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Blackberry, Time For A Makeover?

Blackberry, Time For A Makeover?


There was a time when Blackberry was hailed as one of the top brands. It was the corporate symbol as people all over the world looked up to Blackberry. However, this was the era before Apple seized the platform and became the new status symbol. Things changed for Blackberry; however, it still remained one of the top names and a big brand.

blackberry time for makeover Blackberry, Time For A Makeover?

It wasn’t until the invasion of android and even lower priced smart phones that Blackberry started failing miserably in the market. The main reasons as to what contributed to the rapid decline of this brand are somewhat unclear because one cannot pinpoint specific reasons for the same. Yet, the change had come and Blackberry had started declining and toppling and it looked like there was no stopping it from tumbling down.

The Craze Died Down

Blackberry was once a cult among people. It was once the symbol of your status and Blackberry was one of the elite brands as not everyone could afford a Blackberry. No doubt, the craze that was once associated with the Blackberry phones, died down a great deal. As the craze started waning, people started looking for other alternatives. New phones emerged that offered smarter looks, better features and lower rates. It was hard to ignore the peaking popularity of other brands and as Apple became the ultimate king, Blackberry had to be content with the second place. However, what it failed to realize was that the push to the second position was the beginning of the end as the Blackberry era was now nearing its further fall.

The Android App Store Ruined Blackberry

The app world is one of the most profitable sectors. Daily, innumerable apps are being launched and they get downloaded at an alarming rate too. The Blackberry app store was a huge flop when you compare it with the two other competitors which are Google play store and the Apple app store. While Apple remains an expensive choice and was not an affordable option, android offered huge choices to people.

There were people who were now opting for android phones simply because the app store had a lot of variety and the phones fell in the right budget too. And of course the various tech related issues, including browser related issues, just made it harder for most users to surf online with ease, and unable to check websites, review lists like top websites for music/movies, or even transfer data files. What’s more, nearly all Blackberry users had to deal with the browser issue, whereas with android phones, the users are able to check anything online, right away sans any issue. Most people believe that it is the diversity in apps and the profound popularity of android phones that ruined the popularity and growth of Blackberry.

While Blackberry was mainly “the corporate phone” that once targeted the executives and business honchos, it tried spreading its wing and reaching out to the masses by offering music and games. Yet it could never shed out the very first “business Blackberry” image.

These are some of the key reasons that paved the path for the fallout of the big mobile band. The wind of change ruined the future of this company and the shares kept tumbling until Blackberry finally had to realize that it will no longer be able to regain the lost glory.

The days of Blackberry were long over and there was no undoing the deed that had been done. Despite repeated attempts, Blackberry failed to impress users anymore.


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