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Top Tips For Childrens Clothing In Winter 2014

Top Tips For Childrens Clothing In Winter 2014


Children are a great blessing and you want to let them enjoy clothes as well. It is really important to find lovely clothes for your children in the winter months because you want to keep them tips for childrens clothing Top Tips For Childrens Clothing In Winter 2014

Children also spend a lot of time playing outside so you want durable and comfortable clothing. Here are some top tips for trendy clothing this winter.

Trendy Wool

Wool is a really fashionable thing in children’s winter wear at the moment. Woolly hats for

instance are a big hit and can look really cute on children of all ages. You should also consider getting some woolly skirts for girls. For boys things like woolly vests are really fashionable, especially if you are going for a party.

Go With Colour

It is always a good idea to use plenty of colour in children’s clothing. This makes the clothes a lot more fun to wear and children generally tend to like very bright and bold colours.

So don’t go for boring dark coloured jackets this winter but opt for bright jackets. Yellow and different shades of green are especially good for this season and work with both boys and girls.

If your children are more into darker colours then very deep reds and purples are another good choice at the moment.

There are also plenty of patterns in children’s clothing in 2014. Stripes are very fashionable and there are many different animal pattern options for girls at the moment. These are a nice way to add a bit more fun to the clothing as well so don’t just go with single colour options.

Keep Warm With Fur

Fur is a really big hit in 2014 for both adults and kids alike. You should really consider getting some fur items for your kids this winter. Furry boots, hats and gloves will keep the children really warm during the cold weather.

You can also find plenty of faux fur option so you don’t need to worry if you aren’t a fan of real fur.

Check Online Options

It is a good idea to check different online options when you are looking for children’s clothing. There are plenty of good bargains you can make online and it can really save you some much needed time as well.

For instance, it is a really good idea to check fancy kid’s wholesale clothing options. Wholesale clothing is often a lot cheaper and can really make shopping for clothing a lot more enjoyable experience.

You can also find many good style guides even for children on the internet. For example, Fashion Design Divas have some good in depth articles on different children’s clothing materials and trends. Children’s clothing doesn’t need to be boring at all and you should spend some time picking out just the right clothes.

The above tips are really trendy at the moment and you should include them to your shopping list. Children’s clothing is really trendy as well these days while still staying very practical so that children can play and have fun.

Sarah is a mother of two who is passionate about trends and clothes. She loves to look for new things on the internet and she loves very bright coloured clothes. She is also a big fan of crossword puzzles.

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Explore Your Non-Western Clothing Choices: Three Unique Outfit Ideas For The Modern Woman

Explore Your Non-Western Clothing Choices: Three Unique Outfit Ideas For The Modern Woman


Though the United States encourages the freedom of expression and the ability to wear whatever you want, in most situations, there has largely been a homogenization of fashion for women in the workplace. One of the reasons for this is that fashion companies tell women what they should want to wear, no very few women want to be ostracized for dressing in clothes that look dated or inelegant. Unfortunately this can rob women of their ability to express personality and personal taste, so there is a growing movement to bring unique styles and colors back to a woman’s wardrobe. If you are looking for something new and exciting to wear at work there are three outfit ideas that will make you look very unique.

Tunic Dresses

A tunic dress is a long sleeved top that is designed to cover the entire torso and extend past the waist to cover the buttocks. Most tunic dresses have a loose fit, so that there is plenty of room to move around while you are in them and to make sure that you do not overheat from the extra material. This style comes from traditional dress of the Middle East and Arab nations and has been a staple of women in these areas for centuries. In the United States they have not been as popular because American fashion has trended towards sexualization and exposure of a woman’s breasts, belly and hips, things that a tunic dress covers. With a tunic dress is that you can decide how formal or casual that you want to be based on the bottoms that you wear with it, and the numerous styles available at sites like Fashion Undercover provide plenty of tops to start with.


The South Asian variation of the tunic dress is called a kurti, and they can add color and sophistication to your wardrobe, all while making you stand out from the crowd. Most kurtis are made from a rectangular cut of fabric and the garment is draped over the body, with a slightly loose fit. The front and the sides can extend as low as mid-thigh, though most modern women will want to wear them cut a little higher. To give you some extra movement while you are wearing the kurti you can purchase one that has slits on the sides that allow the legs to move more freely and gives a wide range of motion. Kurtis typically come in vibrant colors and elegant styles that are perfect for the office or for going out with your friends. Must like the tunic dress, the ability to mix and match styles with different bottoms adds great versatility to the garment.

Palazzo Pants

explore nonwestern clothing choices three Explore Your Non Western Clothing Choices: Three Unique Outfit Ideas For The Modern WomanTo complete your ensemble you will need some bottoms to go with your new tops and palazzo pants are a throwback to an older style that is making a comeback. Palazzo pants have wide, flared legs that resemble the bellbottoms of the 1970s. The fabrics are usually exceptionally soft and flowing, so that you have the greatest range of motion, but the materials are so lightweight that you might even forget that you are wearing pants altogether. The design of the pants has a slimming effect and you will find that the pants really enhance your profile when you have them on.

A unique style helps to make you stand out from those around you and helps people to remember who you are. When you add some clothing options that pull from non-Western sources you can help to find more choices that highlight your special personality.

I am Melanie Al Hamir and I have been a fashion advisor for ten years. When women come to me for advice I like to recommend that they explore Eastern fashions to find styles and colors that they might like, because these designs are likely to be more unique than something we would find at a mainstream department store.

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A Basic Guide To Running A Successful Clothing Store

A Basic Guide To Running A Successful Clothing Store


There are certain things that you need to take into account when looking to run a successful clothing business. We live in the internet age and there are so many different companies out there that offer great priced clothing so it is imperative that you offer something that little bit different, may it be in style or price. basic guide running successful clothing A Basic Guide To Running A Successful Clothing Store

If you are similar to your competition then you just won’t be able to attract the diverse client base you need to.

You must have high quality stock, this is something that mustn’t be underestimated, there is absolutely no use in having stock that is poor quality, customers will immediately be put off and those who buy unknowingly will certainly not come back.

Like any business, having a loyal client base is paramount and if you can secure this then there is absolutely no way you will last in the long term.

Price and quality are the two most important things to focus on without doubt and if you can ensure that you master both aspects, you stand a good chance of success.

This article will provide more detail about the three most important aspects of running a successful clothing store.

High Class Stock

You must ensure that your stock is high quality. This is the only thing that will keep people coming back. At the end of the day if you want to build up your clothing company from the ground to rival the dominant high street chains then you must ensure that your products are of top quality.

There is absolutely no point in cutting costs on quality because you will lose your client base just as quickly as you formulated it. There is just too much competition online nowadays and it is just so important that you gain a reputation for class rather than tacky.

Ensure that you have a business plan, work hard to refine the target audience you are aiming for and please have a strong website. We live in the internet age and people do most of their shopping online nowadays so diversify your service and cater to the cyber population.

Innovative Ideas

You have got to thin outside the box, there are just so many similar companies on the market and it is becoming progressively difficult to showcase yourself in a unique light nowadays. Just think of something unique and focus on it, it doesn’t have to be forced, if it seems unnatural then don’t bother with it.

Just think about it from the customer’s perspective, why would they buy clothes from you when there are stores such as Topshop and Zara out there

Reasonable Prices

Try and spend as little on stock without sacrificing on quality. Warehouses are a great place to start looking.

These companies can offer you bulk quantities of clothing that look great and are in tip top condition. Just try and be different but please don’t sell substandard products otherwise you will be out of business within the year.

Neil is a writer with an aptitude for business and economics. He has over 15 years industry experience and has written for numerous high profile companies over the years.

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