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John Studzinski

John Studzinski


One of the most interesting things about investing is that it can be influenced by the investor’s knowledge of the arts and the rest of the world, outside of just the business sphere. For example, John Studzinski is a committed patron of many forms of art, but he has also risen through the ranks of investment banking, something that does not seem to be connected to the arts at all. If you are thinking about becoming an investor yourself, you know that this is very academic work that requires a precise understanding of how investing works, how to manage risk, and things of this nature. In order to have success, you may assume that you have to dedicate your life to nothing else.

JStudzinski John Studzinski
However, the fact of the matter is that it may help you to graduate with a pair of arts degrees that are more closely related to the things that you are passionate about. In the fashion of liberal studies, you could take many classes related to the arts and humanities that are not even reflected in those degrees. From a very young age, have these been the types of things that you have cared about, and do they still resonate with you today?

Of course, an art degree alone will not get you a job as an investment banker. It does seem like a large step to take in a very different direction, but you can plan things out to push yourself to this end. You should start by getting an advanced degree in finance after you graduate from college. With a total of three degrees, you will now have a very well-rounded education that will allow you to pursue whatever career you chose. Since your financial background will be the most recent – and because you will be able to see that this career path leads to the chance for the most financial success – that is the direction that you can select. You need the advanced degree in most cases to get a job, but you can study almost anything that you like in undergrad.

All in all, having so many different educational opportunities could really help. Investing is about more than just looking for trends and being good with numbers. You also have to understand society. You have to know what people care about and what they think. This changes the way that they invest and the way that they purchase goods and services, which can have a huge impact on the markets. If you can analyze these things, you can predict changes and then invest accordingly. You will not be limited to just understanding one aspect of society. You will have a wider view that gives you the edge.

If you are successful financially, your love for the arts will be able to flourish all through your life. You could collect art for the home. You could give money to charities that support the arts and you could support the work of art museums. Your patronage will make it possible for the arts to stay strong. By supporting this field, you will still be involved with the things that you love, even if you did not decide to make a career out of them, so you will enjoy your hobbies and your career in equal parts.

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Unusual Yet Creative Gift Ideas

Unusual Yet Creative Gift Ideas


Buying normal and known items as gifts either for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas is sometimes very upsetting. This is so if you find the items you bought with a lot of love thrown away. You might find MP3 players broken, dropped earrings, scratched up DVDs or video games yet to be played or sold behind your back. However, this holiday season, you might decide to go for unusual and rather distinct gifts that will not only be used but remain in their minds for some time.

Strawberry Santa 211x300 Unusual Yet Creative Gift Ideas

Gun Umbrella

Perhaps you want a gift that will certainly help start a conversation and an umbrella with the handle in the shape of a gun is definitely one of a kind. Walking with it in your hand across the street will grab attention right away.

Flat Wine Bottle Yet Cheese Tray

For a few dollars you can get the one you love a flat wine bottle especially if he or she loves wine, which is also a good cheese tray. Go for reclaimed wine bottle of 750ml and flat slumped with an included cheese spreader. You might want to buy from a company that recycles bottles especially if your loved one is eco-friendly in mind and works hard to protect the environment.  Other up-cycled products you might also want to look at include vases, lighting, bowls and glass jars.

Geek Family Member

Anybody can do with some USB 2.0 and additional memory space and getting it for your geek son or friend is quite helpful. Get it in the shape of a pet, for instance a dog and give it to them. On the other hand, you can buy it with the software you think they need in their geek world and sit back and watch as they put it into good use.

Candy From The Past

If you have older parents or friends you need to surprise with an unusual gift, you can go back to the past by buying them candy sets that were common in their youth. They will be easily recognized as you transport them back to their childhood or their youth. These can be gum nuggets burlap bag, pop rocks, candy necklace or a candy bar they know so well and still being manufactured. This unusual sweet gift is also a wonderful discussion starter.

Shot Glasses And A Santa Hat

A Christmas without a red and white Santa hat is almost out of the question. Santa hats might not be weird but getting them with the right shot glasses will make them really strange.

70s Retro Smartphone Case

With a modern Smartphone in a 70s retro case, you would have defined the term cool all over again. The retro Smartphone case will not hamper the gadget’s functionality, especially if you go for a custom made case. Overall, it should be a novelty case offering extra features such as protection like any other good hard case out there in the market.

Bomb Shaped Alarm Clock

If you have a heavy sleeper in the house you might want to think about a very unique type of alarm clock. For instance, you can get one shaped like a dynamite about to explode. It will always be an attractive bedroom addition and a constant reminder that sleeping too much is dangerous. Choose one with a rechargeable inbuilt battery.

About Author

Lera is a lifestlyle blogger who loves to review various unique lifestyle products and publish reviews on her blog. She recently reviewed a unique Wine Bottle Candle Holder and loved it.


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Festive Season and Online Printing Services

Festive Season and Online Printing Services


Happy holiday season is at its best right now. Snow falling everywhere, stories by the fireplaces at night, coffee mugs and chocolates are everywhere in every house. Christmas Eve is rushing fast towards us and even Santa is busy to his neck. You all are waiting for your gifts from loved ones and Santa. Some of you already may have received your gifts from shipping companies that your loved ones have sent you. They may be toys, gadgets, perfumes, clothes and even accessories for your phones like the covers and different phone accessories, etc.

20 christmas greeting card 300x300 Festive Season and Online Printing Services

Online Printing

How is this all possible that the gifts are neatly wrapped into different covers and that when you open there are so many products you may have wanted in those gifting. The online services for gifting, enables all that. For example, those who know the advantages of online printing and have used such tactics for their company products know how easy it is to get the stuff in no time and then market out products. Now online B2B is done everywhere and hardly anyone I know goes to physically located markets for client handling.

Gifting can be done easily through self-sending as well when there are online brands that use in-time online printing tactics for their products that catch your eye the moment their marketing strategies are employed. You are travelling to a place where you will spend the Christmas and New Year with your loved ones so why not take some gifts with you rather wait for the shippers to ship gifts late. Driving on the road might be dangerous because of the blocked paths and snowy roads, as the ways would all be slippery. Why not take the flight to another place, to reach safely and to reach in time to surprise your loved ones.

How it helps

Companies in different areas of the world with different products at hand, have to consider the time to market their products and services. If a graphics designer gets the printing delayed somehow for some material, the whole strategy of marketing can go wasted. That is why the online printing and marketing facilities plus services like online postcards and stuff through websites like NextDayFlyers etc can be availed. In time marketing can be done when such flyers, banners, and accessories like phone covers, mugs, toys with product details are given away to people on discounts and during festive seasons. This creates a way for companies to grab more and more customers online and in the physical market place. That is why, in this era, the marketing and printing through online resources is increasing by the day.

Examples of Online Printing for Products

Mobile phones are the need and define many aspects of life. You cannot live without keeping a mobile phone, even if it is a monochromic phone. Now, when the smart phones are all up and about in the lives of people, you need a lot to do and the cellular devices have made this all easy. The devices help you to get your pictures taken with the good quality cameras they come in with, you can try the web browsing with 3G and 3G LTE technology etc. You can also keep track of your friends by the help of social media websites and socializing is one way the smart phones have updated in their functionality.

Protective Accessories

The phone cases and covers are necessary for the devices as they are becoming very delicate and sensitive to touch. The devices are also prone to harm from dust, scratches and even rough use. You may want to use them for long, so it is necessary, that you buy such accessories. Such accessories are now being printed with online printing services as easily as possible and in no time. People may order you to make cases for them in seconds and you can always avail the online designing websites and their services to do your bidding. It is as cheap as outsourcing a part of your business.

Now with the holiday season on the rise, you can find many good Christmas cases and covers for the mobile devices. You can find them in different colors and with background images embedded at their back so they look good. It is your choice if you want to get the covers in any images, or funky designs. The designs and the colors can be altered on personal option basis. You can idealize a look for the cases/covers that you want to buy, and then you will be able to make them on the different drawing boards provided by the dealers online.

This way, your customers for your case/cover products will be more than happy and the time they give you to provide them with your exceptionally designed products can be done in no time.


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What a Yacht Says about Your Lifestyle

What a Yacht Says about Your Lifestyle


Just as a purse or a suit says a lot about its owner without the person ever speaking a word, a yacht can also say a lot about a person. When it comes to yacht ownership, most people don’t know that a yacht can say a lot about your lifestyle. It is important that you know exactly how others may perceive you. Learn a little more about what you yacht says about you and why.

ZHA Blohm and Voss Yachts 1 300x200 What a Yacht Says about Your Lifestyle

You like travel

The first thing that any yacht says about its owner is that you like to travel. If you like having the ability to travel, many people may associate this with owning a large number of cars or perhaps chartering flights. A yacht is actually one of the tale tell signs that you like the freedom of travel. Some cars are owned and just sit in the driveway. Most people do not own a yacht and just allow it to float on one patch of water. Yachts are often well used and give off the idea that you like roaming and moving around.

You are a sporty person

Though power boats are often associated with sports and sporting in the water, yachts have more and more been created with the ability to participate in sports in mind. Those who like going out on yachts are typically involved in some sort of physical exercise and enjoy being physical. This means that yacht owners look like those who enjoy leisure sports.

You have free time

A yacht is typically not a place of business. Though it is possible to hold parties on a yacht or even have dinners and luncheons aboard a boat, yachts are not where you would conduct business meetings of any kind. Owning and expensive boat and being able to use it means that you have a bit of free time on your hands. This may mean that you prioritize your vacation time when you have it, or you live a lifestyle of leisure because you work hard during other times.

You are a hard worker and financially stable

The number one thing that any yacht gives off is that you are financially stable. The ability to afford a yacht is not easy. Even though many people may own boats, owning a yacht is a different experience. By being able to purchase such an expensive water craft, you will be labeled a hard worker or independently wealthy, or at the least, well off. Though these attributes can cause a sense of embarrassment at first, being looked at as a hard worker or stable in any manner is actually a compliment.

Though many do not know how their yacht makes them look, yachts say a lot about a person’s lifestyle that they barely recognize. Just having access to a yachting directory, and using it, means that you do not live a typical lifestyle. The lives of yacht owners can often be very different in a good way, because of their boats of leisure.

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10 Creative Uses Of Toilet Paper

10 Creative Uses Of Toilet Paper


On every earth day that usually takes place every year, people love showing their love and appreciation for the environment in many ways. When it comes to toilet paper, especially the rolls, a lot of recycling and reusing can be done especially in creative ways not only for yourself and the earth but also for your kids and your home. You can explore your own level of creativity and at the end you will find lots of ways you can ingeniously recycle or use toilet paper for fun and beauty.

6a011570601a80970b014e881d10ea970d 800wi 300x266 10 Creative Uses Of Toilet Paper

You will come across lots of ideas across the internet that can help in adding some tinge of inspiration. As you make the most of toilet paper in creative ways, write tutorials not only to inspire others to do the same but also to use in the future just in case. Once you have creatively used the toilet paper, you can then post your work online to give others a glimpse of what you have been doing.

  1. Wrapping Gifts

With just a toilet paper roll you can creatively present some gifts, especially for your kids on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or Halloween for those who celebrate them. Glue dots can be used to wrap using a quality shiny wrapping paper and a fitting gift inside and before clearly wrapping it. They are gorgeous in stockings for holiday gifts or filling them with candy to open later with friends and family.

  1. Fire Starter

Toilet paper tubes are wonderful to create fire starters where dryer link is stuffed on the inside of the tube and some sage for bugs’ deterrence.

  1. Seedlings Growing

Toilet paper tubes can be used to grow seedlings in the form of recycled containers especially for those with greenhouses. The toilet paper rolls are used as pots and once the crop is ready to plant, it can be planted in the ground with the whole roll without removing anything.

  1. Fabric Printing

Any empty toilet paper tube comes in handy especially for those who make patterns on their fabrics with their hands. You can think of a number of ideas to use the tube to come up with different prints in more than one way.

  1. Halloween Suspects

Every October 31 is Halloween and a great way to celebrate can be drawn on or reshaping toilet paper rolls into the common horror suspects from the world of the dead we see on cartoon networks or movies.

  1. Toy Cars

If you have lots of toilet paper rolls you can make them into toy cars for your kids or just for beautifying some empty space at home. Trains and others can also be created using these tubes and your imagination should be the limit.

  1. Roll Bird Feeding

With peanut butter and toilet paper rolls, you can roll it in birdseed and the peanut butter and make the day for a bird by slipping it on top of a branch or next to a nest.

  1. Winter Creations

With TP toppers you can create a snowman and Santa and perhaps use some crayons or paint to add color relevantly.

  1. Storage Tubes

If you have a lot of pens or some art and office supplies littered across the house, use toilet paper tubes and the shoe box to make a good storage.

  1. Vuvuzela

With the right tutorials you can use more than three toilet roll tubes to make some flute or a vuvuzela especially for the kids.

Author Bio

Sam Thompson lives in Sydney Australia. He is an editor for Toilet Paper Plus and spends his spare time surfing the beaches of the east coast of Australia. He hopes one day all companies will look after the environment.

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Tips For Packing Antiques

Tips For Packing Antiques


Whether you’re on the move to a new city or country, packing up your antiques for the move can be a daunting task. If you can, consider using a professional removals company, as they will be able to move your delicate items with the special care that antiques require. If you can’t afford a removals company, have no fear, you can do it yourself as well, here are some tips.

You’ll first want to consider the type of antiques you are moving, each will have special needs:

pad wrapping cabinet Tips For Packing Antiques

Antique Furniture

When packing antique furniture for a move, you must take into account the size of the item, and then you will know how much packing material you will need to pack it safely and securely. The most important piece of packing equipment you will need is moving blankets. These are thick, quilted blankets that are made very tough and can take quite a beating. Moving blankets are made specifically for surrounding large, yet fragile objects like furniture. A moving blanket will be used to separate each piece of furniture from each other. In addition to moving blankets, don’t forget to remove all items from drawers. For some very heavy furniture, you may want to ship it without the drawers for easier moving. Make sure to use blankets to secure the front and back of the furniture. Also, you may wish to use bubble wrap or smaller blankets or fabric to wrap delicate furniture legs and accessories like mirrors.

Art & Artwork

With art, including pictures in frames and other pieces of art, you can purchase special picture boxes, which allow the picture to be placed inside with plenty of cardboard and packing around it. Take special care to wrap corners with bubble wrap or padding. Use packing tape to secure the packing materials with the picture. Also, be sure to wrap the artwork with a thin protective wrapping before placing any padding or wrapping over it, this insures that the front and back of the picture is sufficiently protected from something sticking to it.

Glass, Pottery, Sculpture And Ceramics

With fragile items like glass, pottery, sculptures and ceramic items, their fragility makes it especially difficult to pack them properly. Use a generous amount of bubble wrap for these items, taking special care to wrap around the handles and any extruding decorations. Then wrap again with bubble wrap and place in a box. Avoid placing very fragile items too close together in a box. For items with space inside of them, make sure to add packing peanuts or other materials inside the item to protect it from sudden movements.


Jewelry should be packed in separate boxes, with each piece wrapped in tissue paper to avoid scratching against each other during transport. Then the pieces can be placed into another box together.


For ephemera and paper items like baseball cards or greeting cards, you can use bins to pack them together. Make sure to place something hard and flat between each item to insure no bending or folding occurs from the weight of other items on top of them. Also, make sure to insure airflow in the box, especially if you are moving during the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter.

Author Bio

Marie is a home maker who occasionally blogs in her free time. She lives in Perth Australia and has been moving quite a lot around Australia due to her husband’s changing job profile. She usually calls upon removalists Sydney for her transport needs.


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Designing with Widbook

Designing with Widbook


A number of collaborative programs have developed over the past couple of years. Telecommuting and telecollaboration are both rapidly growing, and it’s little wonder that the tools associated with these programs are becoming more sophisticated. Among the many programs available is Widbook, an online collaboration software platform that was originally marketed to creative designers, authors, and artists. Using it to design your eCommerce store website is feasible, but you will want to remember a few things.


write read share on widbook the youtube of books 166a57fa4f 300x168 Designing with Widbook

Widbook Works Best for Core Development

Widbook works best when you are actually editing the code or the core elements of your eCommerce store. This means that everyone who is involved needs to be somewhat familiar with the content and how it should be applied. The WYSIWG format does not exist on this particular collaborative format, but it can be good for making sure that everyone who is working on the web design components is on the same page. The benefit of Widbook is that it has some of the fastest interfacing connections available. This means that you can evaluate all of the changes in real time. More in-depth and detailed work such as photo editing and the like should be handled in a designated photo collaboration program.

Widbook Works When It’s the Only Program Running

Even though Widbook is a collaborative program, you should avoid running other programs while working on it. It is designed to be completely self-sufficient. Chatting, email, and the like can all be conducted within the Widbook program. To allow it to run at its peak proficiency, you should make it the only program running at a time. It will move significantly faster, and it will be easier for you to keep the system from locking up, even if you’re working on apparel website template alterations.

More Than Four Users Can Bog Widbook Down

When you have multiple people logged in, you may find that it starts to run slower. Each collaborative program has its own peak number, though this number is influenced in part by your systems’ processing speeds and Internet connections. It also depends on the kind of project you’re working on. A simple text alteration for your eCommerce site will not bog the system down as much as altering templates with HTML alterations.  However, according to reviews on Widbook, it appears that four users is the approximate peak number.

Finding the right collaborative program for your web design and eCommerce store needs can be a challenge, but once you find it, it’s great to be able to work on your projects with people from across the world. You no longer have to work with your web design team off on its own. Widbook is one of the strong options for collaboration. However, you need to remember a few things when using it. First, it works best for core development rather than in-depth and detailed work such as photo editing. Second, it should be the only program running whenever possible. Third, having more than four users at a time can bog the system down.

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Affordable Decoration Ideas for Your New Place

Affordable Decoration Ideas for Your New Place


you should be unable to dress your new place up to the nines — you just need to be a little more shrewd with how you With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of affordable ideas for decorating your place.

Switch to Eco-Friendly Lights

Though it may cost a few more dollars up front, it will save you money in the long run. By investing in lower-wattage bulbs, you’re reducing your electricity bill. Not only that, but eco-friendly lights create a more restful ambiance, rather than the harsh brightness of other lights. You’ll only have to replace them once every six or seven years as well, so you won’t have to shell out more money every few months to replace them.

Lamp Affordable Decoration Ideas for Your New Place

Create a Fake Architectural Look

Using painter’s tape, you can give your room a much improved look. Use the painter’s tape to paint horizontal or vertical lines. These lines visually increase the space of the room. You can also make shapes. If you use molding, you can make it appear like the walls have more depth and dimension than they actually do.

Make Your Own Lamp

Image via Flickr by Dave Kleinschmidt

If you can’t scrape together the cash for as many lamps as you need, there’s another trick that you can do. Take a glass jug, such as a mason jar, and fill it full of string lights or christmas lights. You’ll get the light you need, and it’ll be more stylish than a simple lamp.

Personalize Your Fixtures

Rather than shell out a ton of money for a fancy table, give your table a personalized look by adding your own pictures. Take a normal piece of furniture and secure your pictures to it through whatever method you choose. Get a piece of glass or plexi-cut and place it over the table.

Repurpose Items Around the House

Rather than buying new pillows or blankets, repurpose items that you already have. If you have older towels that have stains or tears, you can recycle them into new items.  You could potentially save hundreds of dollars doing this instead of buying new items.

Customize Your Curtains

Here’s a cool way to give a personal touch to your blinds. Stencil words or names into your curtains, use ribbons to create patterns, or use fabric glue to put items on the curtains, such as stars. Personalizing your curtains can give your room a completely new look.

Create Your Own Art

Instead of paying for an expensive piece of artwork and an elaborate frame, make your own design. If you have a patterned sheet or remnants of older fabric, you can wrap it around a large artist’s canvas. After that, pull it tight and staple it to the back of the frame. This will look great in any room of the house.

Add Ceiling Fans

Rather than shelling out some serious cash for a new air conditioning unit for your place, add ceiling fans to each room. Ceiling fans run about $100 or so, and you can add a lot of different lighting styles to each fan. Even better, if you were to run a fan an entire month, it would still only run about $8. Fans can potentially cool off a room much more quickly than an air conditioning unit can, and it’ll save you a ton up front, as well as on your electric bills.

Hang Your Dishes

It’s not uncommon for someone to have more dishes than they know what to do with. Rather than let them lay in the kitchen unused, why not hang them up? Over a couch or a bed, dishes create a unique look. Lay the largest plates toward the center of where you want to display them at. The easiest way to hang them is to attach wire plate hangers, then hang the plates on pitcher nails.

These cheap and affordable decoration ideas will spruce up your home instantly! What other fun and affordable decoration tricks do you know?

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Beautiful Design Ideas For Customized Urns In All Materials

Beautiful Design Ideas For Customized Urns In All Materials


Picking the right urn for a special person in your life that has passed away is a decision that needs to be made carefully. There are plenty of shapes, materials and designs for you to choose from in many pre made urns but if you want to customize your designs, then here are a few ideas which should help make the grieving process a little easier for you.



Metal urns are made out of a range of strong and very durable metals such as pewter, brass, copper, bronze or stainless steel. Metals urns are a good material to choose for an urn that is either being kept on display or is intended for burial. Metals have a beautiful natural color and are long lasting, but they can also be decorated with coatings, leaf or enamels such as mother of pearl which covers its natural color. This means that you can have any shade of color that you want and then you can pick a color which suits the personality of the person that you want to remember.


A wooden urn has a classical and much more traditional appearance and is suitable for all types of designs. A classic box shape with beautiful paneling might be just the thing you want, or if you want to opt for a more extravagant shape, some designs such as ships, castles, or figurines that have been hollowed out are some other popular choices for more novelty ideas.


Clay and porcelain urns are another classical urn material which has a really beautiful finish. If you want to opt for a ceramic urn, you will probably have to choose a traditional shape such as a cylinder or the typical “vase” like shape. A delicate pattern such as flowers and vines can then be added to the surface of the urn to make it more decorative. This makes it a perfect ornamental urn which can be displayed at home.


The way that glass urns are made is the best thing about getting one of these types of urns. Hand blown glass is heated in such a way that it is durable so that it can be on display on your mantelpiece without the worry of it getting damaged. In addition to this, a beautiful glass urn is created in such a way that every single one is unique. Blown glass can create delicate swirls and bubbles which create a feeling of tranquility. If you want something that reminds you of your loved one’s individuality, this is an ideal material to go for. In terms of design, you can pick a few colors to mix together such as greens and blues (which can be very calming) and then marvel at the creative patterns that come from the glass blower’s creation.


For a natural, strong and beautiful urn for your beloved friend or family member, you can choose stone. Types of stones which are most popular include marble, granite and polystone. Similarly to glass, stone urns are also very individual as they are cut from individual natural pieces of stone and then created into an urn with those pieces so that the grains of stone that you get on every product look unique and different.

Marble in particular has a beautiful natural pattern and if you think a unique pattern is enough to remember your loved one then it can be a beautiful thing. However, stone urns also come in a range of colors (and not just natural blacks, grays and whites either). Marble urns offer a much more dignified place to keep your loved one’s ashes and also can be created in any size that you like. Plaques can be added to the side of a box or cylinder of stone, or you can leave it plain so that you have a more subtle urn in your home.


A biodegradable urn can be made out of different materials such as cornstarch, recycled paper, clay or sand and are therefore very environmentally friendly. Although they are not designed to last for a long time, they are strong and can be decorated with non toxic paint so that you can have any kind of pattern or picture on the exterior such as flowers or landscapes.

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