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Funerals Around The World

Funerals Around The World


funeral Funerals Around The World

A funeral is a very solemn and sad affair, especially when it is for a loved one. Sadly, these events will be a part of everybody’s lives at least once or twice. No matter what country or culture you belong to, grief is always very difficult to deal with. The sentiments may be the same, but the actual funeral ceremony differs in many ways. This article looks at some different cultures across the world and sees how they go about saying goodbye to their deceased friends and relatives.

Maasai Tribe – Predator Burial

The Maasai tribe are renowned nomads, and they spend most of their lives wandering around the East African bush, eking out an existence. When it comes to saying goodbye to a tribe member who has passed away, they have a unique approach that mirrors their own lifestyle. The Maasai do not believe in a single being or entity, they worship something known as Enkai. This is a deity who is part of the earth and the sky and everything below. Special burial ceremonies are only held for Maasai chiefs, if an ordinary member should pass away, the body is simply left in the bush for predators to consume. They do not believe in the afterlife and see this as a way of cleansing the earth.

Cave Burial – Hawaii

Hawaii has some of the most breath-taking scenery on the planet, and some of this is used for the funeral process. The deceased body is placed in a cave, usually found in the cliffs that surround much of the coastline. It is moved into a fetal position and the feet and hands are tied to maintain this shape. The body is also covered in a tapa cloth that is made using mulberry bark. This process is believed to have some effect on the diving power that is bestowed on the deceased’s family. Diving is still a large part of Hawaiian culture to this very day.

Skull Burial – Kiribati

In Kiribati, the corpse is placed in the family house for as long as ten or twelve long days. Visiting friends and relatives come to pay their respects and bring an offering for the deceased. This is a dessert that is made from a local plant, it is a mandatory activity. The body is then interned for two months, after this the body is recovered and the skull is removed by the relatives. This is then cleaned up and polished, as the body is returned to the ground. The skull is retained and takes pride of place on a shelf. The family make regular offerings to the skull, and this is believed to please the god Nakaa.

Fire Burial – Bali

The beautiful island of Bali is home to a very ancient form of human burial. The Hindu religion dictates that the body of the deceased must pass through fire before leaving this mortal coil. After passing, the body is left on a table in front of the family home, food and other gifts are placed next to the corpse.  The body is then added to a mass burial site, along with other fallen village members. Eventually these bodies are placed on a large float and paraded through the village. After this process, the float is set alight and the bodies are all consumed by flames to mark their passing with honour.

Richard Earnshaw overlooks Cremation in New Haven, CT. An Undertaker by profession, he has been doing this job for considerable amount of time. He has great regards for different cultures and so has listed some interesting aspects of their funerals in today’s post.

Photo Credit: Derrick Tyson (CC BY 2.0)

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Unusual Instruments From Around The World

Unusual Instruments From Around The World


Having grown up surrounded by them, we tend not to realise there’s something deeply weird about most musical instruments. Violins are basically wound intestines stretched and scraped with horsehair. Drums; the flayed hide of an animal pulled taut and hit with sticks. And let’s not even get started on the Didgeridoo. The point is, even the simplest instrument can appear strange when viewed objectively. So allow us to take a moment to appreciate the mind-bending insanity that went into designing:

The Sea Organ (Zadir, Croatia)

unusual instruments Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

Built on the edge of the Adriatic Sea, the Sea Organ is a network of tubes that converts the flow of waves into a continuous, ethereal drone. Designed by architect Nikola Basic to liven up Zadir’s modernist concrete seafront, it manages to capture the rhythm of the ocean with more grace than even the sublimest David Attenborough documentary.

Musical Roads (Japan, South Korea, USA)

It sounds like Jeremy Clarkson’s dream: an instrument you can play with your car. But Japan, South Korea and America’s ‘singing roads’ actually have a deeper purpose; functioning as tourist-magnet, warning system for inattentive drivers and, um, Honda advert respectively. Grooves in the road, spaced at precise distances create the rhythm, with depth of cut responsible for tone. The exclamations of drivers unknowingly hitting these roads for the first time have sadly not been recorded.

Nano Guitar (Cornell University, USA)

Proving, once again, that scientists have waaay too much time on their hands, the Nano Guitar is a baffling ten micrometres long and can only be played with lasers. To appreciate exactly how tiny that is, find a ruler, measure a centimetre and then image it 1000 times smaller. Featuring strings a mere 100 atoms thick, it even comes in two varieties: classic and deluxe.

AK-47 Guitar

unusual instruments1 Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

Created by Céaser López (presumably after seeing Desperado a few too many times), this entry is the only one that seems designed specifically to perform the most-bitchin’ solo ever. Somewhere in this glorious decadence resides a deeply-felt point about the gun trade; but honestly, how many of you who saw the photo didn’t immediately imagine yourselves rockin’ out before a crowded stadium?

The Singing Ringing Tree (Burnley, UK)

unusual instruments2 Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

A vast cacophony of pipes stretching high over Lancashire, the Singing Ringing Tree is powered only by wind rolling over the bleak Northern landscape. It’s strange, near-musical lilting evokes feelings of awe, isolation and the sublime, all within a twenty minute walk from Burnley.

The Great Stalacpipe Organ (Virginia, USA)

unusual instruments3 Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

The largest musical instrument on Earth covers a hefty 3 ½ acres deep below Virginia. Designed by ex-Pentagon man Leland W. Sprinkle, the Organ works by bashing rubber mallets against stalactites, which each give off an individual note. Weird doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Musical Tesla Coils

unusual instruments4 Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

Combining anything with lightning is scientifically proven to make it 100% more badass, and music is no exception. Know what could make it even more badass? Adding Doctor Who.

Symphonic House (Lake Michigan, USA)

In the Wedge family home, strings stretch along walls, down stairwells and through corridors; creating a giant instrument any family member can play at any time. The only inhabitable instrument on this list, Bill Close and David Hanawalt’s experiment in sonic architecture is also one of the strangest buildings on Earth.

Katzenklavier (Hypothetical)

unusual instruments5 Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

Famously proposed by Dr Johann Christian Reil as a way of treating patients who had lost the ability to focus; the Katzenklavier would undoubtedly grab even the most-hopeless patient’s attention. Operated by a mechanism that would yank each cat’s tail in time to create a recognisable tune, it remains to be seen whether the mere sight of it would then send the patient mad again in an entirely novel way.

The Loophonium (Liverpool, UK)

Designed by Fritz Spiegl as a piece of surrealist artwork, the Loophonium has been played on at least one occasion: the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s April Fools concert in 1960. The Liverpool Museum’s website reliably informs us that, at the end of the concert, the seat was raised as a sign of respect for the national anthem.

Author: This article was compiled by DV247, Pro Audio specialists and suppliers of Fender products. There are so many fascinating instruments out there, can you think of any more?

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Italian Scarves Sell Around The World

Italian Scarves Sell Around The World


italian scarves Italian Scarves Sell Around The WorldItalian scarves will surely be part of the accessories included on the new China based online store being launched in October by Italian fashion label Salvatore Ferragamo. This is collaboration between this line and, which is a luxury retailer. This is the first time these two retailers will join forces to sell luxury items like Italian scarves, shawls and wraps.

Macy’s And China’s E-commerce

Along those lines, Macy’s has also partnered with a Chinese e-commerce website as they try to get into the Chinese marketplace. This United States department store had a lot to learn about preferences of merchandise and shopping patterns were concerned even though it is a very recognizable brand throughout the world. Adding Italian scarves, shawls and wraps to the inventory should be no problem.

Neiman Marcus Enters The China Marketplace

Even Neiman Marcus, which is a Dallas based retailer, is moving into the Chinese luxury market as it collaborates with stores in China by purchasing some of the flash sales of the start-up company Glamour Sales.

Western Retailers Embrace The China Market

It appears that the Chinese e-commerce market is looking very attractive to Western retailers of luxury brands that provide such items as Italian scarves. The Boston Consulting Group has stated that it is unmistakable that China is getting ready to be a superpower where e-commerce is concerned. By the year 2015, it is expected that it will be number one in e-commerce.

Whether buying Italian scarves for men or women, it seems that there is an even larger variety of stores to choose from. Regardless if those stores are online or in the local mall, there is something to be said for the fashion statement made when wearing only the finest in accessories.

Italian print scarves offer more style and fashion while being worn with other Italian fabrics and prints. They offer a dash of color with a bit of originality in design. They come in a variety of different styles that make wearing them a breeze. These styles consist of head scarves that look divine, neck and turban scarves, coat scarves and the list goes on.

When choosing Italian scarves, the user can enjoy the fact that they will always have something attractive to wear. Just by simply adding a beautiful scarf to an outfit, it is possible to dress it up, no matter what is being worn. The way a scarf is tied adds another dimension to the ensemble, and will often generate glimpses from onlookers.

The same thing can be said for evening shawls and wraps. They add more flavor to any outfit, and often cause people to ask for a few scarf fashion tips.

Blogger and fashion consultant Batilda Lucchesi loves searching the world for new and beautiful clothing. Her quest has lead her to a true Italian original source for Italian scarves called

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