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Can Wearing Headphones Increase Your Risk Of Injury?

Can Wearing Headphones Increase Your Risk Of Injury?


Walking can be a very pleasurable and leisurely activity. The only issue with this is that this means we don’t take our safety into account when walking around. This might not be an issue once or twice, but if you make it a habit a serious injury could result down the road. Even when you’re walking around it’s incredibly important that you do whatever you can to minimize your distractions; that’s the only true way you’ll ensure that you remain injury free.

can wearing headphones increase risk Can Wearing Headphones Increase Your Risk Of Injury?

In this article we’re going to cover if something as simple as wearing headphones can increase your risk of injury, as well as what you can do to minimize your distractions as a pedestrian.

It’s important to always be aware in this age of distraction. It can be tempting to continually gaze down at your phone or device, but doing so will increase your risk of injury greatly.

Can wearing headphones increase my risk of getting in an accident?

There has been a steady increase of pedestrians who get injured when they’re wearing headphones. When your driving listening to music and other distractions are huge contributors to accidents, and now this extends to pedestrians as well.

When you can’t hear everything that’s going on around you you’re more likely to be involved in an accident. It’s possible, that you’ll step out in front of a care, because you won’t be able to hear it coming. Or, in some cases you could even step out in front of a train, while staring down at your phone and listening to music.

When you’re walking you should have all your senses aware to what’s going on around you, this is the only true way to prevent any accidents from occurring.

How can I minimize distractions while walking?

The main things you’ll need to know in order to stay safe when walking are to do whatever you can to increase your awareness of what’s going on around you. This means to take out your headphones, and turn off your phone if you’re tempted to look at it. As an added bonus, this will force you to be present with whatever is going on around you. Which could make walking an enjoyable part of your life.

Also, it can help to wear sunglasses to minimize the glare from the sun if need be. This can be a huge distraction and can be minimized by wearing the correct kind of glasses. Think of walking as any other form of transportation, and think what you’ll need to remain safe throughout the duration.

I hope this article has been helpful and you have a greater idea of how you can minimize your distractions when deciding to walk around. As a pedestrian it’s important to do whatever you can to ensure that you remain safe, as you don’t have vehicle or anything else separating your from direct contact. Your health and safety are your responsibility, become more aware and you’ll decrease your chances of sustaining an injury. However, if you do happen to get injured it can always help to consult with a personal injury lawyer as you may have the ability to move forward with a claim.


Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Colley and Colley, LLP, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane will be wary when using his headphones.

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Are You Having Fun While Caring For Your Lawn? It Can Be Done!

Are You Having Fun While Caring For Your Lawn? It Can Be Done!


Were you ever responsible for raking the lawn as a child? Those aren’t fond memories, are they, of your hours of toiling with a rake, followed by the tedium of leaf removal, stuffing all that crunchy, crumbling lawn detritus into plastic bags. As an adult, have you ever felt like taking care of a lush, green lawn was much more trouble than it was worth? Do you fantasize in idle moments about giving up and hiring a contractor to pave over the whole darn thing?

are you having fun caring Are You Having Fun While Caring For Your Lawn? It Can Be Done!

You’re already grimly aware that lawn care is a year-round responsibility. In spring, you have to clean up your property after a winter of inclement weather, and then reseed. Throughout the summer, there’s irrigation, mowing, and the disposal of grass clippings. Then each year the return of autumn brings apple cider, new school supplies, a refreshing chill to the air, and brilliant pigmentation to the leaves of deciduous trees. It’s almost as if those red, orange, and yellow swatches of color have minds of their own, leaping down from the branches one by one to explore your yard. Wouldn’t it be great if the leaves then had the capacity to move on to their next destination without any intervention on your part? Genetic engineers are doubtlessly hard at work on a solution to this pressing problem. Until scientists make that big breakthrough towards leaves that scoot themselves straight into the trash bin, leaf removal remains the responsibility of gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners.

But guess what? Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to resemble to the chore you dreaded as a kid. Affordable technology is available that will make all the difference in your attitude towards and experience of the grounds-keeping you currently want to avoid. Today’s gardening machines go far beyond simple rideable mowers–which can be a lot of fun. Instead of breaking your back pushing a rake over every inch of your property, you can just ride above it all, turning your steering wheel. It’s almost like a ride in your very own amusement park–wheeee!

Of course, there’s more to lawn upkeep than mowing. What about all those clippings once you’re done? What about all the autumn leaves? What about pine cones and fallen twigs? There’s no reason to stoop down and push everything into bags by hand any more, thanks to contemporary lawn vacuums. They will swoop up all those materials for you and more, with ease, and you don’t have to do much other than sit there and steer. Lawn vacuums are also great for the environment for several reasons. They pick up the seeds of weeds, so you can reduce or even omit the use of toxic weed killers. And the right vacuums can break down all the organic materials they pick up into sizes fit for mulching, which will take up far less space than a bag of intact leaves headed straight for the landfill.

Lawn vacuums are for more than merely improving the appearance of the expanse of your yard, though. They can be used to clean up areas it’s impossible to drive a mower over. The scraggly ivy patch you’ve been meaning to clear away for years? Gone in minutes. If you have unsightly debris on your deck, or you are in a grove of trees, your new lawn vacuum will happily devour that for you, and still be hungry for more.

In conclusion, yes, it’s entirely possible to enjoy leaf removal and other property care activities. Just ask Santa for a lawn vacuum this holiday season!

Cheryl is a lawn care expert who specializes in outdoor renovations for both homeowners and business owners.

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Effective Space Management Can Make Your Profits Soar

Effective Space Management Can Make Your Profits Soar


A lot has been said of the importance of office space management. Employees need adequate, well-organised space in which to work if they are to be productive, happy, and healthy. This includes things like office design, layout, lighting, ventilation, and furniture. But what about retail space? How important is retail space management?

effective space management can profits Effective Space Management Can Make Your Profits Soar

It’s very important, actually. Not only is it important to keep employees happy, healthy, and productive, but it’s also important to keep customers in a buying mood and stock flying off the shelves. Space is at a premium – there isn’t an awful lot of it to go around, and what there is costs a pretty penny, so retailers have to make the best use of the space they’ve got, and that’s where retail space management comes in.

Space management is not an afterthought

According to Ovation Business, space management should never be treated as an ‘ad hoc’ activity. Instead, it should be treated as a separate management activity that requires proper planning, design, and, of course, budget.

During the planning stage, you need to divide up all the space into different sectors according to use. So there will be space for selling areas and non-selling areas, which includes the aisles and tills. Then there is space for stock storage, administration offices, and staff areas, like kitchens, staff recreational areas, and bathrooms.

According to Ovation Business, selling space should be further divided into product categories. Categories that consistently deliver the best profits and which have the highest turnover should be allocated the maximum amount of space. Although, it should be noted that some products, by virtue of their size, will naturally take up more space than others. Boxes of cereal, for example, take up much less space than table tennis tables. Space allocation then becomes a matter of proportion and ratio.

It’s only once the space allocations have been determined that you look at product location, and that you start looking at space for particular brands.

Brand space allocation

Ovation Business suggests that you place brands in four broad categories:

1)     Products with high profit margins but low sales numbers. These don’t need a lot of space, but they need to be in customer hot-spots.

2)     Products that always exceed expectations in sales and profits. They need a lot of space in even hotter spots.

3)     Products that always perform below par in terms of sales and profits. Always think carefully about continuing with these. If you decide to persevere, allocate them less desirable, but still easily visible space.

4)     Products that sell very well but don’t generate massive profits. These often work best when placed with prominent displays near the tills or on the edges of aisles, where impulse purchasing decisions are made.

All of this is important so that you can maximise your profit per square metre – so that not a single centimetre of space is wasted.

Only as good as the tools

According to Clare Rayner, in the old days, retailers had to rely on 2D planograms to help them divvy up space. This was not necessarily a train smash for independent retailers, but it didn’t work out so well for those who were part of multinational chains. This is because there tended to be a one-planogram-fits-all approach to the stores. It didn’t matter what the actual floor size or shape was the store had to conform to type.

These days, as retail space management is given more prominence, stores are given more freedom to maximise their own space. New 3D technology, combined with various point of sale and product placement visualisation tools give store owners and managers much deeper insight into space optimisation.

Rayner adds that space planners face greater challenges today than they did in the past because, these days, shoppers are looking for convenience and an experience. Bricks and mortar retailers are competing with online stores, so they have to pull out all the stops to ensure that customers keep walking through their doors. This means that space planners have to be ever more inventive, and ever more aware of the importance of big data.

According to the Manage Mentor, the cost of good space management tools is paid back within a matter of months, as just some of the benefits of improved space management, such as lower merchandising costs and smoother buying processes, are felt immediately.

is not a fussy shopper; so long as the aisles are broad enough to wander through two trolleys abreast, she’s happy.

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When Can I Be Charged With A Felony For A DUI Offense?

When Can I Be Charged With A Felony For A DUI Offense?


If you made the stupid decision to operate your vehicle while intoxicated, you might face a DUI charge. DUI or driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is the act of operating a car after consuming a considerable amount of alcohol and other intoxicating substance. The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit in all 50 states of the country is 0.08 percent. If you are charged with a DUI, the last thing you want to think about is whether you are going to be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor.

The charges for this offense may vary. Whether you will be charged with a misdemeanor or felony may depend on the following factors:

  • Your blood alcohol content
  • Your behavior while driving. Were you reckless? Were you putting other people in danger?
  • You or other people sustained injuries due to the accident
  • Whether or not you are a repeat DUI offender

can charged felony for dui When Can I Be Charged With A Felony For A DUI Offense?

Misdemeanor Versus Felony

If you were pulled over for DUI for the first time, you may be charged with a simple misdemeanor. But you will still need a credible lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. In doing so, you might get the charge overturned; however, if you fail to get an attorney, you might face possible jail time, which will then result to loss of wages, suspension of driver’s license, and increased insurance rates. Those who have failed to employ the services of a lawyer have regretted it.

Unfortunately, if your drunk driving incident resulted to a car crash which led to injuries or premature death, or if your BAC was way beyond the limit, or if you are a repeat offender, you may be charged with a DUI felony. Based on federal law, felony is usually referred to any criminal offense which is punishable by imprisonment for more than a year. Remember that in some states, a DUI misdemeanor can escalate to a felony if you had a prior DUI offense within a certain range of time- usually within the span of 10 years.

Each state has their own legal repercussions about drunk driving offense, and when it can be charged as a felony. In fact, some states have zero tolerance and will do everything they can to charge you with a felony, while other states are more lenient. Below are some examples of when a drunk driving misdemeanor become a felony:

New York: A second DUI offense within 10 years, or if the incident occurred with a car crash where another individual got hurt. Felony conviction may result to a jail sentence, license revocation, and payment of fines.

Ohio: Fourth or succeeding DUI offense

Texas: Third or succeeding DUI offense within 10 years, or if the drunk driving incident involves a passenger who is younger than 15 years old.

California: Penalties for DUI conviction increase with each subsequent offense. Felony charges depend on the circumstances surrounding the offense. For instance, you can be charged with a felony for any of the following reasons:

  • Previous DUI violations and convictions
  • Violation occurred with a vehicular accident where another person was injured or killed.
  • All DUI arrests within the state in the span of 10 years of the previous DUI charges will be considered a felony.

Utah: Third or succeeding DUI violation within 10 years, or if the violation resulted to injuries due to operating a car in a negligent manner.

If you are charged with a DUI misdemeanor, you will get a mark on your driving record and you will need to pay a fine. Your license might also get suspended between 1-3 months. If you have been charged with a felony, you will face possible time in prison, pay a hefty fine which can amount to thousands of dollars, and your license will be revoked for up to a year.

You should immediately get in touch with a credible lawyer to discuss your options. click here for help  determining the best procedure to move your case forward.

The author, Kris Bennette, is taking Pre-Law and she wants to someday specialize in DUI cases. In this article, she wants to raise awareness about DUI misdemeanor and felony convictions.

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Steps You Can Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal

Steps You Can Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal


There’s plenty of unpleasant experiences that may result after having your wisdom teeth removed. The most common include swelling of your cheeks, soreness, unpleasant taste, numbness in certain facial areas, and of course pain. We’ve put together a list of tips anyone can follow, whether you had one or all four wisdom teeth pulled.

steps you can take recover Steps You Can Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal


If for any reason you were not prescribed painkillers by your health care provider after the surgery, the best option is either ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Blood Clots

Be careful in rinsing out with, spitting and drinking hot liquids. Any of these can dislodge  blood clots which aid in the healing process, and bleeding will also result as well which can cause an unpleasant taste. If gauze is available, place it over the bleeding area and bite down for about half an hour to stop the bleeding. If bleeding continues to be an issue and gauze is not readily available, use a slightly wet tea bag instead. It contains tannic acid, which facilitates clotting by contracting the bleeding vessels. For the first few days after surgery it’s also advised to avoid strenuous activity, including exercise.


Swollen (chipmunk) cheeks are commonly seen 24 hours after surgery. The best way to combat this is either with a cold cloth or ice packs on the side of your face where the surgery was performed immediately following tooth removal. Using it after 36 hours won’t make much of a difference unfortunately. Using them the entire time you’re awake after surgery can help the swelling to a degree. The swelling itself will peak 48 to 72 hours after surgery before it begins to naturally improve.

Food & Drink

The pain, swelling, and general discomfort will make drinking and eating difficult the first few days following surgery. You will need to have more fluids than usual for a proper recovery, and that means at least six glasses of fluid a day. As for foods, consume soft items that are high in both calorie content as well as protein.

Keep a Clean Mouth

Brushing will have to be carried out carefully as well as rinsing. Use an antiseptic rinse if available or prescribed. Warm water with a teaspoon of salt offers an effective means for removing bacteria from around the extraction site.


Do not smoke within the first 24 hours following surgery. For some this might be a no brainer, but it may be difficult for those that have a habit of smoking. The act of sucking on a cigarette can remove a clot, while smoking itself reduces blood flow to the oral cavity which increases your chances of an infection. It is best to avoid smoking until you’re fully recovered. Avoid drinking through straws as well, as it requires the same suction action as cigarettes.

Skin Discoloration

Due to blood getting underneath tissue, your skin may change colors a few days after surgery. It could be anything from a dark blue or black to green. To speed up your skin’s return to its normal color, use a warm moist cloth on the surface of the altered skin.

Dr. Louis Bosse is the head of Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas. Dr. Bosse has counseled hundreds of his patients in recovering from wisdom teeth removal.

Photo Credit: Todd Morris

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IT Security For Small Businesses – Simple, Easy Steps That Can Keep Your Business Safe

IT Security For Small Businesses – Simple, Easy Steps That Can Keep Your Business Safe


When you start a small business, it can often seem like you are trying to make the most of the resources you have, with people wearing lots of different hats and things that bigger companies might view as essential being seen as a luxury or a low priority. However, one area where you shouldn’t allow your small business to fall behind is where it comes to security.

An IT security breach can be disastrous, and at the worst can cause you to lose all of the important records your business relies on, as well as use of things like your mail accounts and website. A physical security breach, where things may be stolen or vandalized, can be equally devastating, both in terms of money and your continued operations. Here we take a look at the simple things you can do as a small business owner to bolster security:

Basic IT Security for Your Small Business

it security small businesses IT Security For Small Businesses   Simple, Easy Steps That Can Keep Your Business Safe

There are a few measures you need to make sure you’ve taken across the board on all PCs used within your business.

The first is to make sure both the individual machines and any network you may have is protected by good, up to date antivirus software and a firewall. You should set your security software to run full checks once a week, and schedule these to happen overnight or at another time when nobody is likely to be trying to work. You can either invest in a good security package or use Microsoft Security Essentials if your budget is low to zero!

The second thing you need to do is make sure critical updates from Microsoft, and to your regularly used packages, are set to run automatically. This will mean you get the latest patches that will defend against any newly discovered security weaknesses. Whatever version of Windows you are running, patches are still released years after the initial launch, so make sure you have this set to be an automatic download and install.

Physical Security for Your Small Business

it security small businesses1 IT Security For Small Businesses   Simple, Easy Steps That Can Keep Your Business Safe

If you have an office, warehouse or retail store, then you also need to consider how secure your site is. For most physical sites, at least one business security camera is an important asset, set up at an access point so you can easily monitor who has been on the premises and when if there is an incident. You may choose to have a full network of CCTV cameras if you have a lot of visitors to your site (for instance if you have a retail store or an office or workshop with a lot of valuable equipment that clients visit every day).

You should also have some sort of access control, beyond standard keys that can be easily copied. A number lock, or a security access system that relies on ID passes, can allow you to really lock down who can gain access to your premises and also let you restrict where certain staff can go.

By implementing these basic security measures, which you can do fairly cheaply and easily, you can keep your business and its assets better protected, leaving you and your team free to worry about making your venture a success!

The contributor of today’s post, Kate Harris, is a security expert at AAA Satellite, one of the leading manufacturers of security locks and cameras in KS. In her spare time, she likes to write blogs about the different security equipment and the importance of installing them in workplaces.

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Stretch Out those Leftovers – How Long Food Can Safely Be Stored In Your Refrigerator

Stretch Out those Leftovers – How Long Food Can Safely Be Stored In Your Refrigerator


Modern Western people waste an extraordinary amount of food. Not only is wasting food bad for the environment, but it is also bad for the budget – buying food and simply throwing half of it away is never an economical thing to do. Of course, in many cases things are sold in much larger portions or quantities than you actually need all at once, particularly if you are only cooking for yourself or for two people rather than a whole family.

food storage Stretch Out those Leftovers   How Long Food Can Safely Be Stored In Your Refrigerator

You can still easily avoid waste however, by keeping the food you don’t use preserved in your fridge or freezer, or cooking more of a dish than you need and keeping some for another day.

How Long Is Food Safe For After You Store It In Your Refrigerator?

food storage1 Stretch Out those Leftovers   How Long Food Can Safely Be Stored In Your Refrigerator

Many people do put leftovers in their refrigerators with the intention of eating them, but then after a couple of days have passed they are unsure if the food is still safe to eat, and they end up throwing it out anyway. In actual fact, the safe times for common foods to be refrigerated (specifically, kept at a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit) are quite easy to learn:

  • Raw poultry, raw sausages and raw ground meats (for example hamburger or ground turkey) have the shortest period where they are safe in the fridge, and should be used within one or two days. If you aren’t likely to do this, freeze them instead or cook them – cooked forms of these meats are safe for three to four days in the fridge instead.
  • Other raw meats including steaks, pork chops, lamb and veal, in any cut, are safe for three to five days in the fridge.
  • Opened packages of cold cooked lunch meats are good for up to five days. Unopened packs can last for two weeks (with some preservatives they can last even longer so feel free to go by the use by date on the pack).
  • Bacon is typically safe in the fridge for a week.
  • Mayo based salads, including those containing cooked egg, chicken or ham, can be kept for three to five days.
  • Cooked leftovers including cooked meat or chicken, pizza, vegetables and most side dishes can be kept for three to four days.

Further Advice About Refrigeration and Freezing

These are all conservative amounts of time that will guarantee the food will be safe (assuming it was fresh when you put it in the refrigerator). Some foods may keep longer, depending on their original freshness and other factors, so don’t panic if you have been eating things that have been kept in your fridge for longer than these recommended times. Whatever kind of fridge you have, whether it’s a huge commercial refrigerator or a small fridge-freezer, the same rules apply as long as the food is kept below 40 degrees at all times.

When it comes to freezing, food is technically safe to eat indefinitely, however there are recommendations in terms of when you should use the food for it to taste its best. These tend to range from just a month or two for pre-cooked leftovers, to around a year for a lot of fresh meats, though it will not usually be harmful to eat foods that have been frozen for periods well beyond these guidelines, as long as you know that it has never been thawed and refrozen.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Richard Maxwell. A complete food buff, he likes to cook up various dishes and fulfill his hunger. When he isn’t busy munching away at his favourite dishes, he blogs about recipes and other stuff.

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How Content Marketing Can Make Your Dental Office Money

How Content Marketing Can Make Your Dental Office Money


Marketing your content can earn your practice money both directly and indirectly. This may be anything from a basic subscription to your content to getting your valuable content to niche areas online that help expand your brand name and bring more business in general to your practice.

money How Content Marketing Can Make Your Dental Office Money

Social Payment

For the simple act of Tweeting or posting a Facebook update that helps promotes another brand, you can be paid over social media for doing so. For example, someone pays with a tweet, a user tells their followers about a particular product. illustrates how this function works.


Consider using advertisements alongside your content or wherever you post your content (i.e. a blog). One example is LaunchBit, which is geared towards linking advertises and those who send out content using email. LaunchBit simply acts as the middleman and connects you to the designers. Another source is clickbank, an online platform that allows to use market your content to niche audiences through a particular model the firm uses. It follows the idea of selling informational content over a long term period to a small market of customers to yield profit.

Strong CTAs

In all your content posts, you should have an obvious clear call to action. An effective CTA is the most important part of a post because it’s the part of your content that convinces a user to take a particular action or step. This might be anything from making an appointment to signing into an email list. Ineffective CTAs can make the difference between a new customer or a bounce. Try and mention a free consultation or benefit to the user for following through with the CTA, as incentives can make or break follow through.

Ancillary Products

You can also sell products directly in return for a fee or a percentage of revenue. Classic examples can be dentists who offer Invisalign or Sonicare toothbrushes. This allows you to appeal to an audience who desires these products (i.e. someone who wants Invisalign over traditional braces) to improve business.


You offer content that may be for free, but you can either make that content exclusive by charging a subscription fee. Another option is offering readers the choice to subscribe to receive better, improved or more exclusive content.

Guest Blogging

If there are niche markets or audiences you can’t reach and you don’t necessarily write for them, content the webmasters of those sites online. Ask them if you can guest blog for them, which gives you the opportunity to provide original content to a site in exchange for a link. This won’t only help you in terms of SEO, but lets the audience of that site know where the content is coming from (if they want more). To do this on a larger scale or to eliminate the trouble of contacting another site’s webmaster, you can also utilize online guest blogging tools such as myguestblog where guest bloggers and parties looking for content are brought together. Here you can post content that can be posted on sites that you feel suite your marketing needs. The result is marketing to a larger readership to attract more business.

Dr. Lance Jue is the head of A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Sugar Land, Texas. Dr. Jue and his team have been providing general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services for close to twenty years to the Sugar Land area.

Photo Credit: (CC BY 2.0)

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How Aromatherapy Can Help With Allergies

How Aromatherapy Can Help With Allergies


The changing of seasons is usually a welcomed event, as we grow tired of whatever temperature we’ve had to put up with for a long time. Plus, spring and fall are typically the most mild times of the year, so it’s much easier to enjoy the outdoors and stay comfortable.

As far as downsides go to those two specific times of the year, seasonal allergies and hay fever have got to be at, or near the top of the list, creating a wide range of annoying symptoms.

Pollen is most active during the spring and fall, so that’s the time of the year that people will start to experience nasal congestion, sinus pressure, headaches and other symptoms that are common reactions to pollen.

aromatherapy How Aromatherapy Can Help With Allergies

While symptoms get less severe when pollen recedes, it can be difficult to deal with for the first several weeks during that time of the year.

There’s certainly medication that can help, both of the prescription and over-the-counter variety; however, there are also some more holistic methods that can be quite effective.

One such method is aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy for Allergies

Aromatherapy is made up of either herbs or essential oils that you can burn, both of which can be effective treatments for a variety of allergy symptoms. In addition to treating and often alleviating these symptoms, aromatherapy can relieve stress, increase energy and even help to improve things like muscle and joint pain or insomnia.

While aromatherapy isn’t a cure for the baseline problem (exposure and inhalation of pollen), it does help to get you some surface level relief from the nagging symptoms that allergies can cause on a daily basis.

This can be particularly helpful if you stay in one room throughout the day for work, or if you have some leisure time in the evening where you can allow yourself to breathe in the herbs or oils. Some people respond better to one than the other, so you’ll have to do some experimenting and decide whether your body responds better to essential oils or herbs.

Try both and see which one does a better job of relieving your allergy symptoms.


You can also use a vaporizer in conjunction with aromatherapy, which, in the instance of dealing with allergies, could be incredibly helpful, particularly for your nasal passages and sinuses. You can experience relief much quicker, since vaporizers do a better job of releasing the herbs and scents from the oils into the air.

If your original attempt with basic aromatherapy doesn’t yield the desired results, you might try using a vaporizer.

The design is simple– hot air passes through either dried and crushed herbs (or a variety of oils). That air then gets carried throughout the room quickly– much more quickly than the traditional candle burning methods.

Figuring out What Works

Aromatherapy definitely has the potential to help you cope with allergies, but you should do some experimenting and figure out what works best for you. Your body will respond differently to different herbs and oils, so try a few different things and see what gets you the best results.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from Southern California. As the founder of Gryffin Media, her writing covers a variety of industries, including health, technology and business marketing. She loves writing about holistic alternatives and finds that incorporating aromatherapy in her health routine helps her cope with allergies.

Photo Credit: Matt Reinbold (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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