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8 Examples of Art Created with Toilet Paper

8 Examples of Art Created with Toilet Paper


Daily use of toilet paper is not easy to avoid and without a roll in the house things could really look bad. You will find that the toilet paper comes with a paper tube that holds it together and ensures the tissue has been held up securely in place for easier rolling. There are many ways of using your toilet paper, especially the tissue paper tubes. Right from making home crafts, saving the world and creating party favours, there are many ways art is actualized through the normal toilet paper.

a7bb348534904a8dd83f7ce0eedc2ebc 300x206 8 Examples of Art Created with Toilet Paper

  1. Home safety

Cords and trailing wires in a home can present serious danger around the house especially if children are playing about without much care. The toilet paper tube can securely hold the cords and wires securely by winding the cables around when not in use. Putting them inside the tube for safe keeping, add some color and images to the tube as you deem fit.


  1. Spark your children’s’ imagination

Two toilet paper tubes can be attached together to create some binoculars. Through the use of excess materials, spark the mind of a child to be more creative to come up with beautiful crafts and arts. The binoculars can be brightly colored for a party with a jungle theme.


  1. Feed the wildlife

Maybe you have always wanted to have birds flocking into your garden or home and homemade bird feeders are wonderful crafts to make. The only items you need are bird seed, peanut butter, yarn and cardboard tube and everything will fall into place. You can sit back, relax and watch as birds come to feed on the seeds. You could catch them with the yarn.


  1. Crowns

If your kids have a party, use toilet paper tubes to come up with some good looking crowns. You can decorate them after creating triangles on the tube and leaving small holes to put a string to secure the crown on the head of the child.


  1. Grow plants with ease

You can grow plants in a toilet paper tube rather than use plastic pots, especially if you have a number to plant and you have no containers to use. After filling the soil, add the plant and let it grow until it is big enough. You can then plant in the soil together with the tube.


  1. Bring Christmas closer

Christmas is a season to be creative, especially in decorations and toys. Through toilet paper tubes you can come up with good looking nativity scene crafts and paint them in different colors synonymous with Christmas for extra decorations at home.


  1. Gift wrapper

Some small gifts such as jewelry and accessories can be creatively given as gifts in wonderfully and creatively created gift wraps using toilet paper tubes. The tube can be decorated with sparkling colors and images before the ends are closed with the gift inside to add some fun into the festivities.


  1. Toilet paper tube structures

You can use as much toilet paper tubes as you need to create small homes or giant structures as you deem fit especially with your children. Children have a way of thinking out of the box and they can surprise you with really wonderful creative structures using toilet paper tubes.

Sam Thompson lives in Sydney, Australia. He is an editor for Toilet Paper Plus, leading supplier of wholesale tork toilet paper. He spends his spare time surfing the beaches of the east coast of Australia. He hopes one day all companies will look after the environment.

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How To Design The Right Logo For Your Company

How To Design The Right Logo For Your Company


Today’s business is highly competitive. It is very essential to stand out in such market condition. A company logo will help in creating your brand in the market and enhances the position and visibility of your company. It is used as a means of communication with the targeted customer base. Especially, if you want to create a brand identity for your business, then choosing the right logo is mandatory. It plays a vital role in promoting your business and creating a certain image in the view of customers. It is therefore essential that you consider these following factors while designing your company logo.

how design right logo for How To Design The Right Logo For Your Company

  • Do not make your logo too complicated. It is always the simple and unique design that grabs the attention of your customers. A complicated design not only fails to impress your customers but will also have no effect on the image of your company. When you choose a complicated design, your customers may not understand it and do not pay much attention to it. So one simple rule that you need to remember is do not go for an over-exuberant design. Instead, choose the one that is simple and reflects the image of your company in the best way possible.
  • It should be unique and should stand out in the market. Logo is one of those few elements which convey that you offer unique and trustworthy services. Make sure your design resembles such image while giving a distinct picture about your company. Also, it should be able to convey the philosophy of your business or your product. This will give a better understanding about your business.
  • One of the most important things that you need to remember is your logo design should be easily reproducible. The design of your logo must be flexible which means it should be clearly visible in all mediums including photocopy, fax, low-resolution, web, black and white or color printing. Since your company logo should be present on all your business documents and publications, it should be easily reproducible.
  • It should be scalable. As mentioned above, you would use your company logo for a variety of purposes. It is therefore necessary that the design is visually effective in any size. For example, when you use billboards or banners, you need to print your logo in large size and in case of smaller forms like fevicon, you might need a smaller version of it. So choose a design that is scalable.
  • Needless to mention, make sure the design is visually appealing. A catchy and appealing logo instantly draws the attention of the customers and generates the interest to know more about your services or products.

Remember that your company logo should be remarkable and should be flexible to use. It should be unforgettable. Most successful firms of today’s’ business owe their success to brand identity and logo plays the most important role in establishing this brand identity for any company. It is therefore important to choose the right logo for your company.


Kcmouli is a freelancer blogger who loves to blog about anything tech related, from software products to Logo design. Do check out some of the other posts, post comments/suggestions and share this post on web 2.0. and related sites.

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Interior Decorating: Transforming A Mundane Item Into A Chic Design Concept

Interior Decorating: Transforming A Mundane Item Into A Chic Design Concept


With the numerous options available for building houses and offices, people have become more discriminating in their choices of home structures. Yet the ample selection they have to choose from can be bewildering. Whether you’re planning to have your own home or renovate your existing one, a versatile fixture that is suitable for all sizes is the sliding barn door. A professionally crafted barn door adds a touch of class to any residence while at the same time achieves a key purpose: to save space. But even with big, spacious houses, the barn door rightfully belongs, effortlessly adding a synchronicity of classic elegance and contemporary chic.

interior decorating transforming mundane item Interior Decorating: Transforming A Mundane Item Into A Chic Design Concept

It’s a given that barn doors maximize valuable space while providing much needed privacy and security. But that’s not enough. The urbane put significance in aesthetics and look for style and flair as well. Beautiful barn doors integrate into the interior of a house seamlessly and enhance its overall design. Here are some pointers for choosing a barn door that you can take pleasure in and proudly show off to visiting friends and family.


Like a person whose true value lies on the inside, the beauty of a barn door extends beyond its paneling and sheen. It must be sufficiently strong and durable to withstand constant sliding, especially if children are around. To ensure a strong barn door, the barn door tracks used for the installation must be of superior quality. These tracks are mounted on the wall and are the hardware used to put up the door. The track system consists of the brackets, a track with stand-offs, a bottom door guide to keep the door steady and the nuts, screws and bolts. There are several types of tracks available. For excellent quality tracks, click here for great selections.

Door Material

Door frames and panes come in a dazzling array of materials. Your choice should complement the room it is installed in or the house architectural design. Wood barn doors are great for the rugged and rustic charm. Reclaimed wood coming from timber of a prior use is very popular as barn doors because it is eco-friendly and unique. Each door made of reclaimed lumber has its own character derived from its texture and the distinctive nail holes and saw marks it bears. The downside is, you’ll have difficulty knowing what specie it came from.

Glass barn doors give the room different looks and feel depending on the type of glass. Transparent glass creates an illusion of space and lends a sleek, uncluttered look. Frosted glass panes provide semi-privacy and allow some lighting into the room. For one-of-a-kind glass barn doors, you can customize them with specialty acrylic, etchings and lead designs. Steel and aluminum combined with wood or glass make stylish and tasteful barn doors that add to your house’s distinctive personality. Finish with a complementary track system for a decorative touch.

Barn doors are multi-functional. They can serve as doors or dividers to provide easy transition from one part of the house to another. They can be installed to screen off the kitchen from the living room or as partitions for pantries, bathrooms, bedrooms and garages. But it’s the smart individual or the savvy interior designer that recognizes that functionality can be decorative as well when installing barn doors.

Marie Miller is a freelance writer and a self-taught home decorator. She stays current and improves her skills on both interests through online seminars and workshops.

Marie Miller is a freelance writer and a self-taught home decorator. She stays current and improves her skills on both interests through online seminars and workshops.

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Designing with Widbook

Designing with Widbook


A number of collaborative programs have developed over the past couple of years. Telecommuting and telecollaboration are both rapidly growing, and it’s little wonder that the tools associated with these programs are becoming more sophisticated. Among the many programs available is Widbook, an online collaboration software platform that was originally marketed to creative designers, authors, and artists. Using it to design your eCommerce store website is feasible, but you will want to remember a few things.


write read share on widbook the youtube of books 166a57fa4f 300x168 Designing with Widbook

Widbook Works Best for Core Development

Widbook works best when you are actually editing the code or the core elements of your eCommerce store. This means that everyone who is involved needs to be somewhat familiar with the content and how it should be applied. The WYSIWG format does not exist on this particular collaborative format, but it can be good for making sure that everyone who is working on the web design components is on the same page. The benefit of Widbook is that it has some of the fastest interfacing connections available. This means that you can evaluate all of the changes in real time. More in-depth and detailed work such as photo editing and the like should be handled in a designated photo collaboration program.

Widbook Works When It’s the Only Program Running

Even though Widbook is a collaborative program, you should avoid running other programs while working on it. It is designed to be completely self-sufficient. Chatting, email, and the like can all be conducted within the Widbook program. To allow it to run at its peak proficiency, you should make it the only program running at a time. It will move significantly faster, and it will be easier for you to keep the system from locking up, even if you’re working on apparel website template alterations.

More Than Four Users Can Bog Widbook Down

When you have multiple people logged in, you may find that it starts to run slower. Each collaborative program has its own peak number, though this number is influenced in part by your systems’ processing speeds and Internet connections. It also depends on the kind of project you’re working on. A simple text alteration for your eCommerce site will not bog the system down as much as altering templates with HTML alterations.  However, according to reviews on Widbook, it appears that four users is the approximate peak number.

Finding the right collaborative program for your web design and eCommerce store needs can be a challenge, but once you find it, it’s great to be able to work on your projects with people from across the world. You no longer have to work with your web design team off on its own. Widbook is one of the strong options for collaboration. However, you need to remember a few things when using it. First, it works best for core development rather than in-depth and detailed work such as photo editing. Second, it should be the only program running whenever possible. Third, having more than four users at a time can bog the system down.

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How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding

How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding


design marketing coding How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding

If you run a blog or website then you can expect your personality to come across in a big way. First and foremost of course, your personality is going to play a role because of the way you write and this will be immediately apparent when reading our posts. Chances are that you will write mostly about the things you find exciting and interesting, and the way you express yourself is probably going to be routed in the way you express yourself out in the real world. The amount of humour you use in your site and even the length of articles will all speak volumes about who you are.

But that’s not the only way your personality makes its way into your online efforts. Read on to see how else this can have an effect…


design marketing coding1 How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding

The marketing you do is also something that will reflect your personality and this is important to bear in mind. Some of us are simply better at promoting ourselves than others and will be able to shout our message from the rafters, while others will want to be more modest about our work. This is why some people need to use SEO companies to do their promotion for them – if you won’t market yourself because it doesn’t suit your personality then you need an internet marketing firm that will.


Of course your design will reflect your personality in many ways, and your use of colours and layout can suggest all kinds of things about yourself. A bright red and yellow website for instance might very realistically suggest a more outgoing and extraverted personality. The key is to make sure that you don’t make your site for you and that it is first and foremost for your audience. Market research and web design firms can help you achieve this.


design marketing coding2 How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding

Finally, your personality will always have a huge bearing on your coding style and the way you write your HTML, your PHP and your Javascript. Ultimately programming consists of forming ‘mental models’ to express your ideas, then writing these out in a predefined code. That then means that your code will reflect the way you think and the way that you approach an idea. Do you write a list using a loop? Or do you add items to the list sequentially? Using a more efficient process might suggest that you’re a perfectionist and a very logical thinker, while writing it in the way that makes the most sense there and then might suggest that you are more of a ‘big picture’ kind of person.

Likewise your use of whitespace, your variable names and your comments might reflect your personality. Someone who writes lots of comments and uses lots of whitespace, clearly thinks ahead of themselves and thus makes sure that their code will be easy to follow in the future. On the other hand, someone who writes a lot of code without worrying much about spaces and organization, might be less organized in real life but also more focussed on the problem at hand rather than making it look presentable. No way is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but it is interesting to note the differences.

Confounding Variables

design marketing coding3 How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding

Of course it’s also worth bearing in mind that bloggers tend to have a similar kind of personality in some ways to begin with. Most bloggers will probably like technology and thus have quite a logical and systematic way of thinking, but will also probably be passionate and interested and enjoy expressing themselves if they write a lot. Another thing that’s worth bearing in mind is that blogging regularly could alter your personality as well. There is a two way causality here to consider…

Author of this post, Jake Cornwall is an indpendant SEO. He has sound knowledge of web designing and shares it with people via his articles. A music lover, he likes playing his guitar in his spare time.

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What Would The Worst Web Design In The World Look Like?

What Would The Worst Web Design In The World Look Like?


Sometimes it’s just easier to tell someone what not to do than it is to explain what they should be doing. This way we can get a picture in our mind of precisely what we need to avoid so that we can better understand the problem and come up with a solution of our own. In web design it’s really up to you how you go about building your site and what you think looks good, but that doesn’t alter the fact that there are some definite hard-and-fast rules that need to be observed and some things you should certainly avoid. Here we will look at what a website would look like if you ignored all those rules and why that would be such a bad thing…


la punta rota

The colours of a website will instantly tell you a lot about the place you’re visiting and whether or not you want to stay there. You’ll notice that most websites are either white or very light blue, which has a calming effect making us want to stay there longer, and which will create contrast well with the black writing.

If you wanted to create the least attractive website possible though, you would want to ignore those features and instead create something that would be an assault on the senses and difficult to read. Think a bright red background with blue writing over the top…


A web design is more than just a colour scheme though, and equally important is to use images that look modern and professional and that draw people into your site.

If you’re building the world’s worst website though, then you’ll want to avoid crisp and professional looking images though and instead use low resolution headers designed with more atrocious colours and poor design. Likewise you might want to use repetitive images for your background to create a 1990s vibe to your website and use huge stock images in your articles that take too long to load, look like Word Art and don’t bear any relevance to your content.


Death Star Metal

So far we have a website that’s an assault on the eyes and on the data connection, so why not assault the ears too? Including music on a website is a rookie mistake in most cases as it will clash with whatever the visitor is listening too and drive away anyone with a different taste in music to you.


3D Team Leadership Arrow Concept

If someone needs to find a particular piece of information then they may be able to put up with even the most ugly web design. If you wanted to make your site really unbearable then you would also make it impossible for people to find what they want by using a hugely complicated and impenetrable navigation. Put links in weird place, defy logic and get your pages to circle around by linking them back to each other.

That will then leave you with perhaps the worst web design in the world and as such – zero traffic and dwindling profits. To avoid this fate, do the opposite thing in each of these cases or use a professional web designer.

Nathan Knowle is web designer by profession. Having plyed his trade for a considerable amount of time, he certainly knows a thing or two about web designing and has listed some disastrous design mistakes in today’s post.

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Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design


Women like it and men use it to say sorry many times. Oh yes, jewelry, the final frontier. Or should I say, money, the final frontier?

custom jewelry antique ring 1 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

custom jewelry antique ring 2 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

custom jewelry antique ring 3 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

custom jewelry antique ring 4 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

custom jewelry antique ring 5 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

custom jewelry antique ring 6 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

custom jewelry antique ring 7 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

custom jewelry antique ring 8 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

custom jewelry antique ring 9 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

custom jewelry antique ring 10 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

custom jewelry antique ring 11 Custom Jewelry and Antique Ring Design

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