Bargains: Is this a Wise Choice?

DUI Plea-Bargains: Is this a Wise Choice?


AOE GAVEL DUI Plea Bargains: Is this a Wise Choice?

DUI Plea-Bargains: Is this a Wise Choice?

Being convicted of a DUI can cause you to deal with several legal, professional and personal issues. However, it is also important to recognize when you have placed yourself into the unfortunate position of being obviously guilty. For example, if you were the at-fault driver in a traffic accident that caused a fatality, you are likely to face legal issues regardless of whether or not the prosecution can prove that you were intoxicated.

Therefore, it is sometimes the best option to consider taking a plea bargain instead of going to trial. After all, with an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, you are likely to get a greatly reduced sentence and fee structure if you accept a plea bargain.

How do Plea Bargains Work?

In many cases, the prosecution will offer an individual who is facing DUI charges the opportunity to accept a less severe legal punishment if they are willing to accept responsibility for their actions. This works to everyone’s advantage because the court system does not need to be tied up with your case, and you will have the opportunity to walk away from the incident without incurring the maximum penalty.

However, you will still need to face several other complications that a DUI conviction can cause, including the possibility that you could lose your job and experience a significant increase your car insurance premium. There are some instances when admitting fault and accepting a plea bargain is definitely the best course of action to take.

For example, a Connecticut man was offered a plea deal after he received his fifth DUI in Massachusetts. Tragically, the incident in question claimed the life of a woman in the other vehicle. Because of this, the responsible driver is facing a long list of criminal charges, including motor vehicle homicide. Although it is possible that the defendant could win in court, the odds of him receiving a not guilty verdict have been greatly reduced due to his history of DUI offenses. Therefore, the person in that situation would’ve most likely received the best possible verdict by allowing an experienced DUI Massachusetts criminal defense attorney to try and work out a plea-bargain arrangement.

Is a Plea Bargain Always a Wise Choice?

If you have never been convicted of a DUI before, it might actually make more sense to go through the legal system. After all, without a history of DUI offenses to drag you down, you will have a much better chance of getting an acquittal. However, it is imperative to discuss your case in its entirety with your attorney to help you determine whether or not you are in a good position to win. Keep in mind that plea bargains are only offered for a limited period of time, so if the prosecutor offers you this opportunity, you will need to be prepared to carefully weigh the pros and cons of saying yes.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to utilize a plea bargain, it will be critical to have an experienced DUI lawyer at your side throughout the entire process. After all, the outcome of your case will have a major impact on the rest of your life.

Lisa Coleman shares what a plea-bargain is and how settling with one can affect the outcome of a case. She recently read online how a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney group could counsel and represent a client during a plea-bargain case following a DUI charge.

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Company Parties: 4 Ways to NOT Become a Liability

Company Parties: 4 Ways to NOT Become a Liability


2093334049 f3f4f21b48 225x300 Company Parties: 4 Ways to NOT Become a Liability

Company Parties: 4 Ways to NOT Become a Liability

The holiday season is filled with many celebrations, including those given by your employer. These company celebrations are often elaborate gatherings filled with food and alcohol. While employees are expected to attend, it is very important that you do not make yourself a liability to the company while in attendance.

It is easy to assume that you may want to have a drink or two when you attend an employer’s party. Alcohol, however, can lead to some types of behaviors that may place you and your company in an awkward position. Avoid the following situations to protect yourself, your reputation, and your company.

1) Sexual Harassment – Many people are prone to be more expressive with their feelings when they have been drinking. However, sexual harassment still applies even at a holiday gathering. You may think that your actions are appropriate at the time, only to find yourself in the HR department Monday receiving your pink slip.

Becoming amorous towards a fellow employee could also result in many other problems within the office setting, even if they do not report you for sexual harassment. It is always better to avoid this type of situation at all costs.

2) Divulging Secrets – You may have a lot of information about your company, its projects, or the employees that should never go any further than you thoughts. Alcohol, however, often loosens lips and people begin to talk about things that they have no right to divulge.

You can become a true liability in the form of lost revenue if a project is disclosed, or for slander if gossip is started, if you begin to talk too much when you have been drinking.

3) Sharing Opinions – May people also find that they become braver when they have had a few drinks. If you find that you are one to tell people your opinion after you have been drinking, it may be advisable to avoid the bar at the party. Telling off employees or management can lead to problems on your very next work day.

4) DUI – If you leave the party with too much to drink and cause an accident, your employer can also be held responsible for the damages you have caused by allowing you to leave the party intoxicated.Known as the barkeepers law in Orlando, people who serve alcohol and allow intoxicated drivers to leave are liable for their actions.

Countless drivers have found themselves in this unfortunate situation and have had to consult with defense attorneys like Katz & Phillips, P.A. to help sort through the matter successfully.  If you do not cause an accident and are just arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), your employer will not be held liable, but it will reflect poorly on your job.

The best thing that you can do when you attend an company sponsored party is remain on your best behavior all evening and opt for soda instead of alcohol. If you do want an alcohol based drink, make sure that you make it last and stretch out the times between each serving.

The holidays are about celebrating and having a good time, they are not about jeopardizing your job and causing harm to yourself and your employer.

Jamica Bell is a blogger with a background in Human Resource management. She contributes this article to highlight the importance of mindful behavior at company parties. During her research, she found the blog of Katz & Phillips, P.A. to be a great resource for exploring the consequences of DUI’s, especially after corporate gatherings.

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Thanksgiving Roadtrip: 6 ways to Avoid Accidents

Thanksgiving Roadtrip: 6 ways to Avoid Accidents


AOE SNOW RD Thanksgiving Roadtrip: 6 ways to Avoid Accidents

Thanksgiving Roadtrip: 6 ways to Avoid Accidents

Thanksgiving is considered the busiest travel time of the year. More people will return home to celebrate this holiday with their families than any other event. There is something very special about Thanksgiving that brings people home.

With this in mind, drivers will need to take extra precautions while they are on the road to avoid accidents. The following recommendations should help to keep you safe.

1. Don’t drive tired- Everyone wants to get to dinner on time, but it is not worth risking an accident. If you are tired, pull over into a rest area and take a nap. To avoid this type of situation, try leaving earlier and always schedule extra time for unexpected events such as large traffic jams.

2. Try to travel on off days– The Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving is the busiest days for travel. Avoiding these travel times reduces your chances for an accident.

3. Avoid your phone– Because it is a family gathering, it is easy to assume that the phone will be ringing with updates on the progress of the celebration and question as to your arrival time. Distracted driving accounts for nearly half of all car accidents. Respond to your voicemail when you stop for gas or to stretch your legs.

4. Check your car– Before you leave, make sure that you have checked your car over thoroughly. Check the oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid. Make sure your washer fluid is filled and that your windshield wiper blades are good. Check tires for correct pressure and that you spare tire is filled and you have a jack and tire-iron. Accidents can occur from faulty maintenance on a car, by checking all of these items, you can prevent this from occurring in most cases.

5. Do not drink and drive– Of course, this is a common tip that everyone understands, but it needs to be included. Alcohol is often a part of celebrations, and everyone needs to remember that it is never safe to drive when you drink.

6. Obey speed limits– The rush to arrive at your Thanksgiving celebration may seem like a reason to exceed the speed limit, but it is not. You need to realize that accidents that occur at higher speed often result in more catastrophic accidents. Cars are harder to control at higher speeds, and reaction times may not be fast enough if something happens.

If you are involved in an accident during your holiday celebration, you should see legal representation, whether it’s from a Miami car accident lawyer or one from New York, so that your rights are protected. Having an attorney manage all the issues for your claim will also allow you to enjoy the remainder of your holiday season.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year that draws families close, and gives everyone a chance to be thankful. It is a time to enjoy a very large meal without guilt and to tell stories of everything that has happened since the last gathering. It is a time to be really happy. Make sure that you arrive to our destination safely by following these road safety rules.

Avid traveler and motorist Molly Pearce is no stranger to holiday traffic on winter roads. She shares this post to provide some tips for holiday road-trippers this season. You can find more info on avoiding and dealing with car accidents by searching the term Miami car accident lawyer online.

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When Can I Be Charged With A Felony For A DUI Offense?

When Can I Be Charged With A Felony For A DUI Offense?


If you made the stupid decision to operate your vehicle while intoxicated, you might face a DUI charge. DUI or driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is the act of operating a car after consuming a considerable amount of alcohol and other intoxicating substance. The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit in all 50 states of the country is 0.08 percent. If you are charged with a DUI, the last thing you want to think about is whether you are going to be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor.

The charges for this offense may vary. Whether you will be charged with a misdemeanor or felony may depend on the following factors:

  • Your blood alcohol content
  • Your behavior while driving. Were you reckless? Were you putting other people in danger?
  • You or other people sustained injuries due to the accident
  • Whether or not you are a repeat DUI offender

can charged felony for dui When Can I Be Charged With A Felony For A DUI Offense?

Misdemeanor Versus Felony

If you were pulled over for DUI for the first time, you may be charged with a simple misdemeanor. But you will still need a credible lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. In doing so, you might get the charge overturned; however, if you fail to get an attorney, you might face possible jail time, which will then result to loss of wages, suspension of driver’s license, and increased insurance rates. Those who have failed to employ the services of a lawyer have regretted it.

Unfortunately, if your drunk driving incident resulted to a car crash which led to injuries or premature death, or if your BAC was way beyond the limit, or if you are a repeat offender, you may be charged with a DUI felony. Based on federal law, felony is usually referred to any criminal offense which is punishable by imprisonment for more than a year. Remember that in some states, a DUI misdemeanor can escalate to a felony if you had a prior DUI offense within a certain range of time- usually within the span of 10 years.

Each state has their own legal repercussions about drunk driving offense, and when it can be charged as a felony. In fact, some states have zero tolerance and will do everything they can to charge you with a felony, while other states are more lenient. Below are some examples of when a drunk driving misdemeanor become a felony:

New York: A second DUI offense within 10 years, or if the incident occurred with a car crash where another individual got hurt. Felony conviction may result to a jail sentence, license revocation, and payment of fines.

Ohio: Fourth or succeeding DUI offense

Texas: Third or succeeding DUI offense within 10 years, or if the drunk driving incident involves a passenger who is younger than 15 years old.

California: Penalties for DUI conviction increase with each subsequent offense. Felony charges depend on the circumstances surrounding the offense. For instance, you can be charged with a felony for any of the following reasons:

  • Previous DUI violations and convictions
  • Violation occurred with a vehicular accident where another person was injured or killed.
  • All DUI arrests within the state in the span of 10 years of the previous DUI charges will be considered a felony.

Utah: Third or succeeding DUI violation within 10 years, or if the violation resulted to injuries due to operating a car in a negligent manner.

If you are charged with a DUI misdemeanor, you will get a mark on your driving record and you will need to pay a fine. Your license might also get suspended between 1-3 months. If you have been charged with a felony, you will face possible time in prison, pay a hefty fine which can amount to thousands of dollars, and your license will be revoked for up to a year.

You should immediately get in touch with a credible lawyer to discuss your options. click here for help  determining the best procedure to move your case forward.

The author, Kris Bennette, is taking Pre-Law and she wants to someday specialize in DUI cases. In this article, she wants to raise awareness about DUI misdemeanor and felony convictions.

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The Real Costs of a DUI: How Will You Pay?

The Real Costs of a DUI: How Will You Pay?


2 BOTTLES The Real Costs of a DUI: How Will You Pay?

The Real Costs of a DUI: How Will You Pay?

When most people think about the consequences that are associated with a DUI, they fail to consider the financial and emotional impact that goes beyond simple fines. For example, the initial fine that you pay might only cost $500, but the total cost of paying for legal representation and additional items such as an annual driver’s responsibility fee can quickly add up to over $10,000. Most people do not have enough money sitting around to pay this much without dealing with financial issues. However, even if you are able to simply pull $10,000 out of the bank to cover your expenses, there will still be additional costs that will have an impact on your life.

What Else can I Expect to Pay for a DUI?

1. Time – In many states, part of the legal punishment for a DUI involves either time in jail or community service. Either way, you will lose time that could have otherwise been spent making money, and this makes it even harder for people to come up with all of the necessary legal fees and fines.

2. Your License – It is common for people who are convicted of a DUI to temporarily lose their license. This will definitely cause you a lot of inconvenience, and it can also lead to much more severe consequences. For instance, according to a North Carolina defense attorney, in the state of North Carolina you can lose your license for one year or indefinitely depending on the number of offenses.

3. Your Job – If you are unable to make it to work on time because you lose your license, it is likely that you will be terminated. Additionally, many companies have a clause in place that enables them to fire employees who are convicted of a DUI.

4. Your Insurance Rates will Increase – Much like your employer, your insurance provider will probably have a clause in place that protects them if you get a DUI. As soon as they find out about your conviction, they will either drop your policy or dramatically increase your rates.

5. Your Reputation – DUIs are one of the leading causes of traffic injuries and fatalities. Because of this, it is common for people who are arrested for a DUI to be vilified by their local community.

6. You could Lose Your Relationship – The stress that is placed on a relationship after a DUI can be enormous, especially if the person who was arrested ends up losing their job.

7. Your Children could be Taken Away – If you are a single parent, the state has the right to remove your children from your household after a DUI, especially if their other parent files a petition to be granted full custody.

8. Your Future Job Prospects will be Reduced – Once you have a misdemeanor or felony DUI on your record, it will be more difficult to get certain jobs.

If you are arrested for a DUI, it is imperative to contact an attorney immediately. After all, an arrest is not a conviction, and with a skilled DUI lawyer on your side, it is possible to get an acquittal and avoid the consequences listed above.

Melanie Fleury has loved ones who have had to learn the consequences of DUI the hard way. Powers McCartan, Attorneys at Law at http://www.powmac.com, understand that penalties for DUI’s become increasingly more severe for subsequent offenses, and works aggressively to help their clients charged with a DUI, treating each case uniquely.

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Arrested for DUI In Pennsylvania? What to Do Now

Arrested for DUI In Pennsylvania? What to Do Now


Arrested For DUI In Pennsylvania? What To Do Now!

DUI BREATHALYZER Arrested for DUI In Pennsylvania? What to Do Now

It’s likely that everyone understands that driving under the influence (DUI) is wrong, and most people know that it is illegal. Nevertheless, there are still 1.4 million arrests made for DUI every year in America. In Pennsylvania alone, there were 56,317 DUI arrests in 2012. Sadly for some, faulty Breathalyzer tests caused several false arrests in Pennsylvania, and this is why anyone charged with the crime in this state should fully understand what they’re up against.

Legal Effects Of DUI

The consequences related to a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania are varying. There are actually several tiers of DUI consequences, and these tiers are based on a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of arrest. About 85 percent of DUI arrests in Pennsylvania result in Tier 3 charges. This means that a person had a BAC of 0.16 percent or higher.

Persons who land in Tier 3 penalties will face a license suspension of 1 year. Additionally, they can be sentenced to up to 6 months in jail; and even worse, they could face fines of up to $5,000. It may even be necessary for the driver to attend alcohol safety classes, and if they refuse the Breathalyzer, they could be forced to have an interlock ignition device installed in their vehicle.

Indirect Effects Of Pennsylvania DUI

Sadly, hardly anyone recognizes the extralegal consequences of a DUI. A person who loses their license after a conviction, for instance, will find it very difficult to get to and from work, and this has cost many people their jobs. For some people, their spouses can help them commute. But this arrangement can cause other problems.

When one spouse in a relationship cannot legally drive, they put all of the transportation burdens on their mate. This means that the person who wasn’t convicted of drunk driving will have to commute to their own job, transport their spouse to and from work, handle all of the family’s errands, and take any children to and from school, extracurricular activities, and other appointments.

Family transportation woes can strain a relationship to the breaking point. Or, as news anchor Sam Donaldson put it earlier this year, this additional stress can be the proverbial “match in the powder barrel” that destroys a relationship for good. And the fallout doesn’t stop at the marriage. It can land on the shoulders of children as news of a parent’s arrest is spread at school.

How To Handle A DUI Charge

The various consequences related to a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania make it essential for a driver to fight the charge. Recently, several DUI convictions were called into question when it was discovered that a few Pennsylvania Breathalyzer devices weren’t properly calibrated. It usually takes legal help to discover inconsistencies like this.

Even if a Breathalyzer device is fully functional, a failed alcohol breath test doesn’t necessarily have to equate to a DUI conviction. This is why it’s essential for a person to plead “not guilty” after their arrest and seek an attorney immediately. In Pennsylvania the legal team at the law offices of Steve E. Kellis has experience in handling such cases. These professionals can stop a person from losing their license even if they’re convicted, and they can help their client avoid any DUI repercussions if they’re able to get the case thrown out.

Many people think that a DUI charge in Pennsylvania is no big deal; this misconception may stem from the fact that Tier 1 punishments seem light. However, a person arrested for DUI there has an overwhelming likelihood of earning Tier 3 punishments. A driver charged with DUI in Pennsylvania should seek legal help for their DUI charge immediately. This may be their only chance to avoid serious ramifications.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell hopes this article will the seriousness of DUI into focus for Pennsylvania residents. She recommends law offices of Steve E. Kellis to the residents of that fair state who find themselves facing such a charge.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/komunews/8684229367/


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