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Are Assets Safe In A Car Accident Lawsuit?

Are Assets Safe In A Car Accident Lawsuit?


In the past, people regarded a car accident as a blunder and something to progress from fast by fixing the damage. Today, this is not the case because other individuals might regard a person’s bad luck as their advantage. This is mostly accurate if the person has assets like money or property. If an individual is involved in a car accident, his or her assets are positively endangered.

are assets safe car accident Are Assets Safe In A Car Accident Lawsuit?

In the Wrong

Just because a person has a car accident does not imply that he or she will lose assets to others who were involved. The individual must be liable, or the accident must have been his or her fault. The police officer at the accident scene does not specify who is in the wrong. Liability is decided in a court, eventually, or by the insurance companies involved with the drivers if they arrive at an agreement. From time to time, liability is obvious. However, laws do not decide it since it is a civil matter. If a person is sued, he or she must defend him or herself, or the court will suppose that the individual is in the wrong. As a result, the court could issue a decision to the other party.

Exempt Assets

A few assets that a person might possess cannot be obtained in a lawsuit. Most frequently, retirement assets kept in an employer-sponsored retirement plan might not be obtained to fulfill a lawsuit. An employer-sponsored plan contains a 401k or 403b plan. These plans are provided protection from lawsuits under federal law. A few states might also permit identical protections to assets kept in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). If an individual’s salary or bank accounts is garnished because of a car accident lawsuit, his or her disability or any other federal benefit cannot be garnished.


If person owns assets, generally a home, and his or her state provides substantial homestead exemptions in a bankruptcy, he or she could dismiss his or her judgment by filing for bankruptcy. Every nonexempt asset will be obtained to pay a bankrupt individual’s bills. However, he or she could retain the exempt assets like huge quantities of home equity if appropriate, while the plaintiff in the car accident lawsuit must wait like everyone else. In addition, IRA accounts benefit from at most $1 million in bankruptcy protection. If an accident originates from drunk driving, or maybe other types of negligence, the decision is not fulfilled in the bankruptcy and must be paid.


A driver must safeguard his or her personal assets. About every state insists on drivers buying liability insurance at an extremely reduced level. Any driver should have automotive liability insurance of more than equal to the value of his or her net worth. It might be an excellent suggestion, conditional on the situation, for a driver to have more. If the individual cannot buy automotive liability coverage that is adequate for his or her needs, he or she can buy umbrella liability coverage for a greater amount. Equal to $1 million in umbrella coverage can normally be bought for between $200 to $300 a year.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at The Law Offices of WT Johnson, a personal injury law firm in Dallas, Texas. Zane hopes he’s never sued in a personal injury claim.

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What Are The Benefits Of An Accountant?

What Are The Benefits Of An Accountant?


Being an accountant is a well-regarded job and often these workers are paid a lot of money for the service they provide. The main reason for that is because it is specialized and a lot of exams need to be passed in order to get the qualification you need. We live in a world that is dominated by business and ensuring that your company accounts are kept accurate is essential.are benefits accountant What Are The Benefits Of An Accountant?

There is nothing worse than not being financially organized, you have to know how much you need to pay your employees and how much tax you pay each month.

They are fundamental things to an accountant but to the standard worker it can prove pretty difficult to understand.

There are many different benefits of employing the services of an accountant and I will explain them in this article.

Just spend the right amount of time researching online, if you think there are employees that have the numeracy capabilities to handle the accounts then spend money nurturing them.

My advice is outsource, it is what accountants are trained to do and there are so many benefits of having a quality accountant. A business has to be financially well structured and organized, this article will highlight why and how.


The way your company accounts are structured is essential and you will always need access to all the key financial information throughout a business year. I understand that accountants can be expensive but there are many companies out there such as Friendly Accountants that really make the service affordable and personalized.

All it takes is an open mind and a little research, there are so many different accounting companies out there and I’m positive that a solution can be found if the right amount of time is invested.

Any business has to be financially very organized, it just makes everything that little bit easier, calculating profits and wages as well as tax is just a lot easier if all of the figures are neatly organized and easy to access.

Why Not?

There really is no alternative to an accountant in my mind, I appreciate that a lot of people will feel that they have the skill set to ensure their accounts are neatly organized but it goes a lot further than that.

Everything has to be shown and it is a meticulous process, if you have a lot of time on your hands then by all means go for it but just think about a normal week, do you really have the time to do the job of an accountant too? Just be willing to invest a little cash, it isn’t every week you have to pay either.

The Future

Most companies already do have an accountant and that is logical to me. In the future I can see a lot less people employing their services and that is due to the rise in the internet and the amount of information that is readily available online.

You can teach yourself how to do pretty much anything nowadays and that will mean a reduction in demand for accountants.

Barry is a writer with a financial background. He ran his own business for a while so is in a good place to give advice in regards to accounts and book keeping.

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What Car Safety Features Are Now Used In Motorcycles?

What Car Safety Features Are Now Used In Motorcycles?


The terms “safety” and “motorcycles” just don’t seem to go together since motorcyclists are often viewed as bad boys and more reckless drivers. But this is just about image and people’s opinions. Safety is actually a very real issue since motorcycle drivers are more vulnerable on the road as compared to those inside their vehicles. Due to safety concerns, a number of manufacturers have been incorporating very useful car safety features into motorcycles. Hopefully, such elements will enhance the wellbeing of all drivers and pedestrians as well.


Below are some examples of auto safety features that can now be found in some brands of motorcycles too.

1. Antilock Brakes

Also known as ABS, the antilock braking system in cars helps in preventing major collisions. This feature includes sensors that aid in detecting possible crash events. How does this work? The system prevents the brakes from locking so that the driver will be able to steer his vehicle better.

Some motorcycles are now equipped with antilock brakes, which augment a rider’s safety. The system also utilizes sensors that can interpret driving data and predict when a driver might lose control over his motorbike. When it perceives that a car crash might occur, it immediately works to avoid the collision. The ABS applies the brake or cuts fuel distribution to avoid the incident. Although it is true that very experienced riders have heightened instinct that allows them to determine when they might crash, the ABS does this so much faster.

2. Stability Control

Stability control, also known as electronic stability control or ESC, uses sensors and a car’s electronic system to stop a driver from over- or under-steering. During an emergency situation, the ESC springs into action and controls other safety features, including the antilock brakes, in order to avoid a collision.

In motorcycles, this feature does the same. It obtains driving information, interprets the data received, and then acts once it detects a possible accident. It prevents skidding, which can lead to injuries or more dangerous accidents.

3. Air Bags

Air bags are now basic automobile safety features that are used to protect vehicle drivers and passengers from injury and from getting violently pitched forward. This feature is fairly new to motorcycles, and the first in the world to develop a motorcycle airbag system is Honda. The air bag deploys during a crash, and it helps in shielding a biker from severe injury during a frontal collision. Honda says that the air bag’s primary role is “to reduce the forward momentum of the rider.” More and more manufacturers are now incorporating air bags into their designs.

4. Air Bag Suits

Together with other insurance companies, Allstar Insurance affirms that motorcycle insurance is important because it protects a biker financially in case an accident occurs. Insurers can cover the medical expenses of a rider and his passenger in case they get into an accident, and they can also pay for the cost of repairs. Still, when a crash occurs, what will actually protect a person from impact? The answer is air bags. Some companies not only incorporate such features in the design of their motorcycles, but they have also developed wearable air bags.

Dainese, a company that specializes in the manufacture of protective wear for sports, is also the first to develop rider suits that feature air bags. Among the first models that the company developed was a suit with neck and shoulder air bags. Recently, they came up with a better version that not only shielded the neck and shoulders, but also protected the torso. The cushion it provides is certainly more superior that what you’d expect from regular body armor.

This blog post was contributed by Claire Flint, a freelancer who specializes in auto insurance and maintenance.

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Are You Having Fun While Caring For Your Lawn? It Can Be Done!

Are You Having Fun While Caring For Your Lawn? It Can Be Done!


Were you ever responsible for raking the lawn as a child? Those aren’t fond memories, are they, of your hours of toiling with a rake, followed by the tedium of leaf removal, stuffing all that crunchy, crumbling lawn detritus into plastic bags. As an adult, have you ever felt like taking care of a lush, green lawn was much more trouble than it was worth? Do you fantasize in idle moments about giving up and hiring a contractor to pave over the whole darn thing?

are you having fun caring Are You Having Fun While Caring For Your Lawn? It Can Be Done!

You’re already grimly aware that lawn care is a year-round responsibility. In spring, you have to clean up your property after a winter of inclement weather, and then reseed. Throughout the summer, there’s irrigation, mowing, and the disposal of grass clippings. Then each year the return of autumn brings apple cider, new school supplies, a refreshing chill to the air, and brilliant pigmentation to the leaves of deciduous trees. It’s almost as if those red, orange, and yellow swatches of color have minds of their own, leaping down from the branches one by one to explore your yard. Wouldn’t it be great if the leaves then had the capacity to move on to their next destination without any intervention on your part? Genetic engineers are doubtlessly hard at work on a solution to this pressing problem. Until scientists make that big breakthrough towards leaves that scoot themselves straight into the trash bin, leaf removal remains the responsibility of gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners.

But guess what? Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to resemble to the chore you dreaded as a kid. Affordable technology is available that will make all the difference in your attitude towards and experience of the grounds-keeping you currently want to avoid. Today’s gardening machines go far beyond simple rideable mowers–which can be a lot of fun. Instead of breaking your back pushing a rake over every inch of your property, you can just ride above it all, turning your steering wheel. It’s almost like a ride in your very own amusement park–wheeee!

Of course, there’s more to lawn upkeep than mowing. What about all those clippings once you’re done? What about all the autumn leaves? What about pine cones and fallen twigs? There’s no reason to stoop down and push everything into bags by hand any more, thanks to contemporary lawn vacuums. They will swoop up all those materials for you and more, with ease, and you don’t have to do much other than sit there and steer. Lawn vacuums are also great for the environment for several reasons. They pick up the seeds of weeds, so you can reduce or even omit the use of toxic weed killers. And the right vacuums can break down all the organic materials they pick up into sizes fit for mulching, which will take up far less space than a bag of intact leaves headed straight for the landfill.

Lawn vacuums are for more than merely improving the appearance of the expanse of your yard, though. They can be used to clean up areas it’s impossible to drive a mower over. The scraggly ivy patch you’ve been meaning to clear away for years? Gone in minutes. If you have unsightly debris on your deck, or you are in a grove of trees, your new lawn vacuum will happily devour that for you, and still be hungry for more.

In conclusion, yes, it’s entirely possible to enjoy leaf removal and other property care activities. Just ask Santa for a lawn vacuum this holiday season!

Cheryl is a lawn care expert who specializes in outdoor renovations for both homeowners and business owners.

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What Exactly Are You Paying For When You Pay For A Courier?

What Exactly Are You Paying For When You Pay For A Courier?


Your courier will visit postcodes all over the country to deliver your items. These costs can get quite high if you’re shipping particularly heavy items. You need to know you’re getting value for money. A lot of businesses have very little idea as to where their money goes as it leaves their bank accounts.

exactly are you paying for What Exactly Are You Paying For When You Pay For A Courier?

Let’s take a look at what your money pays for in each part of the postal process. We’ll also go into what you’ll get if you decide to pay more for some added quality.

The Salary

The salaries of the person picking your package up and the person who delivers the item will all be covered as part of the fee you pay. Most couriers aren’t particularly well-paid, but they get even less as part of a budget service because the smaller fee means less money goes towards their salaries.

If workers have lower salaries they’re less likely to go the extra mile for you if things don’t go according to plan.

Transport Related Costs

Whether your package is going overseas or to the next city over, your fee will pay for the petrol and the repair of any vehicles. These fleets of delivery vehicles are difficult to manage because there are so many of them. If they aren’t taken care of, delays become more common.

Something you need to watch out for is a delivery company which charges exceedingly low prices. The chances are they aren’t using the latest vehicles with superior fuel economies and more durability. You’ll never hear about the reason for the delay of any deliveries or collections. If a vehicle breaks down, you and your customer suffers.

For the Service

Time is money in any line of work. It’s why if you decide to stay at The Savoy you’ll get an army of people waiting on you hand and foot. Stay at a budget motel on the outskirts of Manchester and the service will be practically non-existent.

The amount you pay has to justify the amount of service you receive. Often, the service isn’t included in the actual charge, but it’s reflected in company policy. Pay for a premium postal service and they’ll happily spend more time on dealing with your problems if a package goes missing.


Courier companies will have their own warehouses or storage depots where the vehicles will swap out packages and any items which couldn’t be delivered will be returned to. Property is expensive. It’s why many premium courier companies will charge much higher prices.

You’re charging for the ability to have your item kept safe at all times. If they didn’t have such a place they’d leave the item on the porch where it might be damaged or stolen. Your money goes towards the correct storage of your item and the safekeeping of it at all times.

These are the main categories of what your money pays for. By understanding where your money goes, you can have a better appreciation for the value you’re getting by working with a courier company.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Martha Woods. She is a successful business consultant, a competent writer and a blogging enthusiast. She writes articles on a plethora of topics like business, marketing, productivity and more. She feels that the is a good place to find out more about postcodes and related matters.

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Why Are Teens In More Danger When Driving At Night?

Why Are Teens In More Danger When Driving At Night?


Being a parent is truly full of challenges which not only refer to the physical but also the mental and emotional trials which moms and dads go through and experience each day. If you have a child, then you know how taking care of your kid can really take over your life as well. You have to ensure that his basic needs are provided, and you also have to protect him from harm. The latter is easier to do when a child is still quite young because there are so many aspects in his life that you can still control. But when he reaches his teens and once you give him his own car, he has more independence. This is also when things can become more worrying for you as driving, most especially driving at night, is one of the most dangerous things that your teen does each day.

why are teens more danger Why Are Teens In More Danger When Driving At Night?

Car collisions at night (usually from 6 PM to 6 AM) result in more fatalities or more severe injuries to drivers and their victims, and such data is supported by the survey results of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Drivers between 16 and 20 years old are involved in many of these dangerous automobile crashes, and there are various reasons why, like –

1. Speeding

Speeding during daytime is already dangerous enough as it is. At night, it is even riskier since there are more factors that negatively affect a person’s driving abilities, like reduced visibility. Also, although teens know that speeding is dangerous, they might take more risks because they want to push their limits or they could be trying to beat their curfew. Other teenagers also become involved in illegal drag races because of a dare or because of their desire to prove something.

2. Reduced Visibility

Not all streets are well-lighted, and dark roads can be very dangerous to teen drivers who may have neglected to repair broken lights or to those who may have forgotten to clean their headlights. There are also some who forget when and how to properly use car lights. Poor visibility coupled with other risky practices, like speeding or distracted driving, can be disastrous. There is also a biological reason why humans have more difficulty driving at night; the eyes need a little more time to adjust when focusing on bright and then darker areas.

3. Drinking

Parents like to think the best of their kids, but even straight-A teens succumb to drinking alcohol too. Teens cannot help their curiosity, and this can convince them to make bad decisions at times. It’s also alarming that binge drinking is becoming increasingly common in teenagers. Not only can this cause a number of health problems, but driving while drunk can lead to fatal vehicular accidents too.

4. Disregard to Safety

“Put your seatbelts on.” This is a simple instruction that many teenagers and adults disregard. Forgetting or refusing to use the seatbelt can greatly impact one’s safety especially if a car accident occurs.

5. Drowsiness

High school students these days are so busy with their academic and extra-curricular activities. They go to school early and they sometimes go home late because they have to practice, finish a school project, do some research, and other things. When there are exams, teenagers are also forced to study until very late at night, which makes them tired and groggy the next day. If they have to drive when drowsy, they could get into an accident too.

Claire Taylor is a full-time freelance blogger who often writes about automobile safety. Because of her desire to learn more about the legal aspects that affect individuals who’ve been involved in car accidents, she has also done some research and has written materials about auto injury cases.

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Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?


are 4x4 suv truck owners Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

If there is one kind of motorist that gets demonized more than any other in these times of environmental consciousness and hybrid engines, it is the driver who has chosen a really big car or truck. 4×4’s, SUV’s, pickups and other trucks tend to attract disapproving glances because there is a popular view that they have horrible polluting effects and also that many of the people who drive them could actually manage just as well with a smaller, greener car and simply chose the larger vehicle for some kind of macho reason. In actual fact, while there are certainly people who do opt for larger vehicles as a style choice, most drivers of these cars and trucks choose them for more practical reasons, and these drivers do of course, end up paying a lot more for fuel as the fuel economy on a big car is generally pretty bad. So why should we think about being kinder to these motorists?

Larger Cars Are Great For Car Sharing

are 4x4 suv truck owners1 Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

If you are someone with a big family, or you are interested in being in a car share scheme where you take other people’s kids to school or take coworkers to work with you, then a car like a 4X4, SUV, people carrier or truck can be a very good idea. You can transport a lot of people, thus saving the carbon emissions all their separate cars would otherwise be releasing into the atmosphere. Carpool lanes, which are only permitted to be used by people who have passengers, are becoming common schemes in many cities so there are strong incentives for people who have room in their vehicles to find other people who are interested in sharing their journeys, and it is also possible to easily find car share candidates using websites or work or school bulletin boards.

Larger Cars Are Versatile

While a big truck or car may not be necessary for every trip someone makes, they do allow for a certain level of versatility. If a family wants to go on a vacation in their car, rather than flying, they are better able to do this in a large vehicle, especially if they have things like skis or surfboards they want to take with them. Some people also use the extra luggage space for tools they need for work.


are 4x4 suv truck owners2 Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

Many drivers feel safer in a large, heavy vehicle because it is less likely to be badly damaged in a collision, causing harm to their families. While all cars have different safety ratings and in some cases in a truck accident the larger vehicle won’t fare the best, some people, especially parents, prefer the safe feeling of being in a big, robust car with their kids.

While there are certainly some downsides in terms of fuel economy, it is important to understand that all cars have been designed for a reason and a certain market, and that there are reasons why some motorists choose bigger vehicles over smaller, more efficient ones.

Jack Dawson, the author of this post is an employee at Flick Law Firm, home to car accident lawyers. Jack, in his spare time, loves cooking for his family.

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A Great Wedding In Moments – These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

A Great Wedding In Moments – These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding


A wedding is far more than the sum of its parts. In theory it’s essentially a big party to celebrate your love with all your family and friends, but in reality we all know that it’s much more than that – that it’s a perfect day that everyone gets one chance at.

great wedding moments these are A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

But likewise if you take any little moment from that day and examine it on its own, that can be beautiful too. Here we will look at some of the most beautiful and most precious moments from any wedding and what makes them so perfect…

Seeing the Bride for the First Time

great wedding moments these are1 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

This is an amazing moment mostly due to the fact that everyone will have been waiting to see just how good the bride looks for the majority of the day. The anticipation when you wait – along with the groom – is palpable and so it’s amazing to see her walking in and to behold her in all her bridal glory.

But better than that is the fact that you also get to witness her seeing her husband-to-be and vice versa. When their eyes lock across the room and you see the love on their faces – and normally someone starts crying – it’s understandably very hard not to be incredibly moved.

‘You May Kiss the Bride’

great wedding moments these are2 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

It’s fitting and wonderfully romantic that the first thing a new couple does as husband and wife is to kiss one another, and it’s even more magical that all their united friends and family get to share the moment. It’s a famous part of the whole wedding ceremony and it’s something that no wedding would be complete without.

The First Dance

great wedding moments these are3 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

Another highly romantic moment is the first dance, which is also a great moment for everyone to see who that couple are when they’re together. This dance will express not only their love, but their personality and all to a tune that will sum up their relationship. And then when everyone joins them on the floor it’s highly symbolic and fun.

Getting Into the Limousine

great wedding moments these are4 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

Riding in a limo on the wedding day is one of the most exciting experiences for the bride and groom. If you’ve never been in a limo before then expect to feel like a big celebrity and to marvel at the plush and extravagant interior. This is a day when you should get to feel like a star – or like James Bond even. So enjoy it!

The Father of the Bride

great wedding moments these are5 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

While the best man toast is normally a lot of fun and often quite sentimental, it’s seeing the Dad talk about how proud he is of his daughter and how happy he knows she’s going to be that often moves everyone to tears. Everyone knows that at some point she was just a bundle of giggles bouncing on his knee, and today he gives her away as a woman. The pride is normally written all over his face and it’s an emotional journey for everyone. In the good kind of way.

Evan Stuart, the author of this post, works at Toronto Best Choice Limo, a company based in Toronto that specializes in providing wedding limousines. In his spare time, he likes to write blog articles to share his thoughts about various wedding related topics.

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The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!

The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!


If you are lucky enough to have just gotten engaged, or are expecting to very soon, and are dropping hints about the kind of ring you would like (or have been tasked with choosing your own ring, as so many men tend to do these days to be on the safe side!) fashion in terms of trends may not be your biggest priority. After all, you are expecting to be wearing this ring for life, and so the celebrity inspired fashions of 2013 are pretty irrelevant in the long run. However, it is still worth keeping an eye on trends when they still offer classic cuts, metals and stones, because you do after all want a contemporary rather than dated look for your engagement.

One timeless choice is of course a diamond solitaire. Whether you and your man can afford something huge and glitzy or prefer something more subtle, a diamond on its own set in a classic precious metal like gold or platinum is an effortlessly classy look that will never go out of style. Still though, even with solitaires there are trends when it comes to cut, and here are a couple of cuts of solitaire and solitaire effect diamonds that are both modern and likely to remain in style forever!

Emerald Cut

lesser known cuts diamond are The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!

An emerald cut diamond is, as the name implies so beautifully, one that is cut in a shape more normally associated with green emeralds – a rectangle. This sits lengthways on the finger, and has the visual effect of elongating the ring finger and making the hand look more willowy and elegant. If your fingers look a little stubby or you think you have fat fingers, an emerald cut of the right size for you can transform the look of your hand, making it look lean and more feminine. The emerald cut can look beautiful as a simple solitaire, but if that’s not intricate or sparkly enough for you, you can also choose an emerald cut stone as the centerpiece of a more elaborate stone formation, using smaller diamonds or other gems beside it.

Princessa Cut

lesser known cuts diamond are1 The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!

Most people have heard of the very classic princess cut diamond, which has always been a popular choice for engagement rings. The princess cut is basically a diamond cut into a square, which looks great as a solitaire or with other stones mounted next to it. A modern take on this, which is a clever choice for brides to be on a budget, too, is the princessa cut. This is four diamonds cut in a princess cut, set together to form a larger 4 x 4 square. The effect is that it looks like a large princess cut stone from a distance, but is a little more sparkly because of the extra facets. Of course, four small diamonds will cost less than one large diamond of the same combined weight, so you are getting much more bling for your buck without compromising on style!

These are both angular styles which can look more modern and edgy (as edgy as you want a symbol of love to be!) than round diamond cuts, and which tend to work best with white metals rather than yellow or rose golds, however there are lots of jewelry designers who will let you create your own custom look using stones in these cuts so you can have just about anything that suits you!

This post has been contributed by Nolan Grey, who is currently working with Diamonds on Web. He has a very pleasing personality. Through his articles he intends to inspire people’s fashion sense.  In his free time, he likes to read novels.

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