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Make Some Brand-New Good Old Days: Living Your Youth Again

Make Some Brand-New Good Old Days: Living Your Youth Again


There are plenty of things about being young that older men probably don’t want to relive: eating ramen noodles every other meal, living with five roommates who never do any cleaning, and nursing hangovers that would kill a water buffalo. Picking up hobbies and activities from yesteryear, however, not only helps you feel young at heart but helps to extend your life, especially if these hobbies are of a physical nature. Here’s how can you get back to feeling like your younger self even if you have kids of your own:

some brandnew good old days Make Some Brand New Good Old Days: Living Your Youth Again

Now That You’ve Won The Superbowl…

There are a few places on planet Earth that can be called a fountain of youth, but first and foremost on the list must be Disneyland (or Disneyworld, whichever you live closest to). These theme parks ignite the emotions and imaginations of hundreds of millions of kids all over the world every year. Feel like a kid again while ensuring your own kids enjoy the time spent on rides and attractions.

Get Ready To Ride

Everyone remembers their first car and a few lucky souls remember their first motorcycle. If you were a speed freak before you saw your first insurance bill, re-living your time spent on the back of a cruiser or a sport bike helps you to feel like a teenager with no cares in the world all over again. Buy a new bike or upgrade your old ride with parts from an online motorcycle store while planning an extensive trek (such as the I-25 front range route running from New Mexico to Montana). Get brand-specific parts and accessories for your bike to ensure it runs well.

Pick Up A Ball

Perhaps you’ve got an old letter jacket in the back of your wardrobe, or a few Little League trophies gathering dust in your attic. Whatever the case, playing a sport again helps you feel invigorated and active, especially if you have a desk job that demands no more effort than taking the stairs each day. Search for sports teams and clubs near you through social sites like in order to find a team in need of an ace quarterback, pitcher, or goalie like yourself. Many have age-specific groups that let you compete on an even footing with your own age bracket.

Play A Game

Maybe you grew up when Mario and Sonic competed for audiences; maybe you remember when Pong first hit TV screens. Nearly everyone has a memory of playing video games as a kid, mashing down on buttons and joysticks with their siblings to come out ahead. Search for retro arcade games on directory sites like, bring a fistful of quarters, and take a trip back in time with Space Invaders or Mortal Kombat. Challenge your friends like you did in yesteryear to get the highest score.


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