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First Birthday? Great Gift Ideas

First Birthday? Great Gift Ideas


AOE BABY GIFT First Birthday? Great Gift Ideas

First Birthday? Great Gift Ideas

Celebrating the birthday of a 1-year-old is just as fun, if not more, than celebrating the birthday of your adult friend. Watching a toddler squeal with delight or look quizzically at gifts she has never seen before is truly entertaining. 

If you have never been to a birthday party for a 1-year-old, you may not know what gift to buy for someone so young. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

Here are five developmentally and age-appropriate gift suggestions: 

1. Blocks. Blocks come in many shapes, colors, sizes and designs. Youngsters can stand or sit to stack each piece on top of the other or build something from their imagination. One move of a child’s hand, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and the blocks come tumbling down! With blocks, a child learns shapes, colors and designs. They also help with the developing a toddler’s fine motor skills.

2. Activity Centers. These toys are come in a set with various activities and designed so kids can be in the “center,” so to speak. For instance, with foam “play rings,” children are placed in the center of the ring where they can explore activities built into the ring, such as holes in which kids can hide or items on top and within the ring that make noise or light up. There are also “sports centers” with basketball, baseball and yes, even football activities, all with soft, miniature toys of course. Baby Einstein is one toy manufacturer that makes a variety of toys that entertain children. Activity centers stimulates a child’s imagination as well as their auditory and sensory skills.

3. Push toys. To help 1-year-olds improve their gait, these toys require kids to hold on to them, walk behind them and push them. While pushing kids are staying focus on what’s ahead of them, looking out for obstacles that would stop their toys from moving, improving their balancing and walking skills. Corn poppers are popular push toys. They have two wheels, and a long handle with a plastic bubble attached at the bottom. As the child pushes the popper, small balls make noise as they pop up inside the bubble (similar to popcorn popping).

4. Telephones. Place the headset in a child’s hand and you would think that he was carrying on a real conversation. The colorful phones light up when they “ring” and “beep” when kids press numbers on the keypad.

5. Jumbo puzzles. Whether it’s a puzzle with large pieces that create a picture or 3D wooden puzzles with colorful shapes, both provide entertainment for children. In connecting the right pieces together or stacking the same shapes on top of each other, puzzles help children develop problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, thinking skills and fine motor skills.

There are many more educational toys to choose from that strengthens a child’s physical and emotional development while kids are having fun. These toys are sturdy and enduring, and in no time, will become a toddler’s favorite toy and a favorite gift to give.

With 4 kids, it is easy for writer Melanie Fleury to become overwhelmed by toys. She has found that it is quality and not quantity of toys that is more important. Baby Einstein toys have been a favorite of all four of her kids. The toys and videos entertain and easily engage her children, and are durable and affordable.

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