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I Want To Look After People And Make The World A Better Place!

I Want To Look After People And Make The World A Better Place!


There are lots of different sorts of people in the world, but one of the best kind are those people who really care for others and want to devote their careers to helping people. The thing is, there are so many ways that people need help, and so many things that you could be doing, that if you are this kind of person, you may be a bit stumped as to what sort of profession would suit you best. There is of course, the medical field, which on its own has hundreds of different careers, including everything from being a surgeon to a physical therapist, a nurse to a pharmacist, or a midwife to a clinical psychiatrist. Outside of medicine though, what are some good job paths for people who live to care?


want look after people world1 I Want To Look After People And Make The World A Better Place!

There are charities for every conceivable good cause, and all of them have a variety of roles that need to be done to continue their work. This means you can be someone on the ground, as it were, for example helping build villages in Africa or rescuing neglected animals, or you can work in fund raising, which is of course essential for any charity. As well as this, there are usually paid jobs in things like IT, administration and other operational things that while not directly related to ‘helping’ per se, allow people who have a leaning towards a certain type of profession outside of the caring field (like a knack for web design) to still do work that helps make the world a better place.


want look after people world2 I Want To Look After People And Make The World A Better Place!

If you want to work with people who have problems face to face and have a real chance to make a difference in their lives that you can see emerge over time, counseling can be a really rewarding thing to do for a living. Counselors work in all kinds of environments, including with children, troubled teens, people who have experienced serious trauma (for example soldiers), people who are recovering from addictions, and sometimes just ordinary people who are at a bad point in their lives (perhaps due to a bereavement or divorce). It is a common misconception that counselors are there to advise people. In actual fact, their role is to encourage people to talk through their problems in a constructive way, and to listen.

Care Work

want look after people world3 I Want To Look After People And Make The World A Better Place!

Another field where you can be hands on with people who need help is as a professional carer. You can do this in places like hospices or nursing homes, or on a residential basis, and there are all kinds of people you can work with, including special needs children, elderly people, people with disabilities and people who are terminally ill. It is quite easy to find this kind of work as it is usually in high demand, so a good way to start can be to contact local home help agencies and discuss what they look for in entry level employees. You can also talk to local nursing homes, care homes and hospices and see if they hire people directly, rather than through agencies, as well.

Anthony Wong, the author of this article, is part of the team at, Family Private Care, a licensed nurse registry based in Florida. He is a culinary enthusiast and enjoys treating his clients to some of his savoury dishes.

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Common Cosmetic Dental Practices For A Better Smile

Common Cosmetic Dental Practices For A Better Smile


Everyone wants to better themselves.  From small little changes in your routine to entire wardrobe changes, we all like to make a difference in our appearance that makes us look and feel better.  People can diet and exercise to get that body shape they want.  People with skin conditions and acne problems can have medical grade treatments to clear up their pores.  However often times many people believe they are at a loss when it comes to issues they are having with their teeth and smile.

common cosmetic dental practices for Common Cosmetic Dental Practices For A Better Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry has become increasingly more popular and accessible for people all over the world within the last decade.  While most people envision their dentist as just a twice-a-year visit that tells you you’re not brushing enough and that they know when you forget to floss, there are actually many more functions of your oral hygienists.  Most dental practices these days perform corrective procedures that can help teeth return back to a good looking model and shine bright and full.  Even those with some seemingly irreversible tooth growths and conditions have been amazed at what the common procedures of cosmetic dentistry can do for their smile, teeth, and overall appearance and confidence.

The root of many dental rearrangements is obviously braces.  We’ve all either had or known someone growing up who has had brace; the large bulky array of glue and wires that sealed your teeth inside a cage of transformation for 2, sometimes 3 years while you’re trying your hardest to get recognized at your new high school.  While these practices still exist, many adults who are seeking beauty tips and a better look for their smile tend to shy away from the standard practice of metal-mouth.  Instead many cosmetic dental practices offer either Invisalign or a variant.  These products are essentially molded braces that help re-shift your smile back to the model form without being visible.  Made of a strong clear plastic they just slide over your teeth and do the work of brackets and rubber bands without being visible in your day to day life.

Often times the color or condition of each individual teeth is just as big an issue for people’s overall appearance as their actual crooked smile is.  Discolored, sometimes dark yellow teeth, can cause even the most confident of beauty queens tighten their lips a bit.  That is why cosmetic dental practices usually offer serious deep cleaning to teeth to restore their white shine and kill off dead bacteria and rotting parts of enamel that cause issues in your oral hygiene.  These stained teeth have most likely been suppressed by many months of wine or soda consumption and are having a hard time bouncing back for a great smile from simply brushing them every night.  If you’re looking for more self confidence and beauty in your smile, then you should discuss a whitening procedure with a cosmetic dentist.

Although straight white teeth are key components to a great smile, sometimes you might feel like there is something missing; literally.  People suffer from damage to their teeth all the time.  From chipped teeth to entirely lost teeth, it is possible that there isn’t enough coverage in your smile which could leave you tight lipped when you are meeting people for the first time.  As much as you may think your teeth are the only oddballs out there, you’re not alone at all.

A common procedure that people get to aid their smile in the event of a shaved or chipped tooth is the installment of something called a veneer. While it may seem like an undefined word that requires a lot of work to achieve, getting veneers is most times an outpatient single visit procedure.  In the installment of a veneer, a fake molding of your tooth is grafted out of various integral compounds to form a shiny and strong cap to fit over the tooth.  This way when you smile it looks like a totally natural and healthy tooth.  However it is actually just a type of hood or helmet fitting snug over your existing tooth to help fill out where it lacks.

One problem that many smile-conscious people are aware of but fear there is nothing that can be done about it is having a gummy smile.  Sometimes people’s teeth aren’t as filling or big as they would like and as a result their gums compensate the space and tend to overpower a smile.  WHile you might think that it is just something to learn to live with, it can actually be taken care of in a few visits to a cosmetic dentist.  The ability to care for gums is just as important for the beauty and health of a smile as taking care of the teeth are.

People all over the world are looking for ways to diet, live healthy, and have an overall more attractive appearance.  Reflection of one’s inner self through the way they present themselves is a serious indicator as to their level of self confidence.  Interacting with people and just giving off a good vibe in general all starts with communication and presentation, both of which incorporate your smile.  If you have been feeling iffy or shy about the look of your teeth or gums, don’t shame your smile any longer.  Some of the most crooked teeth and mangled smiles have been easily redeemed through some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer for Lifetime Smiles, an Austin dental practice. Zane thinks cosmetic dentistry can really help some people with low self-esteem.

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Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night – Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night – Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat


Although there are lots of reasons to love the summer, it can make it much harder to get a good night’s sleep. This is partly because it is far more difficult to cool down than warm up, so while a cool bedroom is pleasant to sleep in because you can snuggle up under a duvet, a hot room can be impossible to get comfortable in. Your body also drops in temperature as you enter a deep sleep, so if you are too hot in general it can make it difficult to achieve this and go into a proper sleep mode. Add to this the additional disturbance that can be caused by it getting light a lot earlier, and it can cause real problems for some people. If you have trouble sleeping in warm weather, here are some tips to help:

Use Fans and Aerate the Room All Day

sleeping better1 Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night   Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

If you don’t have air conditioning, you need to use any cooling devices you have at your disposal throughout the day to keep the temperature down, making sure the room is at its coolest when you go in there to sleep. If you don’t like to sleep with the windows open because of noise, have them open when you aren’t in the room instead and use fans to distribute air. Invest in good mesh or other window screens to stop bugs making their way inside without restricting air flow. You may also want to consider getting an evaporation cooler or ‘swamp cooler’ to help cool air – these are less effective than air conditioning but don’t require a vent to the outside, so can be good for apartments.

Most people find they can sleep with fans on, however if the noise bothers you when you are trying to sleep, look for ‘quiet’ fans which are especially designed for night time use.

Take a Cool Shower Before Bed

sleeping better2 Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night   Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

Reduce your body temperature as much as possible before you go to bed. A cool (but not shockingly cold) shower can be a good way to do this, or, if you have a pool, consider taking a swim in the evening. This will mean your body isn’t already too hot when you get into bed, and it’ll be easier for it to stay cool as it relaxes into sleep.

Stay Well Hydrated

sleeping better3 Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night   Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

When it is hot you lose a lot more water from your body through sweat, even while you sleep. Being dehydrated isn’t conducive to that well rested feeling you need, so make sure you not only drink a lot of water throughout the day but also keep a bottle of water by your bed in case you wake up thirsty.

Keep the Room Dark

sleeping better4 Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night   Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

As well as the heat, you also have to fight the light to get a good night’s sleep in summer. On the longest days of the year the sun can rise as early as 4am, which in most cases will be long before you want to be broken out of your sleep cycle. Use black out curtains, shutters or window coverings to keep out early morning sun, and also consider keeping them closed during the day if direct sunlight tends to come in through the window and heat the room further.

Today’s feature writer, Marshall Stinson, is a part time blogger who works for a big electrical wiring company. He likes to share his views through his blogs, which generally include topics including home improvement tips and DIY projects.

sleeping better Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night   Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

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Resolutions to Help You Become a Better Person

Resolutions to Help You Become a Better Person


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Whenever you read self-improvement books that aim to make you a better person, they tend to focus predominantly on things that can be easily measured in terms of success. This tends to mean things like making more money, working faster and longer hours, or getting into better shape. All these things though mean improving life for yourself, and this isn’t really what most of us would consider being a ‘better person’. Sure real self improvement means becoming more selfless and doing things that help you to give back to the world?

Here then we will look at some things that can help to make you a better person and improve you in more concrete ways that really matter. Why not make 2013 the year that you become a better person? Here are four resolutions to help you do just that.

We're thinking of you
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Give to Charity

One of the best ways to start doing something good for the world is to donate to charity and this can mean contributing to any number of issues and causes from helping to find cures for serious diseases, to providing food and shelter for those who don’t have it, to helping the sick, to combating serious crimes such as human trafficking. Just set a budget for how much of your salary you’re willing to donate, and then commit to donating that amount each month. Giving some of your money to a cause you believe in gives you all the more reason to succeed yourself and means that it’s no longer just you who benefits from your hard work and ingenuity.

Autism Awarness Cause Ribbon of Colorful Puzzle Pieces with a Cherub Angel Figurine Statue of a Child
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Support a Cause

If you really believe in something then there is much more you can do other than just provide financial aid. To really get behind a cause means to contribute your time as well by volunteering for instance, or to help spread the word by wearing t-shirts. Choose a cause, whether it be world hunger or stop human trafficking and then learn everything you can about it and look into the various ways you may be able to help. Dedicate a set amount of time you want to contribute to supporting your cause, and then stick to it as you might a new workout.

A helping hand
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Improve Your Traits

All of us have things we want to improve about ourselves, and new year resolutions are often a time to zero in on those. Rather than focussing on your spare tire though, or tendency toward procrastination, this time why not focus on being more forgiving? On improving your manners? Or on improving your temper? By finding one particular trait you want to improve and making an effort to do so you can see some very concrete results.

support love
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Do More Good Deeds

While it might sound like a Brownie resolution, doing good deeds is something most of us could do more of. Most of us find that there are opportunities to help others or do nice things for people that present themselves every day, and making an effort to seizing these at least once a day is a great way to improve your karmic balance.

Lisa Goodman is a very altruistic person. She likes writing on a wide range of topics that affect our day-to-day life and that have the ability to change the way we live and see the world.

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Top Ways To Be A Better Neighbour

Top Ways To Be A Better Neighbour


Getting on with the neighbours is something that is constantly portrayed as a struggle on television and of course there’s a lot of humour in the idea that we should be at the throats of the people who live closest to us due to some oversight or petty dispute.

However the reality is that it should be perfectly easy to get on with your neighbour, and that life is a lot nicer when you do. All it takes is a little consideration and thoughtfulness to rub along with the people in the houses around you, so here’s some tips to help you make the right impression.

Don’t Trespass or Encroach

Keep Out
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This is a fairly obvious one, but you’d be surprised how often people neglect to give their neighbours the most basic privacy. If you’re always walking across your neighbours drive to get to your own, or if you’re letting your trees grow over into their garden, then you’re essentially showing a complete lack of respect for their boundaries and of course this will annoy them. Make an effort to go around their drive and to cut back your trees – you can bet it will be appreciated.

Keep the Noise Down

Loud Yelling Please
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This is the classic one, but it’s important to make sure you keep any noise you make to a minimum. Of course if you’re very loud it can prevent your neighbours from sleeping, or interrupt them when they’re hosting/relaxing. Make sure then to show consideration whether it’s with playing music (keep the volume low) or using the washing machine (particularly in attached buildings it’s nice not to use the machine after 9).

And if you’re going to have a party? Go around and speak to them first to let them know you’re having one and better yet invite them. If they know to expect a noisy evening then they can arrange their night around that. But don’t think this is a green light – if you have noisy parties every night you’ll still upset them.

Have a Chat From Time to Time

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It’s also a good idea to have regular chats whenever the opportunity presents itself. In other words, if you notice them over the fence when you’re in your front drive try stopping to say hello. Not only is this less rude than trying to hide and getting caught, but it will also mean that they’ll view you more as a friend and be more likely to show lenience if you occasionally do something to annoy them.

Maintain Your Own Home

better neighbour2 Top Ways To Be A Better Neighbour
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Finally, you may think it’s your prerogative to do what you like with your home, but you have to remember that your house is also their view. If you don’t get occasional house painting and mow your lawn from time to time then it will create an eyesore for them and mean their house doesn’t look as nice either. Furthermore this can actually reduce the saleability of other houses in the neighbourhood, so make sure to take care of basic upkeep.

Molly Jackson is a interior designer and home improvement blogger. Molly is a proponent of building a close knit community with neighbours.

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