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Top 10 Bizarre Feats of Architecture

Top 10 Bizarre Feats of Architecture


Since mankind begun, we’ve sought shelter as a place to conduct domestic and later, work life. As innovations developed, many different materials and building methods came into play, and architects got increasingly ambitious. Here’s a list of interesting architectural creations throughout the world – the good, the bad and the ugly.

10. Dar Al Hajar, Yemen

Dar Al Hajar Yemen Top 10 Bizarre Feats of Architecture

This palace, which protrudes from a rock formation above a valley in Wadi Dhahr, was constructed in the 1930s by the ruler Imam Yahya. Originally built as a summer residence, this remarkable building and its grand interior is now open to tourists.

9. Manchester Civil Justice Centre, England

Manchester Civil Justice Centre Top 10 Bizarre Feats of Architecture

Australian architects Denton Corker Marshall designed this multi-court building, which boasts the largest suspended glass wall in Europe, at 11,000m2. The same design team is currently in talks to create a sister court building in nearby Birmingham. 

8. The Stone House, Portugal

Stone House Portugal Top 10 Bizarre Feats of Architecture

This domestic home was meticulously carved out of a large piece of stone. Although it’s privately owned, many trek to the top of this hill in Guimaraes to take photos and marvel at the unique residence.

7. Beijing National Stadium, China

Beijing National Stadium Top 10 Bizarre Feats of Architecture

This stadium – used in the 2008 Summer Olympics – was the brainchild of architects Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Stefan Marbach, Li Xinggang, and artist Ai Wei Wei. They came up with the design after studying Chinese ceramics and deciding on a “Birds Nest” theme.

6. Kansas City Public Library

Kansas City Public Library Top 10 Bizarre Feats of Architecture
Kansas City Public Library 2 Top 10 Bizarre Feats of Architecture

Established in 1873, Kansas City’s library was adapted to include this incredible wall of books, which run down 10th Street between Wyandotte Street and Baltimore Avenue. There are twenty-two 25 x 9 feet book spines featuring titles suggested by Kansas City readers, such as Catch 22, Huckleberry Finn, The Lord of the Rings and Charlotte’s Web.

5. The Crooked House, Himley, England

Crooked House Himley England Top 10 Bizarre Feats of Architecture

This pub in the English West Midlands fell foul to too much coal removal beneath its footings during the mining period. The result was that it sunk to one side, causing drinks to roll off the table and punters feeling incredibly drunk after just a couple of beers. Buttressing has secured the building so it won’t slip any more, even though it’s still 15 degrees off angle.

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