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Tips For Packing Antiques

Tips For Packing Antiques


Whether you’re on the move to a new city or country, packing up your antiques for the move can be a daunting task. If you can, consider using a professional removals company, as they will be able to move your delicate items with the special care that antiques require. If you can’t afford a removals company, have no fear, you can do it yourself as well, here are some tips.

You’ll first want to consider the type of antiques you are moving, each will have special needs:

pad wrapping cabinet Tips For Packing Antiques

Antique Furniture

When packing antique furniture for a move, you must take into account the size of the item, and then you will know how much packing material you will need to pack it safely and securely. The most important piece of packing equipment you will need is moving blankets. These are thick, quilted blankets that are made very tough and can take quite a beating. Moving blankets are made specifically for surrounding large, yet fragile objects like furniture. A moving blanket will be used to separate each piece of furniture from each other. In addition to moving blankets, don’t forget to remove all items from drawers. For some very heavy furniture, you may want to ship it without the drawers for easier moving. Make sure to use blankets to secure the front and back of the furniture. Also, you may wish to use bubble wrap or smaller blankets or fabric to wrap delicate furniture legs and accessories like mirrors.

Art & Artwork

With art, including pictures in frames and other pieces of art, you can purchase special picture boxes, which allow the picture to be placed inside with plenty of cardboard and packing around it. Take special care to wrap corners with bubble wrap or padding. Use packing tape to secure the packing materials with the picture. Also, be sure to wrap the artwork with a thin protective wrapping before placing any padding or wrapping over it, this insures that the front and back of the picture is sufficiently protected from something sticking to it.

Glass, Pottery, Sculpture And Ceramics

With fragile items like glass, pottery, sculptures and ceramic items, their fragility makes it especially difficult to pack them properly. Use a generous amount of bubble wrap for these items, taking special care to wrap around the handles and any extruding decorations. Then wrap again with bubble wrap and place in a box. Avoid placing very fragile items too close together in a box. For items with space inside of them, make sure to add packing peanuts or other materials inside the item to protect it from sudden movements.


Jewelry should be packed in separate boxes, with each piece wrapped in tissue paper to avoid scratching against each other during transport. Then the pieces can be placed into another box together.


For ephemera and paper items like baseball cards or greeting cards, you can use bins to pack them together. Make sure to place something hard and flat between each item to insure no bending or folding occurs from the weight of other items on top of them. Also, make sure to insure airflow in the box, especially if you are moving during the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter.

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