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International parcel delivery tips

International parcel delivery tips


You always want any parcels that you send to arrive in good condition. So follow these tips to ensure that this happens and you avoid any nasty surprises.

international parcels header International parcel delivery tips
1, Use new packaging

You want your parcels to look good when they arrive, so using brand new packaging materials will help you achieve this look.

2, Use plenty of packaging

You will need to ensure that all items despatched are well packed and can handle the stress of movement through your chosen delivery solution. Have a good look at your product and work out if it needs a special delivery service or not. For example if you are sending high value jewellery or cash usually couriers will not cover your goods or refuse to carry them. If your items are very fragile or need to be carried one way up they are probably not suitable to go through a courier network. If you are moving them in bulk a pallet network may be the correct route to go down, as these will hold your goods the same way up in transit. Alternatively they may only be suitable to be moved by hand. If you goods are fine to go through a courier or postal service they pack each item in bubble wrap and then place them inside a new double or treble walled cardboard box. Then add plenty of additional packaging material that surrounds then item(s) in the box, stopping them from moving around or touching the walls of the box. In this way even if the parcel is accidentally dropped in transit your contents should be fine.

3, Enclose duplicate labels

Enclose a copy of the delivery address and parcel label inside the parcel. So that if your original parcel address label comes off, when the box is opened the carrier can easily identify who has sent the parcel and where it has to be delivered to.

4, Validate the delivery address and include a telephone number for the receiver.

Any delivery driver will have trouble in delivering your parcel if the address is incorrect. So check your delivery postcode is correct and include a telephone number for the receiver. This is especially important if you are sending an international parcel deliverybecause if the driver cannot find the address he will usually call to get directions. So including a local telephone number can reduce e delivery problems.

5, Check for duty and taxes charges

When you are sending a parcel to Indonesiaor any non E.U. destination, you do not want to have any surprises with unexpected duty and taxes charges. Therefore it is important that you check the commodity code for the items you are sending and then contact the customs department of the destination country. They will be able to advise if duty and taxes will be charges and if so at what rate. They will also be able to confirm what paperwork or import licences need to be included.

I hope that these five tips help to you send your parcels worldwide without problems.

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