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Tips To Prevent A Car Burglary

Tips To Prevent A Car Burglary


You get that sinking feeling like something is wrong. You are walking towards your vehicle and notice that it has been all torn up and the windows are gone. Someone has been trying to get into your car and has done a pretty good job of smashing it up. While you are not sure of who would have done this to you, it is important that you get the assistance of a lawyer right away to deal with the loss of property and any other damages that may have occurred. Here are some of the steps that you can take next time to ensure that your car is not broken into again.

tips prevent car burglary Tips To Prevent A Car Burglary

Secure the Car

You must always make sure to secure up your car when you are leaving it. This means that you should not leave the keys inside the ignition, lock the doors and windows, and activate the alarm if you have one. It does not matter if you plan to spend two seconds away from the car or all day, make sure to follow this procedure each time in order to avoid someone trying to get into your car.

Park in Smart Locations

It is never a good idea to place your car somewhere that is dark and far away from the building. Rather you need to pick a place that is well populated, that is close to your destination, and where a lot of lights are present. If you are able to, try to park near a security camera so you are more likely to catch the culprit. At home, if you have a garage it is a good idea to always park your vehicle inside it. The more difficult that you can make it for someone to get into your car, the less likely that you will become a victim of a burglary.

Use Deterrents

If your vehicle does not have an alarm on it, now is a good time to put one on. Alarms are great deterrents to thieves and can keep your car safe. Some items that you may want to consider include hood and tire locks, locking mechanisms for your steering wheel, and an alarm that has a lough siren. You can even place decals on your car so that others know that it has these kinds of devices.

Hide Valuables

Never leave valuables inside your car if you are not going to be there. Thieves are not going to spend all day looking around at cars in order to see if something is there or not; this would easily become too suspicious. Rather, they will just glance through windows and if you have something valuable just left out in the open, they are going to try and get it. If you have to take a valuable in your car with you, say a computer to and from work, make sure to put it in a place where no one is able to see it. Under the seat, your glove compartment, and the trunk are all perfect options for hiding valuables.

Jennifer is a blogger for The Law Office of Gregory R. Terra, a business and personal injury law firm in Williamson County, Texas.  She is sad to report that she has recently been the victim of a car theft.


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