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New Vs. Used Saxophone For Beginners

New Vs. Used Saxophone For Beginners


If you have decided to start playing the saxophone then you should congratulate yourself for making a great instrument choice. Saxophones are really great instruments that don’t often get the credit they deserve.

new vs. used saxophone for New Vs. Used Saxophone For Beginners

They are really good for people who have no previous musical experience and people who are more seasoned to play different instruments.

A big choice you need to make at the start naturally revolves around the type of saxophone you are going to get.

And when you are looking to buy a saxophone you often have the choice between a new or a used instrument.

Here is a quick look at the pros and cons of both options.

New Saxophone

Naturally many players suggest that you should go with a new saxophone to make the most out of your new hobby. Of course when you buy anything new it has a lot more appeal than if you buy something that has already been used before and therefore you might be more drawn to a new model.

When you buy a new saxophone you will know for sure what you are getting and that the saxophone is in a perfect working order. Often you also get a warranty when you buy a new saxophone making it a really safe choice.

But the downside for a new saxophone is generally most often the price. A new saxophone can end up costing almost ten times as much as you might pay for the same used version of the model. And saxophones aren’t the cheapest of instruments in the first place and so this might be a thing to turn you away from a new model.

Used Saxophone

What the above means is that one of the biggest positives for buying a used saxophone is the price. There are a lot of great used instruments out there that provide you great quality with an affordable price tag.

Some vintage saxophones are also a lot more enthralling to play and have the old natural tone that they produce. You can also find a lot of great used saxophones, even from the internet, making it quite easy to make proper findings.

At the same time it is often hard to really tell what the condition of the used saxophone is, especially if you aren’t able to test it out. There are also some unfortunate souls out there that want to trick you into buying something that isn’t as good quality as you’d like.

Decision Time

So the above tells us that there are a lot of pros and cons for buying both new and used saxophones. What it really all boils down to is your own price range and the ability to try out the instrument before you buy.

Look at websites that provide saxophone lessons and ask for advice. For example, the saxophone lessons at Pro Music Tutor can help you establish what are the key tone-related things you need to look for in a saxophone. There are also a lot of good guides like the one by Musician’s Friend and you should read it with care.

Picking the right saxophone is important and there is no way to know which instrument works for you until you try it out.

Sarah is in love with saxophone music and she could be listening to proper jazz all day long. She also likes to go to concerts all around the country and likes to travel to music festivals around the globe.

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A Beginners Guide To Learning An Instrument

A Beginners Guide To Learning An Instrument


Learning an instrument can be a truly incredible feeling and I recommend it wholly to anyone out there reading this article. There are so many instruments you can learn, I have gone down the traditional indie kid route and am a guitarist. I don’t profess to be brilliant but I can hold my own and am also self-taught, something that I am particularly proud of.
Learning Instruments

There are a lot of different ways you can learn and there are lot of instruments out there too. It is just down to you picking an instrument that excites you and that you feel you will be able to master.

Having passion for the object is important, if you can really engage when you play the chance of success is much higher.

Being a high class instrumentalist is down to confidence and having the guts to fail but get back on the wagon and try again until you find that beautiful riff.

This article will aim to highlight the three key personality traits that are paramount to musical success.

If you get good on an instrument and start a band, the possibilities are endless, obviously this is many years down the line but think big, it can be a great motivator.

A Focus

When learning to plan in instrument it is important that you have a focus and that focus must be to become the best you can be.

There is no use going at it halfheartedly, spend the right amount of time researching the instrument you are going to learn and gage how difficult it is going to be, if you are up for the challenge and really do want to get playing to a good standard then go for it. It is either something you have or haven’t got, the good thing about learning nowadays is that you can do it at your own leisure.

There are companies out there such as Pro Music Tutor that allow you to learn online on the move which is great for those looking to fit in their instrument with a busy lifestyle.


You have got to want to learn and be determined to better yourself as an instrumentalist. There are so many different instruments you can learn, make sure you pick on that you enjoy or are interested in because it can very much help you to engage with the learning process.

We live in a world in that is dominated by technology so make use of it and read reviews and get tips online about how best to play but most of all make sure you put in the hours of practice.


Passion is something you either have or don’t have and if you do have it then you really do stand a good chance of becoming a good instrumentalist. The teachers out there are brilliant and there are so many sources to learn from so spend enough time practicing and you will do fine.

Don’t just pick the first instrument you see either, make sure you have an interest in it.

Josh is an author with a love for modern technology and music. He taught himself to play guitar and loves to write about what it takes to learn an instrument.

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A Beginners Guide To Structured Settlement Quotes

A Beginners Guide To Structured Settlement Quotes


To many a structured settlement quote will seem like a foreign concept and that’s because many people just agree to what the courts offer and don’t see the other side of the coin. We all at some point in our lives will be faced with a situation I which we receive compensation for one thing or another.

The most popular way of remunerating people is with a structured settlement that pays the money monthly into your bank account.

Obviously to many this will sound great, a bit of extra cash each month, but if you think of the other option available to you then maybe you will change your mind.

There are companies out there that can offer you a lump sum, admittedly for less than the total amount of the original amount, however it is better than the miniscule amount you would otherwise have been receiving each month.

This article will highlight what the benefits of a structured settlement quote are and why it is something that people with claims should take very seriously

Financial Stability

Having access to a large sum of money can give you that financial stability you have always dreamed about. We all get in debt, whether it be with banks or friends, it is just the way of life. If you are not rich you are most likely to experience financial hardship during your life, that’s just the way it is.

Receiving your compensation each month until the full amount is paid won’t enrich your life at all, it will just make you a little more comfortable for a year or two. Nothing memorable and you won’t be able to do anything different than you normally would.

I really think that the lump sum is a brilliant idea, there are so many companies out there such as structuredsettlement-quotes.com that can give you all the information and guidance needed to make a well informed decision.

You can pay off all of your debts and then for once enjoy the money you get each month from your wage.

Ability to Plan

You get the ability to plan your future, having some capital to hand can give you the chance to assign funds to certain things. You can travel, you can pay off your overdraft and you can put your kids through school. Obviously it depends how much money you receive from your settlement but the options are there for you.

Do your research and find out ways that can help you manage your money, there is nothing worse than having a huge amount of money and not knowing how to responsibly utilize it. We live in a world of economic hardship so I think you owe it to yourself to have a few years of comfort.

Explore and Pay Debts

We are all in debt and we all want to explore so having the lump sum can give you the chance to do both, it’s a win, win situation for all parties involved. There is a plethora of brilliance out there so get out and embrace it.

Andrew is an author with over 10 years industry experience. He graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in history but his passion lies with business and economics

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Bingo For Beginners

Bingo For Beginners


If you have never played Bingo before then it is definitely worth a try. Not only can you win prizes, but it is a great fun social activity, and surprisingly easy to get the hang of. Bingo Houses in the real world may be on the decline, but online bingo is currently enjoying a bit of a boom.  The world is in the midst of a massive recession, and when money is tight and even the most secure jobs are threatened; it is hardly surprising that people turn to quick fixes like bingo or the lottery to try and turn their fortunes around. With numbers of online gaming sites rising all the time it is now easier than ever to take up one of the nation’s favourite games right in the comfort of your living room, and there are many variations of the game available to try.

bingo Bingo For Beginners

First things first

The first thing you will need to do is find a Bingo website.  Go for the bigger and more trustworthy sites as they are more likely to keep your financial transactions secure. If in doubt read some reviews or forum discussions first to find out which websites are best. Some of the bigger sites have special introductory offers if you sign up – so you could try the game out without spending a penny. But remember to unsubscribe if you decide the game is not for you. Some websites will require a joining fee, whilst others are free ? as long as you don’t mind full on advertising and continual pop-ups that is!

Tip: always remember to read the terms and conditions BEFORE you subscribe.

The Game itself

Once you have registered then you are ready to tackle the game itself. If you are a novice I would recommend starting with a basic game rather than any fancy deviations.  Decide whether you want to play a version with or without being able to chat with other players. It is easier not to chat when you are starting out – chat can be distracting and it is easy to miss numbers.

The game is actually very simple – you start with a card that usually has three faces (the grids with the numbers on).  The computer calls out the numbers and you have to click your mouse on the number to cross it out. When the pattern of the crossed out numbers matches the pattern at the top of your screen then you have a full house which usually wins the highest prize, and you need to hit the bingo button or shout “House” (you also win for one line and two lines completed).

Hint: it is important to click the button quickly or you might lose your prize!

Making friends

Chat can be fun and you get to know other players, but Bingo chat like other online chat rooms tends to have its own unique words and phrases. It might help to look up some of the “Bingo Lingo” so that you know what people are talking about.

Hint: sites such as ButlersBingo have sections where you can look up common Bingo phrases.

Jason Falls is a Bingo fanatic.

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What To Look For When Buying Your First Boat: A Beginners Guide

What To Look For When Buying Your First Boat: A Beginners Guide


Your own boat. Your very first vessel. Can you imagine? The lazy days of drifting on the water, the engine puttering gently as you set out for the open sea, your navigational equipment glistening in the sunlight beside a steaming mug of coffee. You’re the captain of this vessel. Why, perhaps you’ll even do a spot of fishing, or maybe you’ll just drop anchor and get to work on that mystery novel you always meant to write…


If this fantasy is roughly all you know for sure about manning a vessel then you need some help, cap’n. Buying a boat is a serious business – in terms of nuance and procedure it falls roughly between buying a new car and a new house and plenty of mistakes can be made, especially if you’re inexperienced.

STEP ONE: Acknowledge your gut instinct. Then acknowledge that your gut instinct is stupid

It’s so easy to fall in love with the romance of owning a boat and this can translate into buying the first beautiful vessel that catches your heart. Your instincts are important but they’re uninformed. Make sure that before you sign anything or put any money down, you retain the services of an experienced and impartial authority – this could be a boat builder or brokerage. Make sure they’ve got reputable trade affiliations with organisations like the British Marine Federation in the UK or SAMS (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors) in the US.

STEP TWO: Consider whether you want to buy new or used.

This is a big issue. A new boat has definite plus points: it’s sparkling and pristine, it’s fitted with the latest technology and it’s covered by all all-important warranty. However, it’s worth thinking seriously about investing in a good quality used boat if only because a previously used vessel has one important factor that a new boat cannot replicate: it has been tested on the water. A warranty is a beautiful thing but if your new boat isn’t seaworthy then it’ll be spending all its time in the boathouse being repaired rather than whizzing you around the coast. Older boats have their own problems too but this is why your ol’ pal the Marine Surveyor is so crucial to your process.

STEP THREE: Take a list of common boating issues and check them all out

Here are some common problems that should immediately set off alarms if you encounter them in a prospective purchase:

Mismatched paint – this is a sure tell for a boat that has been extensively repaired. Has the boat been in an accident? Did the seller volunteer this information readily? If not, consider what else they might be holding back.

Water lines – these are the lines that separate a rust-ridden area from one that is rust-free. Look for these inside the boat and on the engine. If you spot any, it could be a sign that the boat takes on water.

Handrails – are they bolted down? If they’re just screwed to the surface, then you have to consider what other shortcuts have been made with regards to safety.

Check the oil – is it gritty? Does it smell burnt? It’s definitely worth checking to see if you can send an oil and transmission fluid sample to a lab for testing.

Check the floors – are there any soft spots? If there are, walk, walk away.

Maintenance records – the seller shouldn’t have a problem with you checking these. Look for recurrent problems and see how carefully the boat has been maintained in the past. A careful seller is usually a trustworthy seller.

These checks may not be romantic but they’ll certainly save you a lot of heartache further down the line. Temper your heart’s desire with a lust for handrail maintenance and you’ll be fine. God speed, cap’n.

Mel Donohoe’s wife has to stop him investigating every YBWBoatsforSale sign. It’s a sickness. He’s also a freelance writer.

captain What To Look For When Buying Your First Boat: A Beginners Guide

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