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8 Examples of Art Created with Toilet Paper

8 Examples of Art Created with Toilet Paper


Daily use of toilet paper is not easy to avoid and without a roll in the house things could really look bad. You will find that the toilet paper comes with a paper tube that holds it together and ensures the tissue has been held up securely in place for easier rolling. There are many ways of using your toilet paper, especially the tissue paper tubes. Right from making home crafts, saving the world and creating party favours, there are many ways art is actualized through the normal toilet paper.

a7bb348534904a8dd83f7ce0eedc2ebc 300x206 8 Examples of Art Created with Toilet Paper

  1. Home safety

Cords and trailing wires in a home can present serious danger around the house especially if children are playing about without much care. The toilet paper tube can securely hold the cords and wires securely by winding the cables around when not in use. Putting them inside the tube for safe keeping, add some color and images to the tube as you deem fit.


  1. Spark your children’s’ imagination

Two toilet paper tubes can be attached together to create some binoculars. Through the use of excess materials, spark the mind of a child to be more creative to come up with beautiful crafts and arts. The binoculars can be brightly colored for a party with a jungle theme.


  1. Feed the wildlife

Maybe you have always wanted to have birds flocking into your garden or home and homemade bird feeders are wonderful crafts to make. The only items you need are bird seed, peanut butter, yarn and cardboard tube and everything will fall into place. You can sit back, relax and watch as birds come to feed on the seeds. You could catch them with the yarn.


  1. Crowns

If your kids have a party, use toilet paper tubes to come up with some good looking crowns. You can decorate them after creating triangles on the tube and leaving small holes to put a string to secure the crown on the head of the child.


  1. Grow plants with ease

You can grow plants in a toilet paper tube rather than use plastic pots, especially if you have a number to plant and you have no containers to use. After filling the soil, add the plant and let it grow until it is big enough. You can then plant in the soil together with the tube.


  1. Bring Christmas closer

Christmas is a season to be creative, especially in decorations and toys. Through toilet paper tubes you can come up with good looking nativity scene crafts and paint them in different colors synonymous with Christmas for extra decorations at home.


  1. Gift wrapper

Some small gifts such as jewelry and accessories can be creatively given as gifts in wonderfully and creatively created gift wraps using toilet paper tubes. The tube can be decorated with sparkling colors and images before the ends are closed with the gift inside to add some fun into the festivities.


  1. Toilet paper tube structures

You can use as much toilet paper tubes as you need to create small homes or giant structures as you deem fit especially with your children. Children have a way of thinking out of the box and they can surprise you with really wonderful creative structures using toilet paper tubes.

Sam Thompson lives in Sydney, Australia. He is an editor for Toilet Paper Plus, leading supplier of wholesale tork toilet paper. He spends his spare time surfing the beaches of the east coast of Australia. He hopes one day all companies will look after the environment.

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John Studzinski

John Studzinski


One of the most interesting things about investing is that it can be influenced by the investor’s knowledge of the arts and the rest of the world, outside of just the business sphere. For example, John Studzinski is a committed patron of many forms of art, but he has also risen through the ranks of investment banking, something that does not seem to be connected to the arts at all. If you are thinking about becoming an investor yourself, you know that this is very academic work that requires a precise understanding of how investing works, how to manage risk, and things of this nature. In order to have success, you may assume that you have to dedicate your life to nothing else.

JStudzinski John Studzinski
However, the fact of the matter is that it may help you to graduate with a pair of arts degrees that are more closely related to the things that you are passionate about. In the fashion of liberal studies, you could take many classes related to the arts and humanities that are not even reflected in those degrees. From a very young age, have these been the types of things that you have cared about, and do they still resonate with you today?

Of course, an art degree alone will not get you a job as an investment banker. It does seem like a large step to take in a very different direction, but you can plan things out to push yourself to this end. You should start by getting an advanced degree in finance after you graduate from college. With a total of three degrees, you will now have a very well-rounded education that will allow you to pursue whatever career you chose. Since your financial background will be the most recent – and because you will be able to see that this career path leads to the chance for the most financial success – that is the direction that you can select. You need the advanced degree in most cases to get a job, but you can study almost anything that you like in undergrad.

All in all, having so many different educational opportunities could really help. Investing is about more than just looking for trends and being good with numbers. You also have to understand society. You have to know what people care about and what they think. This changes the way that they invest and the way that they purchase goods and services, which can have a huge impact on the markets. If you can analyze these things, you can predict changes and then invest accordingly. You will not be limited to just understanding one aspect of society. You will have a wider view that gives you the edge.

If you are successful financially, your love for the arts will be able to flourish all through your life. You could collect art for the home. You could give money to charities that support the arts and you could support the work of art museums. Your patronage will make it possible for the arts to stay strong. By supporting this field, you will still be involved with the things that you love, even if you did not decide to make a career out of them, so you will enjoy your hobbies and your career in equal parts.

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Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories

Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories


Interior design is a unique form of art that requires an eye for style and design to be able to create an attractive room or environment that did not have any type of style or design in the fist place. Home interior design is important for two main reasons. The home should be designed accordingly to meet personal and family needs to ensure that it is not only appealing, but practical as well. Secondly, it should be designed with possible future home sale in mind, so that potential buyers can be enticed by its style as well as functions.

stylish functional home art interior Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories

Designing With Color

Choosing the right paint color is crucial regardless of whether you are renovating or just making a few interior changes. Wall colors can make a room lively or sad, thus offering a certain level of impact on the style you want to achieve. When you choose your paint color, you need to consider –

  • Your personality as interior designing is all about your personal experience, whether your preference is trendy or outdated.
  • Your preference in paint color and determining if your want an environment that is comfortable, bold or relaxed.
  • Your choice in trends, especially when you are an individual with a passion to express your taste in current styles

When you know your choice of color based on your personality, you will find it easy to make a selection from the color paint palette. However, bear in mind that you still achieve chic color designs with the help of accessories and not by paint alone which can be time consuming at times. All you need is a neutral base color and décor in the bold colors you life for accents. This will help make it easier for you to make changes according to trend and preference.

Remember that all homes are not created equally, so choose a paint color that suits your house materials and environment as well.

Style And Function In Modern Interior Designs

There are certain formats followed in interior designs to ensure that the home becomes an epitome of style and function. Remember that “Interior design is an intricate and deeply personal puzzle that is expressed in the canvas of your space. It is intimate and personal. When it is exactly right, your home shows your vulnerability, warmth and compassion for the people in your life. It shows who you are on the inside… how you care and what you value is expressed in the details, colors, textures and sentimental objects you lovingly display.” says http://susan-hopkins.com/ .

  • Open Plan Living

This is where living spaces are opened to create larger living spaces and to allow design to be consistent and flow throughout the entire home. This eliminates the segregation in a home, which is beneficial for families living in the home.

  • Outdoor Living

Natural elements are incorporated in the home to encourage more space in the living environment. This is where outside space that is often neglected during the colder months is used as an additional home space for entertainment purposes.

  • Green Homes

As more and more people are becoming environment friendly, green home designs have become popular. These designs offer unique home interiors and reduce the cost of living with the use of energy saving lights and solar panels.

  • The Use Of Technology

Potential buyers want to see modern comforts and that includes technology. The home must be modern in design and style to accommodate technology to increase entertainment sources and functions.

  • Proper Lighting

Proper lighting helps create ambiance and it provides functionality. However certain rooms will need vibrant lighting compared to others.

  • Antique Furnishings

If you want functional furnishing, opt for antique furniture that will have better storage capacity. This way you can store clutter and relieve yourself from stress and always ensure that your home is always clutter-free.

Valerie Edison is a freelance writer specializing in interior designing and home improvement. She offers tips on thrifty home designing, creative interior styling for quick home improvements and information about the latest gadgets and apps used for interior designing.

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How To Indentify Fake Lalique Original Art

How To Indentify Fake Lalique Original Art


The Type of Art Produced

There was a significant amount of glass art produced by Rene Lalique over the years. He grew up in France and traveled around the globe in order to gain inspiration. He created perfume bottles, statues, car ornaments, vases, brooches, pendants and even glass doors. Each one was unique and bore his signature at the bottom or somewhere on the object.

how indentify fake lalique original How To Indentify Fake Lalique Original Art

He was known for his Art Nouveau especially in his jewelry designs. By the 1920s, he was inspired by his trips to Ay and his work took on an Art Deco style. He was responsible for a lot of colored glass columns and such on the SS Normandie and he did a variety of crosses and fittings inside of the St. Matthew’s Church in New Jersey.

Much of his work showcases flowing lines, flowers and plants – and this is especially the case with his vases and jewelry.

How to Identify a Fake

There are many ways to identify the art as a fake Rene Lalique. While it is not that common to find fake artwork of his anywhere in the world, it does happen from time to time. Particularly on eBay and other sites where photos are not that clear, it’s important to exercise extreme caution when you purchase art.

It’s best to buy from a dealer that has a reputation for authenticity. This will ensure that you are getting what you’re truly paying for instead of getting a surprise when you do have the art evaluated years from now.

One of the easiest ways to identify the work as a fake is to familiarize yourself with the work produced. Since Lalique produced so many types of art, it can be surprising to find out that he made a car hood ornament or a glass door, though he did in fact create both. If, however, you find something even more unique that has his name attached to it, find out if he was ever known for creating such a thing.

The signature is also an area that can help you identify the art for a fake or not. On all of his glass, he signed it with “R Lalique” and typically used a mold to do so. Anything post-war after he died in 1945, the “R” was dropped. This meant that his glassware firm Lalique was the one that produced it and often it would have an additional inscription that read “Lalique France” on it.

The font of the signature can be a telltale that the art is a fake as well. It’s always been clearly legible and never at an awkward slant. There have been fake pieces of his original art produced with poorly written signatures and ones in fonts that were never used. If you familiarize yourself with the stamps and signatures that were used, spotting a fake piece of art will be relatively easy.

The only way to know for sure whether the Rene Lalique art is original and not a fake is to work with a buyer that is familiar with his work and who will provide you with the much-needed appraisal.

David Weinstein, through DJL Lalique, deals privately with all antique Rene Lalique glass.   He has been an avid collector, seller and expert on Rene Lalique art for over 35 years, including through his website DJLLalique.com.

Photo Credit: lartnouveauenfrance

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Prefab Metal Buildings Have Awesome Features


Prefab metal buildings make use of metal as the main component for its construction. It has gained immense popularity over the past few years. The most commonly used metals used in building construction have always been steel and iron but the prefabricated metal buildings have come up very recently.

metal buliding

Steel buildings and all its elements like frames, beams, walls and roofs, columns, etc, have been able to gain popularity over iron and steel buildings due to a number of reasons. The prefabricated metal buildings helped in bringing down the overall cost and aids for a faster construction. Besides, they are highly durable and needs very less maintenance.


Prefab metal buildings are used in the construction of residential houses, garages, churches, schools, shopping centers, warehouses, and so on. They come in a variety of colors and can be constructed in various sizes too. One of the biggest advantages of steel buildings is that they can be established on any kind of surface and also can be shifted to other locations if need arises.


Features of Steel Buildings


The high tensile strength of steel makes this type of construction very secured and long lasting. The wide range of custom designs and tough acrylic finishes are among its other features. They are highly practicable and also contribute immensely to increase the aesthetic appeal of any construction.


The roof and wall insulation calls for an easy maintenance of the inside temperature of the construction. Steel buildings come with some special features too that you can select from which are security screens, bullet-resistant construction and windows, through-wall drawers, speaker systems, non-combustible materials, etc. You can even place a number of accessories on prefabricated metal buildings which may include liner panels, overhead doors, roof extensions, sliding doors and windows, vents, and canopies.


These steel buildings or the prefabricated metal buildings are constructed out of galvanized steel and galvalume. The later one is a form of steel that comes with aluminum-zinc coating to prevent it against rust, corrosion, and any other kind of abrasive conditions. This makes the steel so durable. Besides, they also have the capacity to stand the harshest of weather conditions and are much better in comparison to galvanized steel. Also, they display no discoloration.


Prefab metal buildings are much more affordable in comparison to wooden buildings. You can keep away building costs thereby saving a lot of money. Since metal is a durable material, so you can expect a long lasting performance for years to come. Wooden buildings need repair after a few years and hence you need to spend a lot after their maintenance. The prefab metal buildings being moisture resistant, disallows any penetration of the moisture thus saving the interior. It will keep your building fresh all throughout.


Steel buildings are a better reflector of heat keeping it cool under hot climatic conditions. You must make sure that your design and metal for such construction meets the building guidelines of your area. Always choose a manufacturer who is going to offer you all the details in writing. To get hold of such a manufacturer, you can go through the internet.


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The Science Of Photography Showcases The Art Of Discovery

The Science Of Photography Showcases The Art Of Discovery


The methodical approach of science may seem far removed from the artistic spirit of photography, but the two fields are more compatible then many realize. Both photographers and scientists seek to study the world around them, and to make their discoveries known to all.

Scientific photography serves a practical purpose in allowing scientists to document their research and share it with the scientific community, but it serves another purpose aside from that. It allows the power of scientific discovery to be captured in images and shared with the world, whether they’re images of massive astral bodies or miniscule cells, of life-forms that dwell beneath the ocean or the life-forms contained within a test tube.

The history of scientific photography

Scientific photography emerged during the Victorian era, a period which saw both the advent of photography and the beginnings of modern science. So, naturally, it was the scientists who were amongst the first to extol the virtues of this new medium, immediately recognizing its ability to enhance the precision of their experimentation and record their research in greater detail.

They realized that the lens could see things a human eye could not, and believed it would help them explore worlds that were beyond human perception, whether distant space or the microscopic world of bacteria. Being a new technology unlike anything they had witnessed before, they were certainly prone to overestimating its capabilities, and some even went so far as to claim that it could perceive the human soul and reveal secrets about the world beyond death.

Such beliefs led to some odd experiments, such as French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne’s attempts to prove that the human face was linked to the soul, by applying electrical stimulation to the face and photographing the results.

On the other hand, some of the seemingly obscure scientific photographs of the time were part of experiments that produced some significant discoveries, such as Albert Londe’s attempts to determine the causes of a hysteria epidemic sweeping Europe and North America in the 19th century, and his conclusion that attacks of hysteria were linked to past trauma.

Becoming a scientific photographer

Scientific photography is generally considered a career within science rather than photography, and, according to macro-photography-for-all.com, the role is usually held by scientists, researchers and their assistants.

Nevertheless, there is a desire for images bearing the mark of a true photographer, and in our visual society that demand is only likely to grow. As a result, scientific photography is developing into an increasingly specialized field. What makes it unique from other forms of photography is the need to capture both the visible and invisible, so extensive knowledge of photographic techniques related to magnification and lighting is essential.

As of now, scientific photographers are expected to have a strong understanding of both their tools and the research they are documenting. According to the online education portal Now Learning, scientific photography requires both training in photography and a degree in a specialized field of science, such as biology, chemistry, physics or astronomy.

The awe of scientific discovery

Though the primary purpose of scientific photography is to advance our understanding of the scientific method, rather than to be aesthetically pleasing, any image that can achieve the effect of being both enlightening and inspiring will be all the more memorable for it.

Science is a technical discipline, requiring those who practice it to be both objective and methodical. But whether a scientific photographer chooses to be more scientist or photographer, the events they are likely to witness while involved in such endeavors will make it difficult to contain the artist within.

Matthew Flax can see the appeal of scientific photography, a career which has resulted in some amazing images and, in the case of a certain character from Marvel comics, superpowers.

image source

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The Beauty Of Creative Wall Art

The Beauty Of Creative Wall Art


Wall art; quite simply has turned out to be one of the most effective solutions through which you can ensure an aesthetic look of your bedroom. Decorative wall art, particularly wall decals are one of the best ways which you can prevent your room from causing any kind of real damage to the wall. Additionally, other types of wall art pieces are particularly effective for achieving the desired look you want. Here are some wall art options for achieving a beautiful appeasing bedroom:

wall stickers The Beauty Of Creative Wall Art

Wall stickers

Wall art stickers are an easy, cost-effective solution for your décor. They are available in a large array of colours, designs, and styles. They are also available in different sizes so you have the opportunity to choose which size is most suitable for your bedroom. In a child’s bedroom, be creative and use wall art decals for your child’s furniture for extra dimension and creativity. Wall stickers are also very effective for easily creating a themed bedroom, or a personalized room with beautiful wall art quotes.

Fabric art:

Fabric wall art is another unique way of decorating your bedroom. Choose different fabrics that will work well with your existing decor and perfectly blend with your bedding and curtains. Wrap some fabric around a piece of wooden board to make a unique piece of wall art. Light coloured fabrics  such as cool blues and earthy greens are soothing and relaxing. Alternatively choose bold colours if you want to make a statement.

Wall lighting:

Wall lighting is rarely regarded as a piece of wall art, but with so many different types of lights on the market they can easily be used well in any bedroom, and mounted onto the wall. Alternatively instead of placing them in the traditional way, perhaps  think about putting them in one corner. The amount of light can certainly be regulated and you can dim them anytime to induce sleep, or set the right mood for your room.

Wall furniture:

A bedroom will never give you the feeling of a bedroom if there is no mirror, shelves and cabinet. These essential pieces of furniture are considered part of the interior furnishings and wall furniture plays a vital role in home décor. They will not only beautify the room, but will also help serve different purpose.


Canvas is a very versatile wall art option, which can bring an artistic vibe into any bedroom. A personalised canvas is an extremely versatile material and can be used for many different artistic designs. You can simply stick black and white photos on canvas and mount onto the wall, or alternatively create your very own artisitc piece of wall art. Use paint, flowers, buttons and beads. The possibilities are endless.

Choose wall art based on your tastes

It is important to choose wall art which reflects your own personal tastes and individuality. In addition, it is important to chose wall art pieces which will blend in with your existing interiors. Nevertheless, wall art is a beautiful option which can bring lots of artistic charm when used correctly.

Author Bio – Ally Evans is a writer, and the owner of the online retail shop.

Photo Credit: thetejon

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Wall Art For Kids Bedrooms

Wall Art For Kids Bedrooms


When it comes to Kid’s bedrooms, the décor is one of the most important factors for expressing personality and creativity. A child’s bedroom should be a magical place where children can grow, learn and develop. By decorating your child’s room by using different types of Wall art, you can give your child a room which they will love and admire.

wall stickers Wall Art For Kids Bedrooms

Here are a few low-budget ways of decorating using Wall art:

Children’s Murals

Children’s Murals are a fantastic way of adding an instant piece of Wall art into your child’s bedroom. There are so many different Kids’ murals available, and you can now purchase peel and stick murals for lots of creative fun.  Create a focal point in your child’s room; put placing a large mural directly behind their bed.  A decorative Mural will instantly capture an audience and add extra dimension to the room.

Wall Stickers

Wall art stickers are another convenient and cost-effective way of transforming your Kid’s bedroom within minutes.  You can choose whatever design, style, colour and size you fancy, and watch the look on their faces when their bedroom is transformed. When applied correctly, wall art stickers should last between 5 to 10 years. They are a fantastic alternative to messy paint, and will save you hours of time putting up wallpaper.

One of the great advantages of using Wall art stickers in a kid’s bedroom is that they are extremely versatile. You can place them on many different surfaces, such as mirrors, bedsteads, dressers, doors, and walls. They are very easy to remove when you want to change a particular design or colour.  Kids can have lots of fun helping parents apply their decals and pick out designs which they would like in their rooms.

Personalize it!

By creating a bespoke piece of Wall art, you can really make a child’s room feel special and personal to them.  With Wall art stickers, you can easily create a personal message, name or quote which is special to your child. Wall quote stickers are extremely popular pieces of Wall art. You can easily place a wall quote in sections around your child’s room, or create a name plaque sticker and apply to their door. The possibilities are truly endless.


Photos are a lovely way of adding personal touches to a child’s bedroom. Place them in colourful frames, or blow special pictures up and mount directly on the wall. Photos can also be used with other pieces of decorate wall art to create a beautiful montage display.


Canvas is another fun wall art option which has so many different uses. Kids can have fun painting a piece of canvas, or making a unique piece of art work. Be as creative as you like – use paints, silk flowers, beads, buttons and ribbon to design your canvas. Photos and pictures can also be stuck onto canvas, and then mounted. Black and White Photos are particular effective on canvas.  Don’t be afraid to let your child experiment with Canvas – its lots of fun and making a unique piece of Wall art can really personalize a bedroom.

Alison Evans is a Home decor and Creative Writer, who is passionate about improving homes with colour and Wall art designs. She is the owner and founder of the website and blog Wallart2u.com.

Photo Credit: globochem3x1minus1

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Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts


The Minneapolis Institute of Arts alias MIA started its mission in the year 1883 when 25 citizens of Minneapolis founded the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts. Since then, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts collects outstanding works of art and the collection grown to over 80 000 objects from starting 800. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has artefacts separated into 7 areas – Arts of Africa + the Americas, Contemporary Art + Decorative Arts + Textiles and Sculpture, Asian Art, Paintings, Photography and New Media, Prints and Drawings and Textiles. The MIA is a free museum that operates thanks to corporate memberships (Ameriprise Financial, the General Mills Foundation, the McKnight Foundation, Target Foundation, the 3M Foundation and others) and individual contributions.

minneapolis institute of arts Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

minneapolis institute of arts1 Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

minneapolis institute of arts2 Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

minneapolis institute of arts3 Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

minneapolis institute of arts4 Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

minneapolis institute of arts5 Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

minneapolis institute of arts6 Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

minneapolis institute of arts7 Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

minneapolis institute of arts8 Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

minneapolis institute of arts9 Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

minneapolis institute of arts10 Outstanding Works of Art in Collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Photo Credit: Alan Turkus (CC BY 2.0)

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