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6 Tips to Finding Quality Care for your Child

6 Tips to Finding Quality Care for your Child


AOE CHILD CARE 6 Tips to Finding Quality Care for your Child

6 Tips to Finding Quality Care for your Child

As much as parents may want to stay home to take care of their children, their financial and lifestyle circumstances may not allow them this luxury. When they want to escape worrying about their children’s safety and happiness throughout the workday, people may look for the ideal daycare that will provide their children with quality childcare and a safe environment in which to play and learn.

However, parents who are new to the daycare industry may be unaware of what qualities to look for in a childcare facility. By taking these tips into consideration, you can find the best providers in which to place your trust and the care of your children.

1. Get Referrals from Trusted Sources

If you do not know other parents who are currently utilizing daycare services for their kids, you can still get reliable referrals by contacting county or state agencies in charge of overseeing these facilities. Many states keep a list of reviews and referrals on file at the local family services department. You can go to this agency or call its staff to ask for updated referrals and reviews of local day cares.

2. Ensure They are Licensed and Inspected

Along with getting updated reviews, parents may be advised to consider only the facilities that are licensed and inspected by the state. Private in-home daycare providers may charge cheaper rates; however, they also can have little supervision when it comes to the safety and wellness of the kids enrolled in their care. If you want the assurance that the facility is safe and inspected regularly, you should only consider those that hold state licenses.

3. Check Out Accident Reports

States also keep records of a facility’s safety record. Before you enroll your child at a daycare, you should check out the number of accidents that have occurred on the premises. If the number seems high or the circumstances seem suspicious, you can take this as a sign that your own child may be at risk.

It is also important to understand that when your child is injured when in the care of others due to negligence that you have the option to hire a personal injury attorney to take on a case to help retrieve medical and legal expenses. One personal injury lawyer Raleigh based states they are “dedicated to helping accident victims obtain compensation for injuries suffered due to someone else’s negligence.” Finding one with this kind of commitment would be beneficial and ideal for any injury case.

4. Check Out the Facility Firsthand

Reviews and licenses can only provide a certain amount of assurance. These qualifications cannot take the place of seeing a facility firsthand and checking it out in person. When you visit a daycare, you can get a sense of how safe it is and how well kept it is. You can examine important areas like the bathroom, the kitchen, and the playground where your child will be playing throughout the day. Seeing the place up close and personal will help your instincts tell you if it is safe or if you should avoid this childcare location.

5. Gauge the Reactions of Enrolled Children

When you are visiting the place, you can also see firsthand how happy the children are. If babies are crying, kids are anxious, or the toddlers look dirty and uncared for, you can take this as a sign that your own child may suffer the same lack of care. The children on the premises can give you a big indicator of how competent the caretakers are.

6. Consider the Caretaker-Child Ratio

Most states require that day cares keep the ratio of children and caretakers at or below a certain ratio. You can determine how well a facility cares of its charges by counting the number of caretakers per kids enrolled.

6. Check Out Accident Reports

States also keep records of a facility’s safety record. Before you enroll your child at a daycare, you should check out the number of accidents that have occurred on the premises. If the number seems high or the circumstances seem suspicious, you can take this as a sign that your own child may be at risk and that you may have to hire an accident attorney to take on this facility in court to retrieve medical and legal expenses.

Enrolling your children in daycare can be step that you must take for the financial stability of your family. You can choose a good childcare location by keeping these tips in mind.

Lisa Coleman shares some tips on how to help a person find a reliable and safe childcare center for their little ones. She recently read about how a personal injury lawyer Raleigh NC law firm could help represent and file suit for a client who has been a victim of childcare negligence.

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Moving to a New Place With Pets and Children

Moving to a New Place With Pets and Children


If you have been given a transfer by your company then you will have to move to the new location. But what is challenging is to move along with your spouse, pets and kids. Thus is really a challenge. This is because for everyone it would be a complex process to set in new place. Especially pets and children find it hard while they have to relocate. But you can make the experience as easy as possible. You should select a professional company like for this task so that you as well as your children can have some family time while on the move.

Make kids feel special

On your move you have to keep encouraging the children. This is because moving to a new location can be exciting. But your kids would have the pain to part with old memories and old friends. Try to be with them as much as possible so that they don’t feel lonely. You should make sure that you find family time for them while on the move. You should give them enough love and care. Otherwise they might feel lonely at a new place. If you have hired a removal service then you can have as much family time as you want because your goods are being taken care of and they are not at any sort of risk.

Untitled2 Moving to a New Place With Pets and Children

Relax the animal

If you are on your move with the pet then you should also relax the animal. This is because it would be tough for the pet to adjust while on a travel. All these things would be possible only when you are not carrying things on your own. You have to hire a good service company like The exuberance for the pet is new. Also, for a few days the pet needs to adjust himself and for that you should be supportive and give it plenty of time. Tell your kids to be with the pet so that the pet gets adjusted in new space quickly.

Get online quote first

But before you actually move and when you are planning to book the service you just have to first take up a survey as to which service is affordable. Try to get an online quote first. Also, ask the company to come and get a free survey done. Whether you need packing services or not all these things you should tell the moving company. Let the company have an idea about the estimated date of removal so that the plans can be taken up in that fashion. It is very simple to book a reputed company these days. Most of the information is available online. You just have to provide your contact number to them and they will call you back. Such services have made lives easier and they are seriously a boon for the families that have to move again and again to new destinations for jobs or businesses. This is what makes a difference.

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Children of Hoarders: 4 Tips to Help Your Parents Cope

Children of Hoarders: 4 Tips to Help Your Parents Cope


Depositphotos 12002215 xs Children of Hoarders: 4 Tips to Help Your Parents Cope

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the gold standard guide for mental health professionals, formally recognized hoarding as disorder in 2013 and the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation estimates that one in 50 people suffer from this condition. Individuals with hoarding disorder have difficulty getting rid of everyday items, and as a result collect things that serve no clear purpose. The volume soon become overwhelming and often hazardous. Children of hoarders may struggle to break through to their parents, while parents often feel a deep sense of shame about their condition.


Gently Help Them See Hoarding as a Mental Problem

Some scientific evidence suggests that hoarders may accumulate excess belongings because they view each item as overly important and sentimental. To help your parents recognize their problem with hoarding, begin with a gentle and non-judgmental approach. For example, you might mention that you’ve noticed a lot of stuff piling up in the living room and worry about their health. Judge their reactions and respond accordingly. In many cases, hoarders have insight into their problem and simply feel helpless about the mess. Provide information from the OCD Foundation and other scientific communities that may help your parents recognize that their condition is known and treatable.


Find an Area Specialist in Hoarding or OCD

Because hoarding disorder has only recently entered the public worldview, it may be challenging to find a qualified treatment professional in your area. Some hoarders respond to a class of medications called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), so it is worthwhile to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist who is familiar with hoarding. Psychotherapy is another successful treatment for hoarding disorder. Look for a therapist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, skills training, or motivational interviewing, which have empirical support. If a hoarding specialist is not available in your area, therapists who work with individuals with OCD are likely use similar techniques as those employed for hoarding disorder.


Approach the Clean-Up Process Gradually

With a house full of clutter, you may be tempted to set aside a weekend and purge everything all at once. However, this action may be jarring and too sudden for your parents, and could result in resentment or a strained relationship. Instead, take a gradual approach to cleaning. Ask your parents to choose one room to de-clutter. Make arrangements for an on-site dumpster to dispose of waste quickly and easily. Most dumpster rental companies offer delivery, trash removal, and pick-up all in one fee. Find out more by visiting and reviewing their options.


Encourage Them to Seek Social Support

Hoarders typically avoid inviting people into their homes because of the mess. The result can be a life that is stressful and socially isolating. For many individuals with hoarding disorder, joining a support group can be helpful. Your parents can meet other hoarders who are struggling to overcome their problems. The International OCD Foundation maintains a list of support groups by geographical region.

It’s also important for you to stay mentally balanced during this challenging time. Helping your parents cope with their mental illness is physically and emotionally exhausting. A support group such as Children of Hoarders allows you to share your experiences and learn from the strategies that other children have used to help their hoarder parents.

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Healthy Children, Healthy Travel: Top 5 Tips

Healthy Children, Healthy Travel: Top 5 Tips


AOE KID Healthy Children, Healthy Travel: Top 5 Tips

Healthy Children, Healthy Travel: Top 5 Tips

When you are traveling with your children you do not have to sway from your healthy life style. There are several ways that you can enjoy a road trip with your children and still practice healthy habits. You will be amazed how simple it really is, and your children will not even notice.

1. Proper Safety Restraints.

You want to make sure that your children are in the proper safety restraints throughout your trip. Seatbelts and booster seats are necessity. Stokes & Kopitsky, an Atlanta car accident attorney, want parents to know that injuries can be far more devastating if a child is not properly restrained.  However, sitting still for long periods of time is not only nearly impossible for small children, it is not healthy either. Make sure that you allow enough time in your schedule to make frequent stops at rest areas where your children can get out and run around for a while. Most rest areas have park-like areas away from all the parked cars. The exercise is good for them, and helping them from being restless is good for you.

2. Healthy Snacks.

Pack a cooler in the car and make sure that you fill it with finger foods that your child can enjoy. Carrot sticks, celery sticks, sliced apples and things like this are healthy for them and easy for you to prepare. This ill also eliminate a lot of unnecessary expenses on your trip from buying unhealthy snacks at the convenience stores.

3. Limit Technology.

Make sure that you show your child that there is more to the world than a computer or television screen. Play games like license plate bingo, I Spy, and word games. Talk about the scenery. Sing songs. Road trips should be about family time. If possible, try having some audio books downloade or your child to listen too instead of watching a television or computer game. Listening to the book will help them use their imagination and enhance their creativity.

4. Comfortable Clothes.

Make sure that your children are dressed in baggy clothes that are not too warm for the car. Restrictive clothes can make them very uncomfortable, and clothes that are too warm can actually bring on motion sickness.

5. Sleeping.

While it is not uncommon for children to nap off while they are in the car, you should encourage them to stay awake as much as possible when you are traveling. Not only will this give you more time to interact with each other, it will also help keep their sleep pattern on track. The last thing that you want is to arrive at a hotel after a long drive only to have your toddler wide awake for the rest of the night.

Traveling with children can be a challenge sometimes, especially if the trip consists of very long periods on the road. You can, however keep your children happy and healthy during your vacation by following these simple steps. Healthy snacks, frequent breaks to burn off energy and interaction with family members can make each trip one worth remembering.

As a mother of four who frequently travels with her little ones, Melanie Fleury wants her kids to have fun and be comfortable, but safety obviously comes first. Not having your little ones strapped in correctly increases the chance of injury if you are involved in an accident. A car accident can be devastating enough without injury, but if you are in an injury related wreck, Melanie has found that seeking an experienced lawyer like Stokes & Kopitsky can help you to determine if you should be compensated for the damages.

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I Dont Have Children – Whats The Point In Getting Life Insurance?

I Dont Have Children – Whats The Point In Getting Life Insurance?


dont children whats point getting I Dont Have Children   Whats The Point In Getting Life Insurance?

Most of the time, when people think of life insurance they think of something that is designed to give money to the family of the policy holder after they die. This can be a reassuring idea for those who are the main breadwinners or sole providers for their spouse and children, because they know that should anything happen to them there will be a replacement for that income to prevent them from getting into immediate financial difficulties.

But Nobody Depends On Me!

However, there are plenty of people who this doesn’t apply to. If you are single and don’t have children, are in a childless couple and your spouse has a perfectly good income of their own, or your children have grown up and don’t depend on you financially you may wonder if there is any benefit to life insurance for you at all – after all it does mean paying out money each month that you’ll literally never see again in your lifetime! If you have a lot of savings and assets you plan to pass on to your heirs when you die, you may also think that life insurance is unnecessary because they’ll be getting those instead (subject to taxes!).

There are a few reasons why a life insurance policy may still be worth having, even if there is nobody who stands to be put into significant financial hardship when you die:

Some Expenses You May Leave Behind

dont children whats point getting1 I Dont Have Children   Whats The Point In Getting Life Insurance?

Like everything these days, death can be expensive. When you die, somebody will have to take care of your funeral costs and the admin that comes with dividing up your estate. In certain circumstances, you may die with outstanding medical bills that will need to be paid if they’re not covered by an existing health insurance policy, and you may also die leaving behind debts and financial commitments that don’t simply “go away” just because you’ve died.

How Much Do You Need?

dont children whats point getting2 I Dont Have Children   Whats The Point In Getting Life Insurance?

While the costs associated with all of this will vary, in most cases it isn’t going to be a huge amount to cover your funeral and any legal costs. But, it is still best to arrange for it by getting a life insurance policy with an appropriate pay out allocated to whoever you think would take care of your death expenses – this could be your spouse, or even a parent or sibling depending on your age. If you have any debts to consider as well, then a life insurance plan that will leave behind enough to pay these off will mean you don’t inadvertently saddle your next of kin with a huge debt.

Consider Changing Circumstances

It may be worth considering that situations in your life may change during the duration of your life insurance policy. If you become seriously ill, you may find it hard to get an affordable policy at that time, and you may regret not having had one in place. Insurance is all about preparing for what might happen, so the best time to start thinking about something like a term life insurance policy can often be when you need it least!

Today’s guest post is contributed by Ivan Thomas. He is a life insurance agent by profession. In his opinion, having a policy cover for oneself is of paramount importance and does his bit to inform people about its importance via his articles.

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6 Things Children Learn from Toys

6 Things Children Learn from Toys


Early child development is one of the more critical aspects of life. Along with human interaction, babies begin learning through their playtime. In actuality, play time for young children is a form of education. This is because their earliest development occurs across virtually every domain, including the areas of language, fine and gross motor, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Bright lights bring bright smiles, while positive reinforcement encourages curiosity. Toys can be engaging and rewarding, making children excited to learn.

toys 6 Things Children Learn from Toys

When choosing materials and planning learning activities for toddlers, parents should consider how the toys and their experiences with these toys will support their child’s development across every critical domain. Many BrightStarts toys for toddlers are educational, for example, but other toys may not be designed to teach skills. Below are 6 things that children regularly learn from playing with toys.

1. coordination  To help develop coordination, toddlers do well with small puzzles, including large pieces and items with buttons, hooks, snaps, and buckles. Also, sturdy building toys like large blocks, child transportation vehicles, and furniture are good for all forms of physical development. Playing with large and small balls, low climbers, toddler jungle gyms, and tunnels with soft materials underneath them are also great for for developing leg and arm muscles.

2. New ideas  Young children learn how to experience the world and practice their new skills with all kinds of toys, but they also learn how to internalize new ideas based upon these new experiences. Through the continual learning process, early skills are easily expanded when they are integrated with new skill sets.

3. Navigation Through play, toddlers learn about how the world works by engaging in activities designed to encourage their emotional, cognitive, and social development. Parents can use toys to demonstrate to toddlers how to navigate and use their bodies effectively. Cognitive skills can be learned by playing classic games like peek-a-boo.

4. Problem Solving  When a parent uses a toy that makes a noise, toddlers can mimic it to learn how to use symbolic thinking and problem solving. For instance, when a toddler bangs on a toy, he creates sound. In this way, he learns to distinguish between cause and effect since this involves thinking and requires the use of mental skills to process information.

5. Creativity  Dress-up clothes, puppets, dolls with accessories, and water and sand toys allow toddlers to develop their creativity, which aids in developing intellect. The same holds true for large non-toxic crayons, markers, paints, molding clay, and chalkboards. Even the youngest toddlers benefit from being encouraged to make pictures and use coloring books. These activities are often enhanced when parents and other children play along with them.

6. Collaboration   For toddlers, all toys afford the opportunity to play in an open-ended and freestyle way. As such, children learn multiple functions that pertain to sight, sound, movement, and intellect. When toddlers play with their parents and in groups of their peers, they learn how to incorporate social aspects into their play, such as how to participate in collaboration and share.

Above all, effective playtime for toddlers not only affords them the opportunity to learn new skills, but also allows them to discover how to learn. Playtime also sets the stage for children that demonstrates how education and learning is an enjoyable process.

Savannah Bobo is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about health, family, and entertainment, and whose fondest childhood memories are of playing on the floor with a room full of toys that spark the imagination. BrightStarts toys for toddlers are fun and educational, from sports playsets that focus on coordination to interactive alphabets that pop to life.

Photo Credit: Kalyan Kanuri (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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TED Talks Perfect For Children

TED Talks Perfect For Children


TED; Technology, Entertainment, Design – the holy grail of the internet. What else is the web for if it isn’t used to explore, learn, entertain, and look good?

Making learning interactive and fun, TED talks provide a platform where teachers can tap into information from some of the world’s most entertaining speakers. Incorporating these short video talks into teaching plans will bring fun to the classroom or home while still maintaining the goal to educate; and it’s like having them right there with you  standing in front of the blackboard. With subjects as diverse as healthy eating, puppetry, and aquatic science, TED talks can appeal to children of all ages.

Jamie Oliver does Healthy Eating

The Naked Chef (fully clothed in this instance) set out to educate every child about food, and he won’t rest until his mission is complete. The cheeky Essex chappy is entertaining enough to keep little ones entertained and most importantly of all, he makes food fun.

Adora Svitak does Anti-Teaching

The child prodigy takes to the mic to lecture adults on what they can learn from childish thinking in a TED talk dubbed ‘What adults can learn from kids’. She talks about how children still think freely, with optimism and without fear of failure of dreaming big. The child prodigy penned a novel at the age of seven to become a published author – we can surely all learn a lot from her.

Edith Widder does Glow in the Dark

This wonderfully appealing TED talk by marine biologist Edith Widder will be enthralling to children with its strange glow in the dark algae, even bringing some of the glowing phenomena out onto the stage. She talks us through starfish and how those like brittle stars glow like bright on the ocean floor, visible as only bands of light when it is dark.

Lennart Green does Card Tricks

What kind of child doesn’t believe in magic? Of course they’ll be dying see this astounding card tricks up close from Lennart Green in is his magical TED talk. He makes cards disappear, turn up on the other side of the room. Green is renowned as having the most original repertoire of card tricks in the world of card-magic. Listen to the children as they try to work out just how he did manage to fool yet another person with his trickery.

David Perry does Games

Maybe you spend some of your time trying to discourage video games but when it’s presented in the way David Perry does it, video gaming becomes a subject worth considering. The brains behind the likes of Earthworm Jim and the Terminator game talks us through the past, present and future of gaming.

JJ Abrams does Good TV

JJ Abrams is almost single-handedly  praised with being the brains behind TV getting good. With such TV pedigree on his CV as Lost and Alias there’s no one better to talk about TV and where it’s going than this man. A great addition for children in a media class who are interested in getting involved in TV production in the future.

Jane Goodall does Apes

In a look back to our primal roots, scientist, humanitarian, and conservationist Jane Goodall talks about where we came from, how we as humans are naturally inclined to be at one with nature, not inside the concrete jungle. She goes back to when we first became man and even teaches us how to greet someone in fluent ‘ape’.

Thanks to Alton Breaks for sending these sensational talks – check them out for Alton Towers Hotel Offers and deals. What’s your favourite TED talk?

ted technology entertainment design TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design1 TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design2 TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design3 TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design4 TED Talks Perfect For Children

Photo Credit: afromusing (CC BY 2.0)

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When Children Play Their Educational Games

When Children Play Their Educational Games


Children education is an important step in evolution of every species of this planet. If it is human or not, playing is the most natural way of learning new things. And children like to play a lot. Do not hinder their playing and try to support them. If you think that there are more important things you have to do, than you are wrong. Children should be your primary mission whatever you do.

children games education When Children Play Their Educational Games

children games education1 When Children Play Their Educational Games

children games education2 When Children Play Their Educational Games

children games education3 When Children Play Their Educational Games

children games education4 When Children Play Their Educational Games

children games education5 When Children Play Their Educational Games

children games education6 When Children Play Their Educational Games

children games education7 When Children Play Their Educational Games

children games education8 When Children Play Their Educational Games

children games education9 When Children Play Their Educational Games

children games education10 When Children Play Their Educational Games

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