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2 Spring Ideas For Reinventing Your Front And Backyard

2 Spring Ideas For Reinventing Your Front And Backyard


Warm and balmy spring weather calls for a lot of days and nights staying outdoors, on the front porch or in the backyard patio. Make it time well-spent with a relaxing and cozy ambiance that you can achieve with a little redecorating. And when you’ve completed your project, watch neighbors and passers-by do a double take when they see the spectacular transformation of your outdoor space.

spring ideas for reinventing front 2 Spring Ideas For Reinventing Your Front And Backyard

Here are easy to do decorating ideas that you can do to enhance curb appeal and make your veranda or garden look like a landscaping masterpiece.

Make a Paved Walkway

Give new life to the path that leads to your front door by installing new pavers to replace the grass or broken old ones. Pavers are sold in different kinds, colors and sizes and you can have a straight path from the edge of the road to your door or a curving one. There are so many ideas and decorating tips to come up with an attractive paver walkway that will improve the look of your front entrance.

Choose your paving material from concrete, asphalt, grave, bricks or stones. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages in features, cost, durability, maintenance and flexibility to changing weather conditions. You can decorate the sides with plants, or line them up with stones or grass. Here are the basic steps you’ll do when making a paved walkway whatever material you use:

  1. Choose a level area to make the work easier when putting in the pavers. Then slope it by about ¼” to so rainwater flows away from your house. Use stakes and strings along the outer edges to mark the walkway path.
  2. Excavate soil from the area in the amount that is equal to the depth of the pavers, including sand and gravel base if you will be using them. Level the area after excavation and take out roots and rocks.
  3. Put in 4 inches of aggregate gravel, and then 2 inches of sand over the gravel. According to Kloepfer Inc. , a paving specialist in Idaho, gravel and sand should be tamped down firmly and should be level to keep the pavers from shifting position.
  4. Put in the pavers but don’t push them down into the sand as this will create an uneven surface. For curved walkways, cut the pavers that are in the curving arc using a diamond coated blade.
  5. Fill in the gaps with sand and finish with a sealer.

Create a Fragrant Flower Garden

Flowering plants are perennial favorites and a welcome sight for tired souls and harassed minds. The size of your area is a factor in your garden design. For smaller spaces that won’t accommodate a flower bed, use hanging planters, pots and containers that come in many designs, sizes and colors. Choose from a variety of blooms. Petunias, daisies, geraniums and sunflowers are great annuals to plant. Include the perennials – day lilies, irises, peonies; the choices are varied. Plant your bulbs in autumn so that they bloom when spring comes. Add foliage with shrubs and vines.

Putting different flowers together can be a daunting task for the newbie gardener. Here are some great ideas you can try:

  • The same specie of plant in different colors, i.e., a collection of hostas in yellows and greens along the border o
  • Different plants with the same colors, i.e., lilies with cultivars of the yarrow plant in the same color with foliage and texture providing a contrast o
  • The same shade of color of different plants, grown in patches in other areas of the garden. An example is a pink-purple-chartreuse combination of flowers that have similar light and water needs

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