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Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals for Your Future

Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals for Your Future


AOE LIQUOR Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals for Your Future

Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals For Your Future

The beginning of the New Year is often a time for resolutions to move forward in a healthier and more meaningful way. If your New Year’s promise to yourself involves drinking less and regaining your former self esteem, you may wonder just how you can accomplish this goal without falling back into your old drinking habit. Overcoming excessive alcohol consumption can indeed be a struggle. However, it could be well worth your effort in several important ways. As you work to remain sober, you would be well advised to take each day as it comes and realize how your new found sobriety can benefit you throughout this upcoming year.

Avoiding DUIs And Legal Troubles

If your alcohol habit in the past has caused you to suffer severe legal consequences, you can look forward this year to staying on the good side of the local law enforcement and keeping out of the courtroom by resisting the temptation to drink. As you may well know, DUIs are expensive and difficult to overcome. When you incur this charge, you stand to lose your job, your money, and your freedom.

As expressed by the law firm of Katz & Phillips, “The nightmare of being charged with driving under the influence can happen to just about anyone. If you drink, there may come a time when you honestly believe you’re perfectly able to drive – but you’re not. This does not make you less than a model citizen. It makes you human.” As you pursue sobriety, however, you can anticipate avoiding all of the dire consequences that come with driving under the influence.

Getting The Counseling You Need

If the first few days of being sober have been relatively easy for you, you may still expect the coming weeks to be more of a challenge. When the desire to start drinking hits you, it is vital that you resist this urge and instead, seek professional counseling that can help you maintain your sobriety. This counseling can reveal to you why you felt compelled to consume alcohol in excess in the first place. Once you can objectify your reasons for your habit, you can work to overcome these obstacles and resist them in a healthier and more productive way.

Regaining Your Self-Esteem

You may have been the life of the party when you drank too much. However, your frequent drunkenness may have also robbed you of your self-esteem. While your friends laughed at you while you were drunk and encouraged you to engage in silly antics at parties, you may have come to realize that these individuals perhaps did not respect you as a person or as a true friend at all. Discovering that you were nothing more than side show entertainment to people with whom you used to socialize can be demoralizing and crushing.

When you stay sober, however, you can rediscover your true talents and make friends who love you for the person you are and not for your drunken acts. Having genuine friends by your side during your recovery can give you back your ability to respect yourself and the confidence you need to move forward with your life.

This year could be the time of your life when you abandon your alcoholic tendencies and embrace sobriety. As you work to maintain this goal, you can use these encouragements to keep you on track and give you the inspiration you need to succeed.

Nadine Swayne writes this article in hopes of helping those who made resolutions to keep them and get it together for 2014! She found helpful tips on the website of Katz & Phillips, which had a host of information regarding DUI and steps to take if charged.
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Suncoast Safety: What To Expect From Diversion Programs

Suncoast Safety: What To Expect From Diversion Programs


AOE SUNCOAST Suncoast Safety: What To Expect From Diversion Programs

Suncoast Safety: What To Expect From Diversion Programs

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, you know how much attorney’s fees, fines and insurance hikes can cost. However, now states like Florida are starting up DUI diversion programs for first time offenders or less serious offenses. Diversion programs can help to rehabilitate a person by looking at the DUI as more of a one-time mistake, rather than a repeat offense, and can actually help those who have been arrested from doing it again.

Diversion Programs: What Happens

Diversion Programs work alongside a suspended sentence. You may be required to take classes or participate in community service as part of your diversion. Once you have completed the court mandated hours, your arrest and conviction would essentially be erased. There are some states which will require you to plead guilty prior to getting assigned to a diversion program. Check with your DUI attorney to find out exactly what you will be required to do.

Community Service

Some diversion programs include community service as part of your required hours. You may be asked to participate in clean-up duties in public parks or on the roadside, or you may even be asked to volunteer for community outreach programs. All of these sentences will require a certain number of hours, so be prepared. It’s also a good idea to keep track of your hours and dates in case any questions come up.


Getting yourself educated about the dangers of driving intoxicated is very big with many diversion programs, particularly in Florida and California. The idea is to teach you how dangerous what you’ve done is with the hope of steering you away from doing it again. You may also be required to take a defensive driving course, or even a health or quitting drinking class.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Going to AA is a great way to assess if you have an actual drinking problem and need further help, and courts will often require a certain number of meetings be attended in order to complete your diversion program. Though it may seem extreme, hearing other people’s stories and problems with alcohol can bring your own use into focus. Try to go in with an open mind and you will probably learn things about yourself that you were not aware of.

How To Get In A Diversion Program

If your drunk driving charge did not involve any damage or injuries and it is your first offense, it is very likely that either the prosecutor or judge will recommend you receive a suspended sentence and placement in a diversion program. Speak to a qualified DUI attorney about what you will need to do to avoid a jail sentence or a hefty fine. In some states you will need to plead guilty. Once you have been given your diversion program terms, you will need to do your best to stick to them. Failure to show up or complete your agreement will mean your original sentence is automatically changed to a conviction.

While getting a DUI for the first time is serious, it doesn’t need to be the end of the world. Use your diversion program to learn more about yourself and make a commitment to not repeating your mistake. The court is giving you an opportunity to make amends, so be sure to make the most of it.

Having lived in Florida for several years, writer Melanie Fleury knew of the diversion courses offered for those who are charged with a DUI. She was surprised to learn from, http://www.flduilawfirm.com/hillsborough-county-dui-attorney/, that these options are readily available and that jail time is not always the punishment for driving under the influence. She hope that those in need of help will contact a lawyer to find the options available to them.

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3 Common Tactics Used By Teens To Cheat An Alcohol Urine Test

3 Common Tactics Used By Teens To Cheat An Alcohol Urine Test


When a person is caught on suspicion of DUI, he has to undergo chemical tests to further verify how much alcohol he has in his system. There are three kinds of tests, and these are – breath test, blood test, and urine test. Among these, the least reliable is the urine test, and this is also the easiest to tamper with.

Urine Test – Why It’s Unreliable

There are a number of reasons why the urine test is unreliable, particularly when it is done to determine the blood alcohol content. First, there are a number of errors that could occur during the collection and handling of the sample, and this generally stems from the fact that, in most states, urine samples can be obtained by untrained individuals. So, the process is very much different from, say, getting a blood sample for a test because this has to be done by a medical expert. Breath tests are done by trained individuals as well. Hence, mishandling or mislabeling a urine specimen can easily occur.

The second reason is that bladder function can affect the concentration of alcohol in the urine. A person who has failed to void after drinking a glass of wine will probably have a higher BAC level than someone who had more to drink, especially if the latter continues to drink more water, which then makes him void more frequently.

common tactics used teens cheat 3 Common Tactics Used By Teens To Cheat An Alcohol Urine Test

3 Cheating Tactics

Teens can really come up with very clever ways to escape punishment, and this is why they cheat on urine tests. They don’t want to be charged with DUI because the penalties are very real. Not only will they lose their license, but they could also pay fines or spend time in jail.

So, how do youngsters cheat on the urine test? Here are some methods that parents should be aware of.

1. Swapping

In order to avoid getting punished for DUI/DWI, it is common for a youngster to use a “clean” sample from a friend, for instance. Because authorities can easily detect swapped urine by checking the temperature, teenagers usually strap these urine samples on their thighs or even under their armpits to keep them warm. Others also use frozen urine. But the police can easily detect that it’s fake because anything that is not as warm as body temperature will most likely be a fake specimen. There are also companies that help in enabling this bad habit. An example is the Whizzinator Touch, which promises “fast-acting, warm synthetic urine instantly.” The online company sells fake urine kits for around $140. Each kit typically includes the Whizzinator Touch (the urine device), a syringe, a freeze-dried sample and some heat packs to ensure that the urine will be warm when needed.

2. Diluting

With some tap water, a person can easily water down his urine as he is collecting it. Another way is by drinking copious amounts of water, which can supposedly flush out the alcohol. But this type of cheating can be easily prevented by collecting a sample at the site so that the offender won’t have an opportunity to alter his specimen.

3. Tampering

There are so many forms of adulterants that can be used to tamper collected urine. Substances that are available in the home, such as detergents and bleach, can be used to modify the components in urine. There are also online shops that sell urine adulterants, which, when combined with urine, will make the alcohol present in a specimen undetectable.

This blog post was contributed by Claire Taylor. She usually tackles issues regarding automobile safety and car accident causes, and some of the materials that she’s done have been used by The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates.

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How To Enjoy New Years Eve Without Consuming Alcohol Excessively

How To Enjoy New Years Eve Without Consuming Alcohol Excessively


A lot of people attend social gatherings on New Year’s Eve and plenty of alcohol is often consumed in these gatherings. Tough they drink responsibly, there are also people who binge drink and sadly, they are both men and women from different age groups. The habit of binge drinking especially during special occasions is very dangerous as the risk of violence and accidents increases. Aside from the possibilities of getting injured in road accidents and being hospitalized, there is an increased risk of numerous health conditions as well. The need to prevent alcohol intoxication on New Year’s Eve is essential for personal safety and health, and so that everyone can have a good time.

how enjoy new years eve How To Enjoy New Years Eve Without Consuming Alcohol Excessively

The Amount Of Alcohol Consumed During New Year’s Eve

We can never tell the estimated or exact amount of alcohol consumption on New Year’s Eve. However, it is understood that a night of nationwide filled partying with large gatherings will have excessive alcohol consumption. The only sufficient evidence we have that supports the assumptions that alcohol consumption increases during festive seasons is the increased alcohol sales throughout the country. It is also possible to use the increase number of DUI accidents, alcohol abuse and fatal alcohol poisoning incidents during the season as reliable indicators of the amount of alcohol consumed on New Year’s Eve.

Can Alcohol Be Consumed In Healthy Quantities?

Alcohol consumption does not have to be extreme. You do not have to drink until you pass out or find yourself crawling to your bed. You can consume alcohol in healthy quantities which means drinking alcohol in moderate quantities that keep short and long terms health risks of alcohol consumption at bay. It is recommended that both men and women of adult ages consume no more than two to four standard drinks at a time. However, those who will be travelling and driving or attending more than one party should avoid consuming alcohol as the travel time will wear them down making alcohol more dominant in their system, and driving while intoxicated or under the influence can lead to car accidents which can cause damage, injuries and even death.

The Risks When Alcohol Is Consumed Excessively

There is various short and long term health risks associated to excessive alcohol intoxication. Such risks include – Cardiovascular disorders

  • Stroke
  • Hypertension
  • Liver disorders
  • Mouth, liver, throat and breast cancers

Aside from the short and long term health risks involved, there are also other consequences associated to excessive drinking and these can inflicted a lot of problems in life. These consequences are –

  • Moderate to serious hangovers
  • Social embarrassment to self, family members and friends
  • Conflict within families
  • Psychological health issues
  • Unhealthy sexual relationship with partners
  • Alcohol related violence
  • Various injuries
  • Economical problems due to excessive spending on alcohol and when the need for a lawyer arises when DUI and disorderly conduct arrests are made
  • Road accidents which are life threatening to self and others involved in the accident and can alter lives when arrested with various DUI charges

How To Enjoy The New Year’s Eve Without Excessive Alcohol Consumption

You can still enjoy the New Year’s Eve without excessive alcohol consumption by –

  • Eating before drinking alcohol
  • Monitoring and controlling your alcohol consumption
  • Planning your night before partying such as arranging to stay over at a friend’s home instead of drinking home
  • Taking the cab home instead of driving
  • Opting to attend alcohol free gatherings
  • Staying busy dancing and chatting with friends to distract you from having more drinks

Valerie Terger is a freelance writer specializing in health, well being and various legal topics. She offers tips on how to enjoy without posing harm on oneself and others, while offering advice on to avoid risks associated to alcohol. Read more about the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption here.

Photograph by: jfelias.

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