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One Step At A Time – How To Deal With The Stress And Pain Of Divorce

One Step At A Time – How To Deal With The Stress And Pain Of Divorce


Ending a marriage, getting divorced, and letting go of someone you used to love is never going to be easy. Whatever the reason may be – your partner cheating on you, domestic violence, conflicting personalities, or you simply fell out of love – it will always have an effect on you and trigger a lot of painful and upsetting emotions. Giving in to your emotions and wallowing in it is very easy. It is going through the process, getting back up, and moving on that is difficult.

one step time how deal One Step At A Time   How To Deal With The Stress And Pain Of Divorce

The events leading to the divorce and the divorce proceedings itself can take a toll on you. Depression is sure to follow if you allow the stress and tension to drown you. You must not let it get to you though, especially if you have children. Below are some tips for dealing with the stress and pain of divorce.

Recognize What You are Feeling

The more you keep your emotions bottled up, the more difficult it will be to cope and move on. Whatever emotions and feelings you are going through right now is normal, and you have to acknowledge them. Your emotions may feel so intense at times, especially if you think back to the bad times, but they will lessen over time.

Do not repress your emotions as it will only make it much more difficult for you to deal with the grief of losing your marriage. Once in a while, you have to let your emotions go. It will be healthy for you to open up, recognize your feelings for what they are, and vent your frustrations. It will be very cleansing for you to have a good, hard cry, but after that, you need to square your shoulders and face the day.

Do Not Worry

Divorce can be pretty messy.  You have the custody battles, spousal and child support, properties to divide, and the whole court procedures to think of. However, there are ways to ease some of the burden, and one of them is by hiring a good divorce lawyer who can help you through the whole process. If money is an issue, especially since divorce can be expensive, then turn a hobby into a money-making business. The extra income can help with your day-to-day finances.

Surround Yourself with People You Love

Failing at love, at what should have been your happily-ever-after, can make you feel worthless and insecure. This is normal, but you must not let this shape you. You need to regain your confidence, and what better way to do this than by surrounding yourself with people you love and who love you.

Spend time with your children. Make them see and feel that even though you and your spouse are divorcing, the family does not have to fall apart. Do the things your children love to do like going to the park, watching a movie, dining out, etc. The important thing is that you are surrounded by love.

Also, it would be very healthy for you if you go out with friends. Have fun with them, go to a bar, dine out at a posh restaurant, pamper yourself in a spa, etc. You need not go through this alone. You have supportive friends, family, and relatives who can help you through this painful process.

Jennifer Dae is a content provider for marriage and relationship blogs. She specializes in tips for keeping the passion in marriage alive.

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My Broken Heart – Stress And Depression Busters For People Going Through Divorce

My Broken Heart – Stress And Depression Busters For People Going Through Divorce


You thought your marriage was going to last forever, a till-death-do-us-part thing, and then it ended when your husband cheated on you. You both tried to patch things up, of course. You even went to a marriage counselor. Unfortunately, you found no other solution to your marital problems but divorce.

broken heart stress depression busters My Broken Heart   Stress And Depression Busters For People Going Through Divorce

Divorce is very stressful. It affects not only the couple but the children as well. They go through a lot of emotions that, at times, the whole harrowing experience becomes very overwhelming. If you are weak, you could easily succumb to the stress and depression that usually comes with divorce procedures.

Do not let your divorce procedure get the most out of you and turn you into a bitter recluse. Below are some tips to beat the stress and depression that usually accompanies divorce.

Spend More Time with the Children

Yes, you want to sulk in one corner and lick your wounds, but if you have children, then think of them. Children are, after all, the most affected by the divorce, and they cannot fully comprehend yet what is happening around them. You have to help them understand their situation and why their parents’ marriage ended up in divorce.

Spending more time with the children though does not mean that all of you have to wallow in this sad situation and talk about it all the time. Instead, you can spend it to strengthen your relationship with them. Go for a walk with your children, visit theme parks, dine out, set up a “camp” in your bedroom, just do fun things with them. The divorce procedure need not be that depressing for them as well, and you can make them remember that there is still something to smile about.

Make Some Money

Divorce can be very costly, says Tad Nelson & Associates, a Texas-based law firm that specializes in family law and divorce, and it is going to take a huge bite out of your finances. If divorce really is the last option, then you have to prepare for the cost.

There are some things that you can do to prepare financially. For one, you can turn a hobby into a money-making small business. Say for example you crochet baby things, then you can set up a simple yet eye-catching website where you can sell them. You can promote them in your social networking sites. This new venture can be a family effort, something you can work with your children. They will love the new activity and the chance to bond more with you. Two, you can also look for a part-time job. This means extra hours away from the whole drama.

Working while going through the divorce proceedings may seem very difficult when all you want to do is to hide from the world. However, it will be a very welcome distraction from all the stress and negativity that divorce brings. Also, think of the benefits of earning some extra cash and preparing for your new future.

Divorce really is difficult, but it need not be that depressing and stressful. Stay active, and in time, you will get over the whole heartache that it brought you and your family and move on.

Jennifer Dae is a blogger for marriage-related sites. She writes about tips for keeping the romance alive.

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The Advantages of Settling Your Divorce Out of Court

The Advantages of Settling Your Divorce Out of Court


DIVORCE MOLLE  The Advantages of Settling Your Divorce Out of Court

The Advantages of Settling your Divorce out of Court

It’s a fact that divorces can turn into a messy, out-of-control nightmare. Both husbands and wives can recall horror stories about their divorce. Besides the emotional turmoil, divorces can also get expensive due to the constant back-and-forth with attorneys and motions filed in court.

But divorce does not have to be this way; instead, the process can go smoothly if both parties are willing to cooperate with each other. By learning from what others have gone through and being willing to do the work, you can minimize the pain and stress of this ordeal.

Five things to do Before Going to Court

You and your spouse can avoid major difficulties when you decide to settle your divorce out of court. Negotiating the details of your divorce before going to court can save you both time and money.There are several steps you can take towards reaping the benefits of an out-of-court divorce:

1. Determine who will stay and who will leave

Deciding which spouse will keep the marital home is sometimes a point of contention in divorces. In some cases, the spouse who has custody of the children stays in the home while in other cases, both spouses agree to sell the marital home. Working this out amicably will be a major accomplishment in the process.

2. Keep the lines of communication open

One of the many reasons for the breakdown of a marriage is the lack of communication or miscommunication between the spouses. The same can happen during the divorce process. By talking openly with your spouse and letting him or her say what they want, you will have a better chance of settling your divorce in a respectful manner.

3. Determine your assets and debts

List all of your assets, such as stocks and bank accounts, pension or retirement plans, and your debts, such as joint credit card accounts and mortgage loans. Also list any separate assets or debts. Determining your net worth will help you, or your attorney, decide how to split assets and debts in a fair and equitable manner.

4. Avoid threatening your spouse

Spouses who don’t appear to be getting what they want or become frustrated during the process might issue an ultimatum: “If you don’t do X then I won’t do Y. You have five minutes to decide.” This move only leads to more frustration and can derail the negotiation process.

  5. Set priorities

Taking care of your children should be your first priority. If they are minors, both you and your spouse should determine with whom they should live daily and how child support will be handled. Child custody, visitation and child support are sometimes best handled with the assistance of an attorney.

Do you Need an Attorney?

The more you and your spouse can work together, the better the results. However, there may be times when you reach an impasse and need help. This is the time when you need to contact experienced legal counsel, whether that means Orlando FL divorce attorneys or a New York family law firm.

Divorce attorneys have the skills to help couples reach resolutions, especially when there are strong disagreements. Couples who want to save money have hired the same attorney; however, this is not always advisable. But, retaining an attorney will help you to finalize your marriage in a civil manner.

Author, artist, and single mom Molly Pearce knows the struggles one faces when dealing with the divorce process. She looked to the internet when researching for herself and her readers and found the site of Orlando FL divorce attorneys, Katz & Phillips, P.A. to be informative and helpful. They have aided hundreds of Florida couples coping with divorce, in and out of court.

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A Co-Parenting Plan with Your Child’s Best Interest at Heart

A Co-Parenting Plan with Your Child’s Best Interest at Heart


DIVORCE KID A Co Parenting Plan with Your Childs Best Interest at Heart

A Co-Parenting Plan with Your Child’s Best Interest at Heart

Getting a divorce is extremely difficult for most people, and the process can become exacerbated when there is a child involved. After all, when two people decide that they no longer want to share their lives, there are typically a lot of hurt feelings that will make it hard to see each other on a regular basis. However, it is imperative to think about the emotional well-being of the child when you decide how the two of your will successfully co-parent.

How does a Co-Parenting Plan Work?

As long as both parents are committed to the idea of staying in the child’s life, you will need to develop a co-parenting plan. Although some parents like to take different approaches when it is their time with a child, this is not a good way to provide them with a stable upbringing. Instead, the two of you will need to decide on a parenting philosophy that you can both stick with. For example, if the child does not eat meat at their mother’s house, the father should also provide them with a meat-free diet. Otherwise, the child will become confused, and this will make the divorce harder for them.

Splitting up the time in a way that is fair to the child and both parents is an essential component of the plan. Therefore, you need to openly discuss your personal needs and desires so that a schedule can be created that does not include a lot of conflicts. After all, if you have committed to working late every Tuesday night, it will not be fair to anyone if that is one of the days that you are supposed to pick your kid up from school. By being open with each other, you should be able to make a schedule that will enable the child to spend quality time with each of their parents.

Dealing with Communication Issues

If you and your ex have a difficult time discussing things, you should consider using the email format. This will make it easier to avoid a heated argument, and it will also give you proof if any serious issues develop. It is also imperative to make sure that any debates over child support are handled through the legal system. According to one of the a Riverside County child support attorneys, “formulas take into account factors like the number of children, time share percentage, gross income and tax liability” to accurately decide child support.

Always Put Your Child First

There will be certain events that both parents will be expected to attend. After all, your child is not going to have two graduation ceremonies, and they also should not need to have separate birthday parties. Therefore, both parents need to be mature enough to put their differences aside for each of the big moments in their child’s life. If you fail to adhere to this philosophy, it will end up having a negative impact on your child’s emotional health.

Remaining civil is one of the best ways to make sure that a co-parenting plan works. Even though this might be hard at times, it is important to make sure that your child grows up with the support of both of their parents. To achieve this, the two of you should create a co-parenting plan that everyone can stick with.

Author Molly Pearce is also a single mom who knows the strain that separation and divorce can put on parents and children. She writes to encourage parents in this situation to really put the children first when making arrangements and to do their research about dividing time and resources. The Riverside County child support attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levine, and Knox, LLP have been advising families in the southern California area on these divisions for over 30 years.

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How To Go About Settling Your Divorce Out Of Court

How To Go About Settling Your Divorce Out Of Court


DIVORCE STATUE How To Go About Settling Your Divorce Out Of Court

How To Go About Settling Your Divorce Out Of Court

Filing for divorce can be an expensive undertaking. It also may take months for a divorce to be settled by a judge. When people want an easier and cheaper way to dissolve their marriage, they may consider settling out of court. Settling a divorce out of court can be done easier than most people are aware, and this option does not cost as much money as going to court and having the matter settled by a judge.

Mediation and Out-of-Court Settlements

Despite not wanting to go to court, people still often must rely on legal professionals to help them achieve a successful outcome to their divorce settlement. Whether they are seeking a NH divorce or one in California, individuals can use legal mediators to help them dissolve their marriages. A mediator often is a retired judge, attorney or another legal expert who has significant experience handling divorce cases. With a mediator, couples can decide on important matters such as:

1. Child Custody: In the past, most couples agreed that children should be raised by their mothers. Today’s couples, however, are more liberal when it comes to settling child custody concerns. Many mediators suggest that people share custody unless one parent is unfit or has work commitments that prevent him or her from caring for the children properly.

2. Child Support: Likewise, couples who want a successful resolution to their divorce case must decide on the amount of child support that will be awarded to the primary parent. Mediators can suggest an amount and explain how child support is calculated in their state.

3. Division of Assets: Mediators also can help people divide their assets evenly. Depending on the communal property laws in their state, couples typically divide their liquid assets evenly with each person receiving half. Mediators can clarify what property needs to be divided and what each person has a right to keep after the dissolution of their marriage.

The Importance of Objectivity

Despite their desire to settle their case out of court, most people may still be emotional about getting divorced. It is natural for people to experience sadness, anger, or even fear about dissolving their marriage. If they want their case to be settled successful, however, it is important that they keep their emotions in check. When they negotiate with each other about their case, couples are advised to:

1. Avoid Threats and Making Ultimatums: Threatening a soon-to-be ex-spouse or giving an ultimatum can stall a couple’s divorce settlement and even make it necessary for them to go before a judge. Threats and ultimatums work against people as they settle their cases out of court.

2. Avoid Blame and Guilt: It can be tempting for people to feel guilty about being divorced or blame the other person for the marriage’s dissolution. If the couple reaches a point where one person blames the other and feels that the other individual has an unfair advantage, it could be better for them to go to court.

3. Be Objective about the Facts: It also can be easy for people to look at their case and place more importance on certain details than necessary. As difficult as it may be, they are encouraged to look at their case objectively and use a clear head while making decisions about their divorce.

Settling a divorce out of court remains a viable option for couples who want to avoid the expense and time it takes to file for dissolution with the local court. They can use mediators to help them decide important issues and keep their emotions in check as they settle outside of a courtroom.

Author and artist Molly Pearce shares from experience on this subject in the hopes that readers facing the end of their marriage will learn something helpful. Tenn And Tenn, P.A. is a family-run firm of NH divorce attorneys whose goal is also to make the unfortunate circumstance of divorce as painless as possible. A family-oriented and knowledgeable legal advocate and advisor is an essential for most when it comes to this process.

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