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How To Choose The Right Color Evening Dress?

How To Choose The Right Color Evening Dress?


how choose right color evening How To Choose The Right Color Evening Dress?

Whether you want to purchase an evening dress online or from a local designer it is important to start with the understanding that basic colors mean much more than simply different shades. Each color evening dress has a very different and special meaning. When you are in the process of choosing a dress it is important that you keep the color and style you want in mind based on the occasion.

Black evening dresses

how choose right color evening1 How To Choose The Right Color Evening Dress?

Black evening dresses usually stand for elegance, coolness and mystery. Black enhances a woman’s sexy attributes. When black gets a touch of embellishments like lace trimming or a few dark flowers it can help enhance your appearance. Also a few add-ons like a shawl will break up a heavier black shade.

A white evening dress

Usually women don’t wear white evening dresses but white stands for pure affection and class. This is why wedding dresses are mostly white. If you want to show class and elegance then find a white evening dress and enhance its affect with a few flashy accessories like silver bracelets and earrings.

Red color evening dress

The color red generally stands for wildness and enthusiasm. A red color evening gown or dress will help a woman ignite the night. A few ruffles added on top of the dress will balance the harshness as well as inject a bit of softness and sweetness into the color. Red is one of the few color evening dresses that can be worn by women of all ages.

Try colorful prints

If you already have a wardrobe full of solid color evening dresses it is time to try something new. Prints spice up your body and make things a bit more interesting. Some lace, ruffles, applique and tinsel will help to further enhance a neck less dress.

The right accessories

Sapphire, pearl, diamond, emerald or even artificial jewelry are all great choices to wear with your evening dress. Also, soft leather, delicate or velvet clutch bags are an excellent accessories to carry around at a party. However, you need to make sure that their colors match the shades on your dress.

how choose right color evening2 How To Choose The Right Color Evening Dress?

A few other important tips

  • If you are petite then you should opt for an evening dress with a high or middle waist which will decorate the shape of your body. You should avoid exaggerated shoulders or fluffy skirts or sleeve details. Also a low back design with help you look more slim and taller.
  • Taller women are able to wear evening dresses of any style owing to their height. A mermaid dress or a long style evening dress that hides their feet are excellent choices. The same goes for tall women with an hourglass type figure.
  • Larger size women will look great in a column dress that has a thin or light type lace hemline. You should try and avoid a complicated waist, hemline and neck design as it will just make you look heavier.

By choosing the right color and accessories you can in fact look your best. Also, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new evening dress in Online, you can simply spice up an old one with new accessories.

Manu Alias is a designer for  evening dresses for every body type. His well categorized dresses makes allow easier for the customers to find and buy an evening dress online that works best for you.

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Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories

Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories


Interior design is a unique form of art that requires an eye for style and design to be able to create an attractive room or environment that did not have any type of style or design in the fist place. Home interior design is important for two main reasons. The home should be designed accordingly to meet personal and family needs to ensure that it is not only appealing, but practical as well. Secondly, it should be designed with possible future home sale in mind, so that potential buyers can be enticed by its style as well as functions.

stylish functional home art interior Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories

Designing With Color

Choosing the right paint color is crucial regardless of whether you are renovating or just making a few interior changes. Wall colors can make a room lively or sad, thus offering a certain level of impact on the style you want to achieve. When you choose your paint color, you need to consider –

  • Your personality as interior designing is all about your personal experience, whether your preference is trendy or outdated.
  • Your preference in paint color and determining if your want an environment that is comfortable, bold or relaxed.
  • Your choice in trends, especially when you are an individual with a passion to express your taste in current styles

When you know your choice of color based on your personality, you will find it easy to make a selection from the color paint palette. However, bear in mind that you still achieve chic color designs with the help of accessories and not by paint alone which can be time consuming at times. All you need is a neutral base color and décor in the bold colors you life for accents. This will help make it easier for you to make changes according to trend and preference.

Remember that all homes are not created equally, so choose a paint color that suits your house materials and environment as well.

Style And Function In Modern Interior Designs

There are certain formats followed in interior designs to ensure that the home becomes an epitome of style and function. Remember that “Interior design is an intricate and deeply personal puzzle that is expressed in the canvas of your space. It is intimate and personal. When it is exactly right, your home shows your vulnerability, warmth and compassion for the people in your life. It shows who you are on the inside… how you care and what you value is expressed in the details, colors, textures and sentimental objects you lovingly display.” says .

  • Open Plan Living

This is where living spaces are opened to create larger living spaces and to allow design to be consistent and flow throughout the entire home. This eliminates the segregation in a home, which is beneficial for families living in the home.

  • Outdoor Living

Natural elements are incorporated in the home to encourage more space in the living environment. This is where outside space that is often neglected during the colder months is used as an additional home space for entertainment purposes.

  • Green Homes

As more and more people are becoming environment friendly, green home designs have become popular. These designs offer unique home interiors and reduce the cost of living with the use of energy saving lights and solar panels.

  • The Use Of Technology

Potential buyers want to see modern comforts and that includes technology. The home must be modern in design and style to accommodate technology to increase entertainment sources and functions.

  • Proper Lighting

Proper lighting helps create ambiance and it provides functionality. However certain rooms will need vibrant lighting compared to others.

  • Antique Furnishings

If you want functional furnishing, opt for antique furniture that will have better storage capacity. This way you can store clutter and relieve yourself from stress and always ensure that your home is always clutter-free.

Valerie Edison is a freelance writer specializing in interior designing and home improvement. She offers tips on thrifty home designing, creative interior styling for quick home improvements and information about the latest gadgets and apps used for interior designing.

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5 Incredibly Simple Ways To Pick The Right Color For Your Leather Furniture

5 Incredibly Simple Ways To Pick The Right Color For Your Leather Furniture


incredibly simple ways pick right 5 Incredibly Simple Ways To Pick The Right Color For Your Leather Furniture

When it comes to furniture, its color is the last thing that is given any thought. Agreed, that quality trumps everything else, but let’s not forget that the color of your sofa is the first thing people are going to notice about your furniture. So it’s important to make an impression. In addition, the right choice of colors helps you play sneaky, but clever visual tricks on your guests, when it comes to whether you want to make the room look big or round. You’re in absolute luck that leather furniture these days come in more colors than you can count on your fingertips. But, how do you know which is the right color for your home and lifestyle? Through five simple ways we help you arrive at a decision, you won’t ever regret.

1)   Lifestyle

How you live and where you live, play a very important role in the color you choose. You can’t quite expect your white leather couch to stay pristine white if you live in a dusty area, with windows wide open. The same goes for households with kids who can’t seem to love anything more than jumping up and down the couch, or dogs that seem to adore the couch more than their humans. If you’re the kind of household that eats everything from fish ‘n’ chips to pizzas to gourmet meals on the couch, and don’t mind being a little clumsy about it, black, dark brown or midnight blue are the ideal colors for you.

2)   Placement in the room

How much attention you want to draw to your furniture also decides which color you choose. If you want furniture that just quietly blends in with the rest of the room, go for colors like beige, cream or off-white, or any neutral shade. For those looking to create a statement or to set trends, there are loud, attention-grabbing colors, like bold red, turquoise blue, neon yellow, teal, you get the idea. As an alternative, to make matters simpler, you can pick classic colored furniture and accessorize with little pillows, cushions and covers in vibrant and bold colors.

3)   Use a swatch

When all else fails, there’s swatch. Why leave anything to doubt, imagination and experimentation, when a furniture store can simply give you a bunch of swatches? A swatch helps you get a glimpse into what color’s best for your sofa. In addition, it helps you to not only decide if the color will match the rest of the interiors, but also where the furniture will look its best.

4)   Size of the room

Quite obviously, you can’t have an oversized piece of furniture in a matchbox sized home. Proportionality is important. So is intelligent choice of colors. If you intend to give your living area the illusion of spaciousness, opt for colors that conceal. For instance, a sleek black or classic piece of dark brown leather sofa looks sharp and defined, thus, when merged together with other space-saving tricks, makes the room appear larger. On the other hand, if you want to minimize the room or bring every element of the room closer together, white, pastels and reds serve the purpose to perfection.

5)   Theme of the home

Is there a specific theme around which your home is decorated? Say, for instance, a specific country or an era long forgotten. And you still want to incorporate your leather furniture into the theme, resort to play of colors and designs. If the home is more towards the vintage, go for a sleek wood seating, with accents of dark leather. For those inclined towards art deco, a red or sea green leather banquette is just perfect.

This post was contributed by guest blogger Sophia Easton from Leather Creations, a leading custom crafted leather furniture company.

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