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Tips For Making Your Christmas Special

Tips For Making Your Christmas Special


Christmas is a magical time on its own and it is a nice holiday to celebrate with your loved ones. There are many ways you can add a little bit more sparkle to your Christmas and ensure that it is as glamorous as it can be.

tips for making christmas special Tips For Making Your Christmas Special

Here are some simple little tips to add more magic to your Christmas.

Relax And Enjoy

The best way to ensure this Christmas is really special is just by relaxing and enjoying it no matter what happens. If you put too much expectation for the holiday it can very easily disappoint you. Therefore the less you expect from it the better it will be.

Try not to stress or worry about getting everything perfect. After all it is a holiday and an opportunity to relax so take it that way. Spend time doing things you like to do and you will have a really good time.

Fun Games To Entertain The Family

It is also a good idea to come up with things that the whole family can do together. The best thing about the holidays is the ability to spend time with your loved ones and it is always good to prepare something fun to do.

Very traditional and nice thing that the whole family can do together is to play some board games. There are many classical board games that you can play and even simple card games can bring a lot of joy for the whole family.

And if you aren’t big gaming fans you can always go with traditional Christmas movies. There are many good shows on TV during the holidays and you might have some DVDs the whole family really enjoys watching.

Make The Dinner Just A Little Bit Special

Naturally, the food plays a huge role during Christmas. We all want to enjoy a great meal during Christmas Day and it is the one thing many people look forward to most during this season.

There are many great recipes for Christmas that you could try out. One of the best things to try out this Christmas is caramelised onion and apple tart. It is really tasty and will be a nice thing to snack during the night-time as well.

You can also add a special touch to your dinner by getting some quality drinks. A real favourite will be to get champagne vintages for Christmas. Champagne can make any occasion seem a little bit more special and thus works perfectly during the holidays.

Help Someone In Need

Christmas is also a perfect time for being thankful of the things you have and remember those who aren’t as lucky as you. Giving gifts to other people is always fun but it is especially nice to give something to people who don’t have much.

If you want to ensure your Christmas is special then help make someone else’s Christmas special as well.

There are many websites such as Spurgeons where you can donate some money to help poor families and children enjoy a great Christmas. This is a really lovely way and will make you feel really good for the whole holiday season.

Cheryl loves the Christmas season and she starts reading Christmas related articles and blogs already in September. She loves spending time with her family and is a big fan of card games.

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Tis The Season To Be Jolly – Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Tis The Season To Be Jolly – Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home


There are only a few days left before it is Christmas Eve again. By this time, you should have your home dressed up for the holiday season and oozing with Christmas spirit. If you have not decorated your home yet and are tired of the usual, mediocre Christmas decorations, then here are some ideas to get your home in the holiday mood. You do not want your home looking like the “Grinch” of your neighborhood.

tis season jolly unique christmas Tis The Season To Be Jolly   Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

The Dominant Colors of Christmas

The dominant colors of Christmas are green, red, gold, silver, and white. There are meanings behind these colors.

  • Green is said to represent nature and hope. When the land is covered with the whiteness of snow, green represents life, a new beginning, and hope.
  • Red, on the other hand, symbolizes the blood Jesus shed for all mankind, so it speaks of love and warmth.
  • Gold speaks of wealth and of good health.
  • Silver not only signifies wealth like gold does, but it also represents clarity, perseverance, and brightness.
  • White represents cleanliness as well as purity.

Remember these colors when decorating your home for the holiday season. You will be using the traditional colors of Christmas, yes, but it is in the way you use them that will make your home Christmas decorations unique.

Glam Up Your Deck

When decorating your home, do not forget your deck. It is, after all, one of the parts of your home that people will first see, so you need to give it that holiday spirit as well. Of course, before you decorate it, you need to give it a good washing. You can scrub it clean or use a power washer to wash away the dirt and grime. You can rent a power washer if you do not have one. Find out more about power washer rentals online or visit your local hardware and see if they offer tool rental services.

Once your deck is clean, you can now give it that holiday cheer. Hang a wicker basket on the walls as well as the front door, but instead of using the usual Christmas decors, use red, yellow, and white flowers instead. Their green leaves will complete the whole Christmas look. You can use fake flowers if you want, since fresh flowers can be pretty expensive.

Do not forget to wrap the deck railing with the same decorations, too, for a continuation of the Christmas theme. It is also a great idea to put out Christmas lanterns decorated with the Christmas colors on the deck.

Glam up Your Mailbox

You should also decorate your mailbox with a topper made up juniper, moss, as well as fir for the greens and rosemary, lavender, and pansies for the other Christmas colors. Add some gold and silver Christmas balls to complete the look, and tie a red and gold ribbon around the mailbox. A decorated mailbox is a great way to greet people a Merry Christmas.

Glam Up the Interior of Your Home

Instead of using the usual Christmas ornaments for your home, why not hang pictures of your family instead. You can paste them on shimmery colorful cards, thread Christmas ribbons on top of the card, and hang them on your Christmas tree. You can also add some small handicrafts and artworks that your children made for the holiday season.

Jennifer Daniels is a writer for home blogs. She shares DIY tips for decorating homes.

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Let’s Party And Be Merry – How To Be A Responsible Christmas Party Host

Let’s Party And Be Merry – How To Be A Responsible Christmas Party Host


So you get to play host for this year’s family Christmas party and you want it to be perfect. There will be children there, of course, so you have to take them into consideration as well when planning the party. If you want the Christmas party to be a success, not only do you have to plan it well but you also have to host it responsibly. Below are some tips for being a responsible Christmas party host.

lets party merry how responsible Lets Party And Be Merry   How To Be A Responsible Christmas Party Host

Planning the Menu and Drinks

When planning your party’s menu, be sure to take into consideration the foods that the children will love. They will not enjoy fancy, gourmet foods like the adults will, so serve some of their favorites like spaghetti, chicken lollipops, and finger-food sandwiches. You can tie some festive ribbons on the ends of the chicken lollipops to give them a holiday feel.

As for the drinks, juice for the children and beverages for the adults, of course. See to it though that you also have some nonalcoholic drinks for those who do not drink.

Setting Up a Designated Driver Plan

Because you will serve alcoholic beverages, you need to set up a designated driver plan. Designated drivers are those assigned to drive a group to and from the party. They are responsible for the safety of their group, so they abstain from alcoholic beverages.

As a responsible party host, it is your responsibility to make sure that none of your guests will be driving home drunk. Make a list of reputable taxi cab companies that you can call in case your guests become too drunk to drive themselves home. Having the numbers ready will save you from a lot of trouble when the party ends, and it will be very helpful in case one of the designated drivers gave in to the temptation of alcohol.

To be sure though that your guests will be safe, ask your guests to leave their keys in a bowl. As the host of the party, you will be the only one who is responsible for retrieving the key. If you notice that a guest has had too much to drink, do not give him his key. Call a cab instead who can drive him home.

Of note; it is not your responsibility to pay for their cab fare, although you can also set aside a budget for that. If you cannot afford to pay for the cab fares, then ask your guests to pitch in. In your invitation, you can ask them for a few bucks for the cab fare fund.

People get drunk at Christmas parties, but accidents can be avoided by preventing drunk people from driving. Drunk driving is a crime, so learn more about its consequences here.

No Alcohol to Minors

Of course, never give alcohol to minors, and since you are the party host, you need to stay sober. You are in charge of intervening when guests become too rowdy because of their alcohol intake. It is also your responsibility to monitor their intake. If you think someone is having too much to drink, then politely remind them. Offer them food, instead of alcohol.

A successful party is a safe party, so be a responsible host.

Jennifer Dahlke is a content provider for lifestyle blogs. She writes about fashion, parties, and gadgets.

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Clothes For The BF This Christmas, What Should You Get?

Clothes For The BF This Christmas, What Should You Get?


Male fashion is continually evolving, finally putting to rest the old cliché of nothing changing but the lapels. Now, men’s clothing styles are as diverse as the men who wear them. Now, men can use their clothing to establish their image and develop their own style. But with Christmas coming up, it’s really a case of wondering what labels should you go for? What designers are the top, today?

Billionaire Boys Club

clothes for this christmas should Clothes For The BF This Christmas, What Should You Get?
Perhaps foremost in the chic, trendy look for young men is the Billionaire Boys Club. These t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, shorts, shoes, and accessories work together to provide a you with comfortable, durable clothing in the newest style. Many of their clothes are constructed for skaters, with reinforcement and padding. The nylon and cotton blended materials are capable of taking a beating without being destroyed. Their Higgins pant is cuffed at the ankle and ripstop fabric. They also make a track jacket and a cooper jacket, among others, providing you with plenty of choices.

Fred Perry

clothes for this christmas should1 Clothes For The BF This Christmas, What Should You Get?

If you prefer a more buttoned-down look without crossing over into the pear-shaped category, check out Fred Perry. These polo shirts and button-down shirts walk right into the more casual office setting while still establishing you as a man who knows what he likes.
Perry gives the letter jacket a new spin with the Raf Simons line. The cable pattern shirt is new, again, too, with this designer, giving you the chance to revel in the tradition of decades ago while stating a new style. You can sport a newly fashioned collegiate cardigan, or pullover sweaters made in crew neck or v-neck styles. They come with and without the collegiate stripes on the sleeves, and are great for layering. Add the Raf Simons duffle coat and a pair of slim-fit trousers, and you have the newest look for the young businessman or student.

Hugo Boss Orange

clothes for this christmas should2 Clothes For The BF This Christmas, What Should You Get?
For a more outdoorsman look, consider Hugo Boss Orange. These quilted jackets, leather bomber-style jackets, and flannel style shirts are rugged, yet young. Skinny-legged pants and lace-up workboots complete the look, along with stylish scarves and knit hats.
You can dress up the look with a sports jacket and button down shirt, with your slacks rolled up at the ankle. Jeans predominate, here, but dress slacks make an appearance, as well so that you can Boss your way into the workplace, as well.

Paul Smith Jeans

More than jeans, Paul Smith Jeans provides you with just about any look you want. From a black polka dot, button-up shirt to t-shirts, you can sport some of the most trendy looks for causal and work wear. You’ll find tailored shirts for work with updated prints, such as the scribble or paisley prints. Dip-dyed shirts and the zebra logo sweaters are other popular items in this line. And, don’t forget that Paul Smith Jeans provides your winter coat, as well!

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There is still Hackett, C.P. Company, Y-3, and many more men’s fashions to choose from.

Nina Edwards loves to talk about anything fashion. When she isn’t writing articles about it you can usually find her working for a clothing shop in Cornwall found at, they sell a wide range of branded clothes such as Billionaire Boys Club and Paul Smith.

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Under the Mistletoe: Ways to Propose at Christmas

Under the Mistletoe: Ways to Propose at Christmas


AOE XMAS Under the Mistletoe: Ways to Propose at Christmas

Under the Mistletoe: Ways to Propose at Christmas

When the holidays are fast approaching, everyone starts searching for that perfect gift. However, if you’ve decided that the best Christmas gift is to pop the question, it’s important to have not only the ring, but a plan. After all, this will probably be one of the most important questions you’re ever going to ask in your life. You’ll want to ensure it creates a memory that lasts a lifetime.

The Proposal: Have A Plan

Although most girls dream of the day where their partner drops to one knee and asks for her hand in marriage, proposing around the holidays demands a little more planning than that. There are parties, friends and family around and the all-important present unwrapping. It’s important to think creatively for maximum impact.

The Bait & Switch

If your partner is suspicious that you may be proposing on or around Christmas, there are ways to pull the wool over her eyes. Try placing the ring in an oversized box, like a television box, with lots of packing material to throw her off the scent. When she opens it on Christmas Day, you can drop to one knee and do the asking.

The Party Popper

Christmas brings lots of presents, wrapping and fun. A unique British Isles tradition are “Christmas Crackers,” which contain small gifts, jokes and other assorted fun. You can order your own kit over the internet and create your own, putting your ring inside a special cracker just for her. Just imagine her face when she hears the POP and a beautiful ring falls out!

A Public Affair

The holidays brings about a million parties with it, at least it can sometimes feel that way. If you have a special group of friends or a family get together coming up, you can get them in on the act. Let everyone know what your plan is and that it’s a surprise. Once you have her under the mistletoe, have a friend play your favorite song and then you can propose.

Santa’s Little Helper

Santa doesn’t just have to be for little boys and girls — he can also help with your proposal. Try arranging with a Santa at the shopping mall for a visit or hire a Santa impersonator to arrive at her home with a special gift just for her. She’ll be shocked when he tells her she’s been such a good girl that she’s getting engaged!

Selecting the Ring: Top Tips & Tricks

Once you’ve got the plan in place, you’ll need that all-important ring. In the jewelry district Los Angeles you will find quality pieces that are sure to make your blushing bride happy.As this is a piece of jewelry she’ll be wearing for the rest of her life, you’ll want to ensure you get it right. Finding the perfect fit is easy if you follow a few basic trips.

Ask Her Friends & Family

Just as your best friends know you, hers will have a pretty good idea of her style and taste. Additionally, speaking to her family will give you an idea of any family heirlooms she’s admired, or if she’s mentioned anything ring-wise. The more information you can gather, the better off you’ll be.

Do A Sneaky Shop

Chances are, she may already have an idea that “the big question” may be on the horizon. Head to a jewelry shop with her to get an idea of what she likes, and be sure to visit both new and antique venues. If you’re trying to get an idea covertly, say that you’d like to get her some new jewelry for Christmas and go shopping that way.

Find the Size

When you go to pop the question and slide the ring on her finger, nothing is worse than having it be too loose or too tight. After all, she’ll want to wear it and show it off right away. Try measuring one of her favorite rings, or better yet, make a note of her size while out shopping.

Christmas can make for a magical time of year to propose, and with all the festivities and parties, you can celebrate your engagement straight away. By thinking creatively and out-of-the-box, you’ll make it a proposal that you will both remember for the rest of your lives.

Writer Melanie Fleury loves Christmas, weddings and jewelry. She searched Jewelry district Los Angeles to find some great items to put on her Christmas list and hopes her husband takes note.

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Students’ Favourite Christmas Costumes On A Budget

Students’ Favourite Christmas Costumes On A Budget


One thing that most students remember about their university experience is going out in fancy dress costumes; and the best time of the year to really make the most of your dressing up skills is Christmas, when the majority of students in university accommodation can be seen wearing some elaborate outfit or another.

students favourite christmas costumes budget Students’ Favourite Christmas Costumes On A Budget

You needn’t worry about having to spend a fortune on your costume either, as we’ve put together some ideas on how you can dress up in a festive frock without breaking the bank.

Christmas parcel

Most people think of dressing up as Father Christmas or Mrs Claus when considering their festive costumes, but there are many other innovative outfits you can wear if you want to look a bit different this year and stand out from the crowd. A great idea is dressing as a Christmas present; not only will few other people have the same plan, but it will also be a very cheap option.

All you need is a large cardboard box, some wrapping paper (the shinier the better), ribbon and a big bow. Slip on some simple black jeans and a long-sleeved black top and cut four holes on each side of your box – one for your head, two for arms and one large enough to slip your body in. Next, wrap your box in the wrapping paper and adorn with the ribbon, sticking a big bow in the centre of the gift. Voila, your costume is now complete!

Christmas tree

Lots of people buy ready-made costumes, but these can cost a substantial amount and may push you over your budget if you’re a student. That’s why, it’s a great idea to make your own outfit, and this doesn’t necessarily involve you being a creative whizz! You can find a lot of costume ideas in cheap pound shops.

For instance, you could easily dress up as a Christmas tree, simply by wearing a green outfit (everyone has evergreen-coloured trousers and tops, right?) and accessorising with tree decorations. You can buy tinsel for next to nothing, while you can also hang baubles off your outfit if you hook them to your clothes with safety pins. To have a real impact, you can buy battery-powered Christmas lights to sparkle all night long, and for the finishing touch, you can buy a star or angel tree topper and stick to a hairband to place on your head.


You can be similarly creative with your costume if you decide to be a snowman (or woman). Simply get a white dress or white top and trousers. Then buy three brown or black baubles or furry pompoms – these can be attached to the centre of your costume in a line to represent the snowman’s buttons. You can fashion a big black or brown belt out of another piece of material – or, you might actually have a wide belt already that you can use. If you are making one, don’t forget to draw on a buckle in marker pen.

To complete the outfit, don’t forget to slip on a colourful scarf and hat (matching sets are best, although not necessary), and you can draw on an orange carrot on your nose if you really want to.


If your budget is running really low, you can pop to your local pound shop and see if they have anything suitable for you to dress up as an angel. Lots of children are often angels in nativity plays, so they are bound to have some props you can buy. Creating a halo is simple, as all you need is two pieces of wire; one that you turn into a circle and the other you can attach to this and the rest of your costume so that the halo hovers just over your head.

For your main outfit, get a white dress or a white sheet if you don’t have a frock you can use. Then buy some silver or gold tinsel and attach this to the neckline, hem and wrists of the costume. You’ll be able to pick up some wings from a cheap shop, making your outfit complete!


For something really humorous, why not dress yourself up as a reindeer this year? Lots of people might fork out a pretty penny for a proper reindeer outfit, but this isn’t strictly necessary as you can make your own version easily.

Get a plain brown top and trousers, cut a white oblong shape out of a piece of material and attach it to the top (craft glue should do the job). Then all you need to do is buy a pair of antlers – you can find these in abundance during the Christmas season – and wear a pair of white or brown gloves for paws. You can finish the look with face paint or simply buy a red nose that you can attach if you want to be Rudolph!

Nigel Walters is an ex student and currently blogs on student news and property. He is passionate about his family and sport, you can read some of his posts over at Vita Accommodation for Students.

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How To Find The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Business

How To Find The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Business


Christmas decorations are the perfect way to brighten up even the dullest of offices, and are ideal for bringing some festive cheer to employees in December. But if you find yourself tiring of bringing out the same tired tree year after year, it might be time for a change. Hiring a Christmas tree is often a wise choice for organisations looking to broaden their decorating horizons, but choosing the right company to rent from can often prove challenging. Here I give you a few tips on how to find the perfect Christmas tree for your business.

how find perfect christmas tree How To Find The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Business

Check their track record

Not all Christmas tree companies have the same high levels of customer service, so make sure you do your research before splashing out on the perfect tree. They may not admit it, but some companies are very slow at delivery- I have a friend who ordered a tree for her office, and turned up on Christmas Eve as her employees were leaving the building! Look for a service with a history of reliability and promptness to ensure that your tree will turn up on time to be enjoyed by everyone. And don’t forget, the company should also collect the tree at the end of the holiday season.

Price isn’t everything

Granted, if you are a small business with a limited budget you are going to be looking for a tree that is attractive but above all affordable. Christmas tree hire companies often provide a cheaper option that will still brighten up your workplace. However, you should always remember that you get what you pay for in life, and sometimes you have to splash out a bit more to get the right effect. In fact, for large corporations that want to make a statement- like shopping centres and hotels- you can choose a bespoke service to create the perfect look.  This will come at a price, but the effect will be worth it.


All of us are environmentally conscious nowadays, but businesses in particular have a responsibility to think about the impact they have on the world.  If you are worried about the environmental implications of your Christmas tree hire, look for a provider that recycles all trees after they have been collected. Real trees can be shredded with the chippings recycled, whilst artificial trees can be used again the following year after a quick refurbishment. Even the greenest of eco warriors cannot complain about this method of disposal!

Safety first

The dreaded Health and Safety talk may be tiresome but unfortunately is also a necessity to protect your employees and your customers from harm. When choosing your Christmas tree hire company, pick one that offer a Risk Assessment and Method statement when installing your tree. This will ensure that your decorations do not obstruct any walkways, fire exits, or important notice boards. In addition, choose a tree that is flame retardant, and ensure that any LED lights are inspected before installation. All these steps will help you enjoy Christmas with complete peace of mind.

Chloe is a writer and when she isn’t writing, she can be found pursuing her other true passion- salsa dancing.

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Last Minute Christmas Gifting For Dummies

Last Minute Christmas Gifting For Dummies


Still haven’t finished – or even worse, started – your Christmas shopping? Bah humbug, Ebenezer Scrooge, what the heck are you waiting for? Well then, here are some not-so-nifty ideas for last-minute, re-gifted or belated Yuletide gifts. A word of warning, though: these probably won’t get you struck off Santa’s “naughty” list (hey, you’re the one that left things so late – what did you expect?)


A Bottle of (Cheap) Wine

What it hopefully says: “This drop is absolutely fabulous, so I wanted you to try it, too – you’re so sophisticated”.

What it actually says: “I’d completely forgotten about getting you a gift until I was at the bottle shop buying a little something for myself and remembered how wasted you got last Christmas”.

A Christmas Hamper (from Work)

What it hopefully says: “I know you’re a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen and thought you’d appreciate this basket of culinary delights – you’re so creative”.

What it actually says: “I received this from my stingy boss, none of the contents look even remotely appetising, so I figured ‘screw it, it’s your problem now’. Bon appétit”!

christmas gift Last Minute Christmas Gifting For Dummies

A 2013 Calendar (With Pictures of Impossibly Cute Baby Animals)

What it hopefully says: “Your time is precious, so I thought this would really help you organize your demanding work schedule and fulfilling social life – you’re so well balanced.”

What it actually says: “Yep, I’m fully aware that your smartphone, computer and wrist watch can give the exact same information much more succinctly, but I just wanted to remind you of your mortality… Every. Single. Day”.

A Gift Card (from a Nondescript Department Store)

What it hopefully says: “I really, really wanted you to have something you liked this Christmas and no-one knows you better than, well, YOU – you’re so in tune with yourself”.

What it actually says: “Go on, you do the hard yards and buy your own stinkin’ present – I really can’t be bothered!”

A Box of (Nearly Expired) Chocolates

What it hopefully says: “They’re not as sweet as you are, but I hope you’ll enjoy these tasty treats. And by the way, how do you still maintain your svelte figure? You’re awesome!”

What it actually says: “I received these from an equally lazy, last-minute gift-giver the previous Christmas. They sat forgotten in my pantry all year, there are only three days left before they go off, but I know you’ll scoff ‘em down”.

Elias Velis is the ‘Christmas Specialist’ at Harvey Norman. Once known as the Ebeneezer Scrooge of blogging, he now spends his days scoffing mince pies, sipping mulled wine margaritas and wishing it could be christmas every day. If you do want a funky self gift for the house, visit our small appliances section.

Photo Credit: Harvey Norman (CC BY 2.0)

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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights


Choosing the right lights for your Christmas needs involves the consideration of a number of different variables. As you probably already know, not all lights are created equally and some are fit for some purposes more than others are.

Types of Christmas Lights

Replacement bulbs are often the cheapest of all lights but allow you to change the lights when they burn out. However, they can be quite problematic as one bulb going can mean a number go out and this means you have to locate the right bulb before the other’s work. This can take time and patience. These lights often have short lifespans and often only work for two or three years before needing to be replaced.

Non-replaceable bulbs – these cannot be replaced and so eliminates the need to find a broken bulb. On the downside if a bulb breaks then you have to throw them out.

LED – No copper wire here and a longer life than traditional lights (up to 50,000 hours) means that LED are quite a good option for Christmas lights. They also don’t heat up and can be used indoors and outdoors depending on the lights.

Solar Lights – These are the perfect outdoor light and mix solar and LED technology to provide a long lasting light that is low on running costs and lasts longer than the standard. They do cost more than many other lights, but are a great choice.

Battery – Portable and easy to carry around, they don’t need a plug and are ideal for hanging on specific items. However, batteries need replacing quite often. Many battery lights come with a range of twinkle and static settings.

10 Tips for Choosing Lights

  • Lights for outside are different from indoor lights and need to be conditioned to withstand cold and wet conditions. Make sure your lights are certified for this purpose if you are using them outside
  • Of course, you should never use outdoor lights inside as they won’t have been safety tested for indoor use. Nowadays it is possible to purchase lights that perform both functions.
  • Generally 50 lights per foot (12inches) is sufficient
  • If you want a more traditional feel coloured lights can really help, they also mean you won’t need as many decorations.
  • Clear Christmas lights are more contemporary and stylish
  • Consider access points before you place the tree in the room, as you won’t want leads strewn across the floor.
  • Lights can also be added to windows via suction cupsamd across mantel pieces with garland hooks
  • Check lights before packing them away each year. Always replace bulbs before packing away and wrap them up in bubble wrap for best storage.

By following our guide to Christmas lights you can be sure your tree will look like the belle of the ball.

Cormac Reynolds writes for UK Christmas decoration site Festive Lights – the one stop shop for all things festive.

christmas lights The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights

christmas lights1 The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights

christmas lights2 The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights

Photo Credit: Sebastian Dooris (CC BY 2.0)

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