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Top Tips For Childrens Clothing In Winter 2014

Top Tips For Childrens Clothing In Winter 2014


Children are a great blessing and you want to let them enjoy clothes as well. It is really important to find lovely clothes for your children in the winter months because you want to keep them warm.top tips for childrens clothing Top Tips For Childrens Clothing In Winter 2014

Children also spend a lot of time playing outside so you want durable and comfortable clothing. Here are some top tips for trendy clothing this winter.

Trendy Wool

Wool is a really fashionable thing in children’s winter wear at the moment. Woolly hats for

instance are a big hit and can look really cute on children of all ages. You should also consider getting some woolly skirts for girls. For boys things like woolly vests are really fashionable, especially if you are going for a party.

Go With Colour

It is always a good idea to use plenty of colour in children’s clothing. This makes the clothes a lot more fun to wear and children generally tend to like very bright and bold colours.

So don’t go for boring dark coloured jackets this winter but opt for bright jackets. Yellow and different shades of green are especially good for this season and work with both boys and girls.

If your children are more into darker colours then very deep reds and purples are another good choice at the moment.

There are also plenty of patterns in children’s clothing in 2014. Stripes are very fashionable and there are many different animal pattern options for girls at the moment. These are a nice way to add a bit more fun to the clothing as well so don’t just go with single colour options.

Keep Warm With Fur

Fur is a really big hit in 2014 for both adults and kids alike. You should really consider getting some fur items for your kids this winter. Furry boots, hats and gloves will keep the children really warm during the cold weather.

You can also find plenty of faux fur option so you don’t need to worry if you aren’t a fan of real fur.

Check Online Options

It is a good idea to check different online options when you are looking for children’s clothing. There are plenty of good bargains you can make online and it can really save you some much needed time as well.

For instance, it is a really good idea to check fancy kid’s wholesale clothing options. Wholesale clothing is often a lot cheaper and can really make shopping for clothing a lot more enjoyable experience.

You can also find many good style guides even for children on the internet. For example, Fashion Design Divas have some good in depth articles on different children’s clothing materials and trends. Children’s clothing doesn’t need to be boring at all and you should spend some time picking out just the right clothes.

The above tips are really trendy at the moment and you should include them to your shopping list. Children’s clothing is really trendy as well these days while still staying very practical so that children can play and have fun.

Sarah is a mother of two who is passionate about trends and clothes. She loves to look for new things on the internet and she loves very bright coloured clothes. She is also a big fan of crossword puzzles.

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Fun Activities For A Children’s Party

Fun Activities For A Children’s Party


Organising a fun party for children is actually a lot more difficult than organising one for adults. This is because children can be quite demanding when it comes to parties and they want to have enough fun activities to do throughout the day. Here are some fun things that you can do with children to make sure the party is a success.

Ask Them To Set Up A Show

fun activities for childrens party Fun Activities For A Children’s PartyChildren love performing and they won’t turn down an opportunity to set up a show for adults. It might be a good idea to organise some props for the children to use and then give them some time to prepare for the show. This can allow the adults to mingle a bit and the children will love preparing for the show.

You could either provide them with some simple props for a magic show or ask them to sing some songs. You can give them some old clothes and hats to use as part of their show.

It is OK to utilise all sorts of items because it allows the children to use their own imagination and be creative with the execution.

Make Your Own Desserts

You could also have the children make their own dessert. Baking is something that children love taking part in and are especially excited about getting themselves dirty in the process. If you have a small enough party to organise then doing some baking with the kids can be really fun.

You can find a lot of great recipe ideas on the internet that are suitable for children. Simple things like cookies and cupcakes aren’t too hard to make and even just decorating the cookies can be something that keeps the kids busy.

Organise Some Fireworks

If you really want to wow your small party guests then it is a great idea to organise a fireworks display. You don’t need to have a lot of different types of fireworks and there are many affordable options out there. For instance, stores selling roman candles fireworks are a good option to think about.

Companies like Fireworks Crazy have a lot of useful information on their website. The key to using fireworks on a children’s party is making sure the kids follow your instruction.

Science Experiments

Children love discovering new things and if you want to make the party educational yet fun then doing some simple science experiments can be a really fun activity. There are a lot of great ideas for experiments at the Kid Spot website and you may want to try some of them out.

One great option for parties is the magic ink trick. You only need lemon juice, paper, toothpicks and a lamp. You add some lemon juice to water and by dipping the toothpick into the water you write a message on a paper. Once you heat the paper carefully after the lemon juice has dried out the text will slowly appear. This is something fun that the kids can do themselves as well.

Johanna loves to think about fun things children can do and is especially keen on finding ways to entertain them while the adults are talking to each other. When she isn’t trying to find new games to play she likes to practice cooking Indian foods.

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