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What to Do in the Exciting Central District of Hong Kong

What to Do in the Exciting Central District of Hong Kong


The central business district of the city of Hong Kong is located on the north shore of the scenic Hong Kong Island, across from TsimShaTsui on the famous Victoria Harbour. This is one of the busiest areas of the city and many major multinational finance companies have their headquarters here. This part of the city has a lot of historical importance, as it has served as the centre of financial activity and trade dating back to the early days of the British colonial era back in 1841.

This is a popular area of town for tourism, sightseeing, dining and nightlife and there is always something fun and lively happening there. During your trip to Hong Kong, be sure to visit the exciting central district, take a walk aroundand enjoy the many attractions there.

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Things to Do in Central, Hong Kong

What are some of the fun activities that you can enjoy when visiting the Central District of Hong Kong? There are many great attractions to enjoy in and around the Central District.

Go for a Great Meal

There are many excellent restaurants in Central, so this is a great part of town for enjoying a delicious dinner with your friends or significant other.

Stroll Down Dried Seafood Street

When you take a walk down Des Voeux Road West you will discover a number of exotic dried seafood that has been gathered from all over the world.

Go Antiquing on Hollywood Road

This is the street that is known for its antique shops and interesting curio boutiques. There are many very interesting items here and the sellers are able to ship items internationally.

Have a Drink in SoHo

This popular nightlife area gets its name from the fact that it is south of Hollywood Road. It has a number of funky bars and hip restaurants which offer a great selection of cuisine, including Spanish, Mexican and Nepalese. You will also find some western food Hong Kong restaurants here.

The Man Mo Temple

This temple was built in the 1840s and is the oldest temple in Hong Kong. It is a beautiful and peaceful place, with the air full of sacred incense smoke.

Relax in Statue Square

Originally, this lovely square dating back to the 19th century had several royal statues but only now has one statue of the banker named Sir Thomas Jackson. It is a lovely and relaxing place to have a picnic or sit and people watch.

Walk Up Mount Davies

You can take a walk up to the top of Mount Davies to see the gunnery fortifications which were abandoned in WWII. The climb takes a while, but there are many ruins to visit on the way and the view is totally worth it.

These are just a few of the fun things that you can do when visiting the Central District of Hong Kong, so why not start planning your trip today?


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