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Some Common Defenses Of DWI Claims

Some Common Defenses Of DWI Claims


DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. The punishments for these offenses can be extremely considerable. If a person has been arrested for a DWI and wishes to contest the charge, he or she should know every defense that might be available to him or her. By preparing a practical defense, the individual might aid in convincing the prosecution to abandon or lessen the charges, stop his or her driver’s license from being suspended, or even obtain an acquittal after a trial.

some common defenses dwi claims Some Common Defenses Of DWI Claims

In a DWI case, the prosecution must establish two key issues:

  1. The defendant, or the individual being charged, drove a vehicle and
  2. Simultaneously, the defendant was “under the influence”- indicating that the individual’s capacity to drive cautiously was influenced to a substantial degree by drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or a mixture of alcohol and drugs.

In a DWI case, a defense can be anything that disproves one of these aspects and therefore stops the prosecution from establishing its case. In addition, a defense may hinder the prosecution from presenting evidence at trial, which decreases the prosecution’s capacity to establish its case.

Defenses Connected With “Driving”

If the defendant was really driving a vehicle at time of the supposed DWI offense, he or she cannot be found guilty of drunk driving. Many DWI cases begin with a driver getting pulled over. Therefore, there normally is not much dispute over whether the defendant was really driving. However, if a police officer did not really see the defendant driving—the officer came near the defendant’s immobile car while he or she was behind the wheel in the parking lot, for instance—the matter may be arguable, founded on the evidence.

Defenses Connected With Arrest

If the police officer did not have legal reason to stop the defendant’s vehicle and/or arrest the defendant in the first place — or if the officer neglected to abide by appropriate legal practices during the arrest – any evidence collected from the traffic stop or the arrest may be considered “inadmissible” and thus excluded from a court case against the defendant. This could result in the prosecution having no actual case (for instance, because breathalyzer results and the arresting officer’s testimony could not be employed as evidence). Therefore, the DWI charges against the defendant could be abandoned.

No Probable Cause to Arrest

If an officer did not have probable cause to stop the defendant’s vehicle, keep him or her in custody, or arrest him or her for drunk driving, then the defendant could retain any evidence acquired during the arrest from being allowed in at trial. For instance, if the defendant thinks that he or she was stopped because of his or her race or ethnicity – and not because he or she was driving unsteadily or seemed to be intoxicated – the defendant could dispute the arrest.

No Miranda Warnings

If the defendant is arrested, a police office must give the individual Miranda warnings as part of the procedure. These are the warnings that the defendant hears on television – that he or she has the right to remain silent, that anything he or she says might be used against him or her, and that the person has the right to an attorney, and so on. If the officer does not give Miranda warnings or delivers them erroneously, the defendant could keep out specific evidence at trial.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Carroll Troberman Criminal Defense, an Austin criminal defense law firm. Zane is glad he’s never had to use any of the defenses above.

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Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden


five common wildlife pests you Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

For most people, the garden is a sanctuary, a place where we go to relax and chill after a tough day at the office. We use our gardens to grow flowers, vegetables, and as a safe outdoors space for the kids to play and burn off some steam. But if your garden is overrun by wildlife pests, your sense of enjoyment may be severely compromised. So what are the worst known offenders you may encounter at the bottom of your garden?

Rats Running Wild

five common wildlife pests you1 Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Rats have a terrible reputation: most of us perceive them to be dirty, disease-ridden creatures that lurk in dark, dank corners and when cornered will fight back. In fact rats are certainly carriers of a number of nasty diseases and can indeed be aggressive if backed into a corner, but they probably don’t deserve to be vilified as much as they are. However, rats are not good to have around and if they are living in your garden, you need to make sure you keep the rat population under control or you might end up sharing your kitchen with a few rat families.

Sneaky Squirrels

five common wildlife pests you2 Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Squirrels can make mincemeat of bird feeders and vegetable patches. They are intelligent, cunning and resourceful, especially when it comes to food, which is why they are more than capable of traversing complex obstacle courses in order to reach a pile of nuts. It can be quite difficult to keep squirrels away from your precious homegrown vegetables, but if your local squirrel population persists in raiding your tomatoes, put out some alternative food and water to keep them occupied.

Bothersome Birds

five common wildlife pests you3 Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Birds are a massive pest, particularly if you have just spent hours raking soil and sowing seeds. Some species of birds will eat every last seed you sow, which is why farmers devise all kinds of complicated deterrents to keep birds away from their crops. Scarecrows might frighten the birds away, but cats usually make the most effective bird deterrent because of their hunting skills.

Resourceful Raccoons

five common wildlife pests you4 Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Raccoons are known for their misbehaviour: they empty trashcans and scatter the rubbish everywhere in their search for leftovers and they are more than happy to gobble up cat food and bird nuts. They might look cute, but raccoons can cause havoc in a garden once they become established; they can also pass on some nasty diseases if you come into close contact with them or their waste. Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of feeding them in the early stages, which of course only encourages the raccoons to stick around.

Rotten Rabbits

five common wildlife pests you5 Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Rabbits dig under fences and raid vegetable patches, chomping away happily until there is literally nothing left but a few withered stalks. They are one of Australia’s number one wildlife pests, which is why the lethal virus, Myxomatosis, was created. However, there are more humane ways to deal with an out of control rabbit population, wherever you happen to be living, so if you are struggling to keep pesky rabbits out of your salad corner, hire a pest control service.

Wildlife pests may be annoying, but try to remember that their main aim in life is to find food and shelter, just like you.  Always use humane methods to remove or control wildlife pests and if in doubt, consult an expert.

This article has been written by Joana Sterling. Joana works at Innovative Care of the Environment Inc., a company providing humane pest control services in Toronto. She likes to sing and spends her Friday evenings at the karaoke bar with her friends.

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Top 5 Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Top 5 Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents


Going on a road trip? Plan ahead by taking every precaution and ready yourself (and your car) for the hours and hours of driving. Nobody wants to be in a car accident. However, when on the road there are many uncontrollable factors. Here are the five most common causes of car accidents with simple solutions:

  1. Distracted Driving

The percentage of car accidents that revolve around distracted driving is growing to terrifyingly high levels. With more and more technology to distract us, it’s a growing problem in America, and it’s mercilessly taking its toll. Texting and smartphone usage has become the most common manifestation of the driving distraction, but other distractions that also very commonly cause accidents include tuning the radio (or other audio-related action, like changing the CD), eating, talking to others and putting on makeup.

Solution: Just drive. Really. Everything else can wait. Even if you feel like it really can’t, really, it can. Don’t put your life or anyone else’s life in danger just because you absolutely must eat in the car or check your texts. Leaving earlier or putting your phone away from the driver’s seat could be annoying or troublesome, but it’s a lot better than an accident.

top most common causes car Top 5 Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents

  1. Reckless Driving

Speeding is a common practice among drivers these days, and for many, unfortunately, it’s not until they’ve gotten a ticket, or an accident, that they finally realize that it’s not worth it. Other reckless driving behaviors include failing to signal properly, unsafe lane changes, tailgating and failing to yield the right of way.

Solution: Be respectful not only of the laws but of the drivers with whom you are sharing the road. Don’t assume that other drivers and read your mind or that your “courageous,” reckless driving will impress anyone.

  1. Equipment Failure

Surprisingly numerous car accidents happen because of the car’s mechanical failure. Tire blowouts, brake failures, steering failure and suspension failures all cause the car to lose control and accidents commonly happen as a result.

Solution: Because of this, it is critical for you to keep up with the maintenance of your car. If you are driving a vehicle that is rented or leased, make sure that the company that owns the car is reliable and has proof of meeting industry safety standards.

  1. Drunk Driving

Awareness of this problem has grown significantly over the past years. However, it is still a huge problem. Not much needs to be said about how this type of accident happens, but it cannot be emphasized enough how unnecessary, irresponsible, and threatening this type of behavior is. Drunk driving accidents tend to be very serious and too many people and families have been victimized, harmed, and killed by drunk drivers.

Solution: Every single drunk driving accident can be avoided by taking a cab or riding with a designated driver.

  1. Roadways

When the city or state fails to properly maintain the roads, it can cause, and has caused, traffic accidents. Common problems include uncleared roadway debris, faded road signs, potholes and improperly managed road construction.

Solution: Unfortunately, because the city is at fault for these accidents, there is little you can do around the time of the accident to prevent it. Do your best to stay vigilant, knowing that these types of accidents can and do happen, and report problematic areas and situations when you see them.

Adam Loewy is a personal injury lawyer at the Loewy Law Firm. He has over ten years of experience in winning car accident cases. He has always been passionate about road safety and bringing justice to inconsiderate drivers.

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Common Cosmetic Dental Practices For A Better Smile

Common Cosmetic Dental Practices For A Better Smile


Everyone wants to better themselves.  From small little changes in your routine to entire wardrobe changes, we all like to make a difference in our appearance that makes us look and feel better.  People can diet and exercise to get that body shape they want.  People with skin conditions and acne problems can have medical grade treatments to clear up their pores.  However often times many people believe they are at a loss when it comes to issues they are having with their teeth and smile.

common cosmetic dental practices for Common Cosmetic Dental Practices For A Better Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry has become increasingly more popular and accessible for people all over the world within the last decade.  While most people envision their dentist as just a twice-a-year visit that tells you you’re not brushing enough and that they know when you forget to floss, there are actually many more functions of your oral hygienists.  Most dental practices these days perform corrective procedures that can help teeth return back to a good looking model and shine bright and full.  Even those with some seemingly irreversible tooth growths and conditions have been amazed at what the common procedures of cosmetic dentistry can do for their smile, teeth, and overall appearance and confidence.

The root of many dental rearrangements is obviously braces.  We’ve all either had or known someone growing up who has had brace; the large bulky array of glue and wires that sealed your teeth inside a cage of transformation for 2, sometimes 3 years while you’re trying your hardest to get recognized at your new high school.  While these practices still exist, many adults who are seeking beauty tips and a better look for their smile tend to shy away from the standard practice of metal-mouth.  Instead many cosmetic dental practices offer either Invisalign or a variant.  These products are essentially molded braces that help re-shift your smile back to the model form without being visible.  Made of a strong clear plastic they just slide over your teeth and do the work of brackets and rubber bands without being visible in your day to day life.

Often times the color or condition of each individual teeth is just as big an issue for people’s overall appearance as their actual crooked smile is.  Discolored, sometimes dark yellow teeth, can cause even the most confident of beauty queens tighten their lips a bit.  That is why cosmetic dental practices usually offer serious deep cleaning to teeth to restore their white shine and kill off dead bacteria and rotting parts of enamel that cause issues in your oral hygiene.  These stained teeth have most likely been suppressed by many months of wine or soda consumption and are having a hard time bouncing back for a great smile from simply brushing them every night.  If you’re looking for more self confidence and beauty in your smile, then you should discuss a whitening procedure with a cosmetic dentist.

Although straight white teeth are key components to a great smile, sometimes you might feel like there is something missing; literally.  People suffer from damage to their teeth all the time.  From chipped teeth to entirely lost teeth, it is possible that there isn’t enough coverage in your smile which could leave you tight lipped when you are meeting people for the first time.  As much as you may think your teeth are the only oddballs out there, you’re not alone at all.

A common procedure that people get to aid their smile in the event of a shaved or chipped tooth is the installment of something called a veneer. While it may seem like an undefined word that requires a lot of work to achieve, getting veneers is most times an outpatient single visit procedure.  In the installment of a veneer, a fake molding of your tooth is grafted out of various integral compounds to form a shiny and strong cap to fit over the tooth.  This way when you smile it looks like a totally natural and healthy tooth.  However it is actually just a type of hood or helmet fitting snug over your existing tooth to help fill out where it lacks.

One problem that many smile-conscious people are aware of but fear there is nothing that can be done about it is having a gummy smile.  Sometimes people’s teeth aren’t as filling or big as they would like and as a result their gums compensate the space and tend to overpower a smile.  WHile you might think that it is just something to learn to live with, it can actually be taken care of in a few visits to a cosmetic dentist.  The ability to care for gums is just as important for the beauty and health of a smile as taking care of the teeth are.

People all over the world are looking for ways to diet, live healthy, and have an overall more attractive appearance.  Reflection of one’s inner self through the way they present themselves is a serious indicator as to their level of self confidence.  Interacting with people and just giving off a good vibe in general all starts with communication and presentation, both of which incorporate your smile.  If you have been feeling iffy or shy about the look of your teeth or gums, don’t shame your smile any longer.  Some of the most crooked teeth and mangled smiles have been easily redeemed through some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer for Lifetime Smiles, an Austin dental practice. Zane thinks cosmetic dentistry can really help some people with low self-esteem.

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Horseback Riding: Common Injuries And Safety Tips

Horseback Riding: Common Injuries And Safety Tips


Horseback riding has been around for many years. Possibly the most famous use for horses has been in wars, as well as to manage groups of livestock, and for recreational purposes. Approximately 30 million Americans ride horses each year and unfortunately, more than 2,300 riders under the age of 25 are injured annually.

horseback riding common injuries safety Horseback Riding: Common Injuries And Safety Tips

Horseback riding activities such as cross-country and jumping can pose a danger to horseback riders because horses weigh up to 1,500 pounds and travel at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Most injuries result from falling off a horse.


While horseback riding is a great source of exercise, if you don’t take the proper precautions, you could be seriously injured. Most horseback riding injuries occur in the upper extremities. When a rider falls off their horse, they usually try to break their fall with their arms. This can cause bruises, sprains, strains, and fractures of the wrist, shoulder and elbow.

While injuries to the upper extremities are most common, injuries to the head, neck and spine can be the most dangerous. Head injuries account for 20 percent of all horseback riding injuries and can cause serious concussions or even cause brain damage. In a study done by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, horseback riding resulted in 11.7 percent of all traumatic brain injuries in recreational sports from 2001 to 2005. This was the highest of any athletic activity.


There are a number of safety tips you can practice to prevent these types of injuries.

1. Wear a helmet. Always wear a riding helmet to help prevent serious head injuries and make sure your hat properly fits you.

2. Wear safe riding clothes. Wear properly fitted, sturdy leather boots with flat soles and a heel so you don’t get your foot stuck in the stirrups. Wear long pants such as jeans, as well as riding gloves and reigns with safety clips. Wear chaps so that you will stay in the saddle and a body protector to protect your ribs and organs if you fall.

3. Use correctly fitted stirrups. Use stirrups with a rubber band stirrup bar and non-slip stirrup pads. These are meant to prevent your foot from getting stuck in the stirrup in case of a fall. Children or novice riders should consider safety stirrups that breakaway if the rider falls off the horse.

4. Keep your arms bent. It is instinctive to keep your arms out but if your elbows are locked, your could break a bone. This goes for your legs as well.

5. Jumps and stunts require a high level of skill. Do not attempt these tricks if you are an inexperienced rider. If you are going to practice jumps or stunts, make sure you do them under supervision.

6. Duck and roll away from the horse. If you feel you are going to fall off a horse, try to roll to the side, away from the horse, when you hit the ground.

If you follow these safety guidelines before you get on your horse, you will be much more likely to be injury free when you get off.

Trisha Banks is a blogger for Matthew Boes M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina. Trisha wants to know what kind of injuries are sustained during horseback riding.

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3 Common Tactics Used By Teens To Cheat An Alcohol Urine Test

3 Common Tactics Used By Teens To Cheat An Alcohol Urine Test


When a person is caught on suspicion of DUI, he has to undergo chemical tests to further verify how much alcohol he has in his system. There are three kinds of tests, and these are – breath test, blood test, and urine test. Among these, the least reliable is the urine test, and this is also the easiest to tamper with.

Urine Test – Why It’s Unreliable

There are a number of reasons why the urine test is unreliable, particularly when it is done to determine the blood alcohol content. First, there are a number of errors that could occur during the collection and handling of the sample, and this generally stems from the fact that, in most states, urine samples can be obtained by untrained individuals. So, the process is very much different from, say, getting a blood sample for a test because this has to be done by a medical expert. Breath tests are done by trained individuals as well. Hence, mishandling or mislabeling a urine specimen can easily occur.

The second reason is that bladder function can affect the concentration of alcohol in the urine. A person who has failed to void after drinking a glass of wine will probably have a higher BAC level than someone who had more to drink, especially if the latter continues to drink more water, which then makes him void more frequently.

common tactics used teens cheat 3 Common Tactics Used By Teens To Cheat An Alcohol Urine Test

3 Cheating Tactics

Teens can really come up with very clever ways to escape punishment, and this is why they cheat on urine tests. They don’t want to be charged with DUI because the penalties are very real. Not only will they lose their license, but they could also pay fines or spend time in jail.

So, how do youngsters cheat on the urine test? Here are some methods that parents should be aware of.

1. Swapping

In order to avoid getting punished for DUI/DWI, it is common for a youngster to use a “clean” sample from a friend, for instance. Because authorities can easily detect swapped urine by checking the temperature, teenagers usually strap these urine samples on their thighs or even under their armpits to keep them warm. Others also use frozen urine. But the police can easily detect that it’s fake because anything that is not as warm as body temperature will most likely be a fake specimen. There are also companies that help in enabling this bad habit. An example is the Whizzinator Touch, which promises “fast-acting, warm synthetic urine instantly.” The online company sells fake urine kits for around $140. Each kit typically includes the Whizzinator Touch (the urine device), a syringe, a freeze-dried sample and some heat packs to ensure that the urine will be warm when needed.

2. Diluting

With some tap water, a person can easily water down his urine as he is collecting it. Another way is by drinking copious amounts of water, which can supposedly flush out the alcohol. But this type of cheating can be easily prevented by collecting a sample at the site so that the offender won’t have an opportunity to alter his specimen.

3. Tampering

There are so many forms of adulterants that can be used to tamper collected urine. Substances that are available in the home, such as detergents and bleach, can be used to modify the components in urine. There are also online shops that sell urine adulterants, which, when combined with urine, will make the alcohol present in a specimen undetectable.

This blog post was contributed by Claire Taylor. She usually tackles issues regarding automobile safety and car accident causes, and some of the materials that she’s done have been used by The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates.

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Common Ways Of Defending A DUI Charge

Common Ways Of Defending A DUI Charge


DUI ArrestA DUI offence seems light on paper, but it really penalizes the hell out of the offender who can lose his driving license, serve time in prison, attend reform programs (AA, DUI school, community service, etc.), and more. Drunk drivers are actually scared of a DUI charge and do their best to beat it. Here are some of the common methods adopted by drivers to fight a DUI offense:

1. Involuntary Intoxication

Some drivers claim involuntary intoxication – i.e., their drink was spiked. However, this defense requires producing witnesses and submitting proof against the accused (the drink spikers).

2. Duress

Some drivers claim duress – i.e., they were driving because someone was forcing them at gunpoint or they were driving in that manner to prevent death or injury.

3. Mistake of Fact

Mistake Of Fact involves proving that the driver was mistaken about his intoxication – he thought the drinks’ effects had worn off.

4. Plea Bargain

Most drivers opt for a plea bargain, which requires the driver to enter into an agreement with the prosecutor, and then plead guilty to a lesser charge (as negotiated). Negotiations also include the driver agreeing to a mutually-agreed-and-accepted sentence. The driver does not have to stand trial once a plea bargain is entered into. Let’s take an example: A drunk driver is booked for DUI. He negotiates with the prosecutor and the charge is reduced to speeding or reckless driving. If he is booked for DUI then his license may be cancelled and his driving record will be butchered up, unlike in a speeding or reckless driving case.

5. Challenge The Evidence

If the driver feels that the cop who stopped him did so without any reasonable basis to believe that he had violated any law, then the driver can challenge the DUI charge in court. The officer must produce hard evidence that establishes that the driver was under the influence – if the evidence is not solid, and if it is challenged, then the prosecutor has no option but to drop the charge. For example, if the officer had a feeling or suspicion that the driver was drunk, and proceeded to book him without any solid evidence, then such a charge can be easily challenged in court.

6. Challenge The Tests

Some drivers challenge the validity of sobriety tests. A good legal counsel can on his own steam, and based on witness testimony and past judgments, prove that the tests are not reliable. However this is an iffy situation and if it cannot be established that the tests were invalid, then the driver will likely be handed down major DUI penalties. For those not in the know, breathalyzer equipment must be cared for and calibrated as per the manufacturer’s manual. Most police departments use outdated breathalyzers, and this can be picked on by defense counsels. Likewise, blood tests must be conducted based on specific rules. If the rules are not followed, the results can be challenged. A good lawyer can pick holes even in a blood test that looks all prim and proper.

To Sum Up

DUI is a serious offense and drinking and driving don’t mix. However, if you have booked for DUI, then you must hire an experienced and reputed attorney to help you face the court’s heat.

Carmen A. Anderson is a blogger who recommends the legal services of Simon A. Kubiak for DUI cases in both Albuquerque, NM and Las Vegas, NV.

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Drunk Driving Cases And Common Probation Conditions

Drunk Driving Cases And Common Probation Conditions


Not all drivers who break the law end up in prison. Those who commit misdemeanors could be released upon completion of community service tasks or after they have finished attending special classes that the court has selected for them. Many are also placed under probation, which is a kind of criminal sentence that is different from imprisonment.

car accident

What is Probation?

An individual under probation can be afforded provisional freedom if he meticulously follows his probation conditions and if he behaves well. Therefore, a person convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can avoid spending time in prison as long as he satisfactorily fulfills the requirements of his probation. Violation of probation conditions could mean jail time for the offender.

The Probation Officer

A probation officer supervises people who are placed under probation by law. A person must register with the probation office. However, first-time offenders who commit minor violations may not be required to register. Still, they have to finish the probation period, which is set for a specific length of time. In addition, concerned individuals must keep in touch with their probation officer. Some are required to report every day, while others only need to do this once a week or once a month. The probation officer can also conduct random breath or drug tests.

3 Common Probation Requirements

There are many kinds of probation conditions, and some will be discussed below.

— Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device

The ignition interlock device, also known as a deep lung air device, is a gadget that can measure that amount of alcohol in a person’s breath. If a person’s car is equipped with such, he must first blow into the instrument. If it detects alcohol in the individual’s breath, it locks the vehicle and the person won’t be able to start it. There are also certain conditions as regards the use of such gadgets. For instance, it is mandatory for repeat offenders to blow into the device every 15 or 20 minutes while driving.

— Alcohol Avoidance

Those under probation are also required to avoid all types of alcoholic beverages, including other substances that may contain alcohol, such as cough syrups. In some cases, a judge can also ban a person from all establishments or events where alcohol may be served. This includes bars or restaurants. Sometimes, the court could also ban a person from sports events because some teams serve alcohol during games. Judges can also ask an individual to remove from his home everything that may contain alcohol, including mouthwash and vanilla extract.

— Having an Electronic Monitoring Device

An electronic monitoring device, which is typically as small as a pager, is usually attached to a person’s ankle. This is programmed to recognize the whereabouts of an individual. Some will allow a person to get out of his house during certain times. However, if he is not at home at a specified time, the device will alert the probation officer, and this violation can cause the revocation of his probation.

Claire Taylor is a full-time freelancer who regularly blogs about crime and personal injury issues. Some of the work that she’s done have been featured in various legal websites, and some law firms, like Tad Nelson & Associates, have also used her write-ups.

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Car Maintenance: 10 Common Mistakes Most People Make

Car Maintenance: 10 Common Mistakes Most People Make


Owner abuse and lack of maintenance play major roles in car breakdowns, but good maintenance does help considerably. Remember this simple formula: Good driving + preventive maintenance = dependability. You must be aware that some vehicles will cost more to maintain properly. It is very important that you know up front what it is going to cost to own and maintain the car you are considering buying.

car maintenance Car Maintenance: 10 Common Mistakes Most People Make

1.Driving with badly maintained brakes

The most important part of your brake system, in most cases, is the most neglected: the brake fluid. This fluid should be replaced every two years, as it attracts moisture. Most automotive manufacturers do not have a replacement interval for this fluid, which is kind of scary.

Brake pads should be inspected annually for freedom of movement. If the brake pads do not move freely in the brackets, as they are designed to, this can cause your brakes to overheat. This is especially not good if your brake fluid has a high content of moisture in it. When the brake pads are stuck in the brackets, it is like driving around with your foot on the brake pedal. Needless to say, this does not help your fuel mileage at all!

2.Buying cheap tires

The most important thing between you and the road is your tires. Most people, if they are on a budget, will purchase the cheapest tires they can. Sometimes you can luck out and get a set of cheap tires that are actually round! Another common problem with cheap tires is that sometimes the steel belt is not centered perfectly within the tire. This can cause the vehicle to pull to the left or right. Oh sure, you could rotate the tires to the rear and the pulling may go away. However, the pulling will return when you rotate the tires back to the front. The only way to correct this permanently is to replace the defective tire.

3.Ignoring the bad suspension health

You should pay attention to any new noises when driving over bumps. Also, you should take notice of differences in handling characteristics when you are on the road. As you drive your car, no one will know the car like you do; you will know when something does not feel right. You should have your car looked at if something does not feel right with it, even if it just passed state inspection the month before!

4.Not replacing battery on time

A battery that tests good one day could fail the following day, if exposed to excessive heat or cold. Also, a battery that may test good could still be weak. A weak battery will cause your starter to work harder, because the battery does not have the cranking amperage that it once had. Your alternator will also have to work harder to try to replenish or keep the battery charged fully. A weak battery can cause premature failure of your starter, alternator, and other electrical components in your car. If your battery is four to five years old, I recommend that it be replaced to provide you with maximum reliability.

5.Not keeping a watchful eye on engine oil

Oil is as important to your car as blood is to your body. Unfortunately, your car can’t maintain its oil level all alone. By keeping a watchful eye on the level and cleanliness of oil in your engine, you can make sure your car runs healthy and strong for years.

6. Not Protecting The Car Paint

At least twice a year, try to use a high-quality wax on your vehicle to protect the paint. If you have a bird leave a deposit on your car, hose it off as soon as you can. This nasty stuff can burn and bake into your paint, causing permanent damage. After you wax your car and it rains on your car, you will notice that the water beads up nicely and rolls off, but not all of it does. When the sky clears and the sun comes out, these remaining beads of water are heated by the sun, acting like little magnifying glasses. They can burn little water spot circles into your paint. This can also cause permanent damage. Get yourself a drying chamois; you can purchase them at almost any parts store or department store.

7.Driving with low coolant levels

Most coolant reservoirs have a minimum and maximum level. If the reservoir is empty, this may indicate that the engine is burning up the antifreeze. If your coolant reservoir is not getting topped off, when you get your car serviced, an air pocket can form in your engine’s cooling system. When this happens, it does not allow the coolant to flow as it should. Your engine can overheat as a result, causing engine damage.

8.Using deteriorated wiper blades

If you haven’t devoted much time or energy to car maintenance, chances are you have a streaky windshield. This is usually caused by deterioration of the wiper blades due to aging and the environment. If the wipers are really damaged, metal might be scraping your windshield, in which case you should not use the wipers until you have replaced the blades. If you see your blades need changing, you should take care of it right away.

9.Using bad fuses

Every car has fuses installed in its electrical system in order to protect components from an over-current situation that could cause damage or electrical fires. A fuse’s job is to fail if too much current goes through the line for any reason. Once the fuse fails, electricity cannot get to the components in the line that are past the fuse. This ensures that having too much current on a line will only blow a fuse that costs a few cents instead of your pricey stereo system or electronic gauges. It also prevents your systems from drawing too much current and overheating, which could result in melted wires or a fire.

10.Driving with a bad axle

Next, you should drive the vehicle to a big paved parking lot that is fairly empty. Come to a complete stop and turn the steering wheel all the way to the right until the steering wheel stops. Now accelerate the vehicle and drive it in a complete circle and come to a stop. Now do the same thing, but steer the car to the left in a complete circle and come to a stop. When doing this, if you notice a loud clicking noise from the front end, it indicates that the vehicle has bad axles or bad constant velocity joints. All vehicles today with front-wheel drive have constant velocity joints, usually called CV joints for short.

Nothing lasts forever, but by following the advice given in this article, you can have your vehicle last as long as possible, while staying dependable.

Domenic is a passionate blogger and works as a distributor of Caterpillar parts in Australia.

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