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Creative Ways To Display Your Dolls

Creative Ways To Display Your Dolls


Collecting dolls is a great hobby that can bring you a lot of enjoyment. It can even be a financially beneficial item to collect. There are many benefits that collecting dolls brings but you should never forget to also take good care of your dolls. Displaying your dolls in a nice way is really important and here are some ideas to help you do that well.

A Glass Cabinet

creative ways display dolls Creative Ways To Display Your Dolls
The most common option to go with is a glass cabinet. It is a very simple and elegant solution that will also help you keep your dolls in good condition.

For instance, you can buy a normal cabinet with glass doors and place it in the room of your choice. This way you and your guests can admire the dolls at any time and they will be on display in a nice way.

If you find it difficult to keep the dolls in a good position and don’t want them in a sitting position all the time then it is possible to purchase risers to keep them upright.

Keeping dolls behind glass doors will make it easier to keep them from getting dust on too which will help guarantee they stay in a good condition for longer.

A Big Wooden Dollhouse

If your dolls are small in size and perhaps your collection isn’t yet that big it is a good idea to build a big wooden dollhouse. You can get a wooden cupboard with two big plank doors that you can close if you want to keep your dolls out of plain sight.

Doll Diaries has one nice idea for a wooden dollhouse that you can create for yourself. Having a dollhouse also has the positive effect of allowing you to be creative with the other decorations in the house too. You can add some nice small finishing touches to it that will make your doll collection really stand out.

Wall-Mounted Open Shelves

It is also a nice idea to build your dolls their own wall-mounted shelves. You can place these in any room you want to and can be very creative in how you display the shelves on the walls. This way you can also add some information about them on the walls. For example you can write a little paragraph about a specific doll and frame it on the wall.

This will give a nice exhibitionist feel to the doll collection and it will also give you a good opportunity to display all the other doll related items you might have. There are a lot of nice booklets you can get at the A Girl For All Time Shop and many other doll shops have additional doll memorabilia you can have a look at.

Around The Bookshelf

If you are just starting out you don’t need to go with a specific doll collection display unit. It is a nice idea to just place your dolls around the living room, for example, at the bookshelf. If you have a square unit bookshelf it may look nice if a few shelves here and there have some dolls scattered around.

Martha loves dolls and is always browsing the internet to read anything doll-related. She is enthusiastic about doll clothes and loves to make them together with her daughter. When she isn’t thinking about dolls she loves to take long walks in the countryside.

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The Beauty Of Creative Wall Art

The Beauty Of Creative Wall Art


Wall art; quite simply has turned out to be one of the most effective solutions through which you can ensure an aesthetic look of your bedroom. Decorative wall art, particularly wall decals are one of the best ways which you can prevent your room from causing any kind of real damage to the wall. Additionally, other types of wall art pieces are particularly effective for achieving the desired look you want. Here are some wall art options for achieving a beautiful appeasing bedroom:

wall stickers The Beauty Of Creative Wall Art

Wall stickers

Wall art stickers are an easy, cost-effective solution for your décor. They are available in a large array of colours, designs, and styles. They are also available in different sizes so you have the opportunity to choose which size is most suitable for your bedroom. In a child’s bedroom, be creative and use wall art decals for your child’s furniture for extra dimension and creativity. Wall stickers are also very effective for easily creating a themed bedroom, or a personalized room with beautiful wall art quotes.

Fabric art:

Fabric wall art is another unique way of decorating your bedroom. Choose different fabrics that will work well with your existing decor and perfectly blend with your bedding and curtains. Wrap some fabric around a piece of wooden board to make a unique piece of wall art. Light coloured fabrics  such as cool blues and earthy greens are soothing and relaxing. Alternatively choose bold colours if you want to make a statement.

Wall lighting:

Wall lighting is rarely regarded as a piece of wall art, but with so many different types of lights on the market they can easily be used well in any bedroom, and mounted onto the wall. Alternatively instead of placing them in the traditional way, perhaps  think about putting them in one corner. The amount of light can certainly be regulated and you can dim them anytime to induce sleep, or set the right mood for your room.

Wall furniture:

A bedroom will never give you the feeling of a bedroom if there is no mirror, shelves and cabinet. These essential pieces of furniture are considered part of the interior furnishings and wall furniture plays a vital role in home décor. They will not only beautify the room, but will also help serve different purpose.


Canvas is a very versatile wall art option, which can bring an artistic vibe into any bedroom. A personalised canvas is an extremely versatile material and can be used for many different artistic designs. You can simply stick black and white photos on canvas and mount onto the wall, or alternatively create your very own artisitc piece of wall art. Use paint, flowers, buttons and beads. The possibilities are endless.

Choose wall art based on your tastes

It is important to choose wall art which reflects your own personal tastes and individuality. In addition, it is important to chose wall art pieces which will blend in with your existing interiors. Nevertheless, wall art is a beautiful option which can bring lots of artistic charm when used correctly.

Author Bio – Ally Evans is a writer, and the owner of the online retail shop.

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5 Creative Ways To Get Sentimental Items Organized

5 Creative Ways To Get Sentimental Items Organized


Before the advent of smart phones and the internet, and before chatting, emailing and texting became the norm, people typically communicated through writing. When family or friends went on vacation, they sent postcards, and when someone had a crush on a girl, he composed love letters for her. You might have experienced this, and until now, you might still be getting a few written notes from special individuals. When you were younger, you must have also encountered being inundated with cards during Christmas, New Year, and other special occasions. Sometimes, you might also find $10 or $20 inserted in these. Many of these keepsakes, like letters and cards, are too precious to be thrown away. So, here are a few creative ways on how you can get these things organized.

creative ways get sentimental items 5 Creative Ways To Get Sentimental Items Organized

1. Create a scrapbook.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby because this allows you to be creative while you also protect the things that have sentimental value to you. But don’t just stick everything in a scrapbook or journal. First, you have to organize the items that you want to keep. Sort them out according to date or event, and then as you put them all together, include a few special stories too. Aside from cards and letters, you can also add dried flowers, candy wrappers, and other mementos.

2. Narrow down your collection.

Finding boxes filled with old cards and letters can give you an emotional journey. Maybe you’ll find some letters that your husband, who was then your boyfriend, sent you while he was stationed in another country. Or maybe you’ll come across a letter from your mom from years ago. Many letters and even very short notes can have a deep impact on your emotions. These are the types that you have to keep for you to read when you’re older or for you to share with your children or grandchildren. Tie these together using lovely ribbons and keep these in boxes. Then, you can get rid of those that don’t hold much meaning.

3. Display those with great meaning.

A letter from a loved one, a poem written by an admirer, or any note that’s very special to you is surely a treasure. If you often find yourself going back to this note and reading it again and again, maybe you should seriously consider framing it. Once framed, place it somewhere where only you can see it if you want to keep things private.

4. Scan and save digital copies.

If you prefer to get rid of all the old letters and cards that are cluttering your home and just taking up precious space, you can throw these away. But before you do, scan those that are most important to you so that you’ll have digital copies. Going digital has a lot of advantages. For one, you can save a lot of data in a small drive, and retrieval is also pretty easy.

5. Do something creative with your cards.

It can be a waste to throw away nice greeting cards. So, think of other ways to use them. For example, you can cut the card and save the top part, the one with all the illustrations or pictures. Because these card tops are quite firm, you can utilize them in various imaginative ways. Use them as bookmarks, decorations for your journal or scrapbook, or come up with a work of art using these.

Claire Kurt is a full-time freelancer who specializes in home improvement matters, like DIY jobs, organizing clutter, and other storage issues. If you want to read more about such projects, click here to learn more.

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Why Baby Boomers Should Have Creative and Practical Hobbies

Why Baby Boomers Should Have Creative and Practical Hobbies


You’ve certainly heard the term “baby boomers” used before. In fact, you’re probably one of them! Well does this sound familiar? You’re starting to get up there a bit in years, and while looking back on your life, you realize there are some hobbies out there that you’d like to partake in. Well, here are some reasons to get back out there and keep yourself busy.

Whether you’ve been eagerly awaiting it since you first stepped foot in the work force or have been dreading the day, retirement is rapidly approaching. Instead of sitting around and wasting your talents, put your time and energy into a hobby. Finally learn how to weave baskets or organize the coin collection that’s been sitting around for years.

Breaking Free
You grew up in a time when people were still remembering the bitter consequences of the Great Depression. Indeed, you were probably asked to work starting at a very young age. Even since then, it’s been a constant stream of work, and you really haven’t had a break. Now though, you are either working part-time, not at all or at a much less aggressive full-time job than in the past. You have the time to take a class at a local community college to learn a new skill, participate in a weekly bridge tournament with friends or start playing tennis at the local community center.

As much as you may not want to admit it, growing old comes with a whole slew of physical and mental health problems. Of course, these issues are certainly not definites, and you can work to stay ahead of them. Find a hobby that involves working out. It could be taking a daily class at the local gym, joining a sports team or just walking the track with friends in the morning. Keeping yourself mentally stimulated and alert is important too. Look for openings on local debate teams or trivia teams. When such opportunities are not available, look into making crossword puzzles or Sudoko your new hobby.

Just Because!
When you have a love for something, whether it be making models, painting elaborate portraits or discovering new and healthy recipes, age should not stop you from doing so. You might feel as though hobbies are just for the young, but that’s certainly not true. Don’t just waste the days away sitting in front of the television or playing games on the Internet; get back out there into the real world and find new friendships and connections that can be formed. No matter how old you are, you should not stop yourself from trying something new and really expanding your horizons. You can even invite grandchildren and great-grandchildren to join you in your new hobbies.

Having hobbies is an important part of life, because it gives people a sense of relief and freedom that they might not find elsewhere. Above all else, be sure to pick something that you love. Even if your family members or friends aren’t into whatever it is, give the activity a shot. You might find new friendships just waiting to be unearthed.

Tyler DeWulf writes about aging, finance & more at

baby boomers Why Baby Boomers Should Have Creative and Practical Hobbies

baby boomers1 Why Baby Boomers Should Have Creative and Practical Hobbies

Photo Credit: Jonathan Klinger (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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Dressed dogs are not rare today. But styled dogs this way are something interesting. Cindy is a dog styled by Sandy Paws, not sure what Cindy things about it but it drive a lot of attention.

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