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8 Examples of Art Created with Toilet Paper

8 Examples of Art Created with Toilet Paper


Daily use of toilet paper is not easy to avoid and without a roll in the house things could really look bad. You will find that the toilet paper comes with a paper tube that holds it together and ensures the tissue has been held up securely in place for easier rolling. There are many ways of using your toilet paper, especially the tissue paper tubes. Right from making home crafts, saving the world and creating party favours, there are many ways art is actualized through the normal toilet paper.

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  1. Home safety

Cords and trailing wires in a home can present serious danger around the house especially if children are playing about without much care. The toilet paper tube can securely hold the cords and wires securely by winding the cables around when not in use. Putting them inside the tube for safe keeping, add some color and images to the tube as you deem fit.


  1. Spark your children’s’ imagination

Two toilet paper tubes can be attached together to create some binoculars. Through the use of excess materials, spark the mind of a child to be more creative to come up with beautiful crafts and arts. The binoculars can be brightly colored for a party with a jungle theme.


  1. Feed the wildlife

Maybe you have always wanted to have birds flocking into your garden or home and homemade bird feeders are wonderful crafts to make. The only items you need are bird seed, peanut butter, yarn and cardboard tube and everything will fall into place. You can sit back, relax and watch as birds come to feed on the seeds. You could catch them with the yarn.


  1. Crowns

If your kids have a party, use toilet paper tubes to come up with some good looking crowns. You can decorate them after creating triangles on the tube and leaving small holes to put a string to secure the crown on the head of the child.


  1. Grow plants with ease

You can grow plants in a toilet paper tube rather than use plastic pots, especially if you have a number to plant and you have no containers to use. After filling the soil, add the plant and let it grow until it is big enough. You can then plant in the soil together with the tube.


  1. Bring Christmas closer

Christmas is a season to be creative, especially in decorations and toys. Through toilet paper tubes you can come up with good looking nativity scene crafts and paint them in different colors synonymous with Christmas for extra decorations at home.


  1. Gift wrapper

Some small gifts such as jewelry and accessories can be creatively given as gifts in wonderfully and creatively created gift wraps using toilet paper tubes. The tube can be decorated with sparkling colors and images before the ends are closed with the gift inside to add some fun into the festivities.


  1. Toilet paper tube structures

You can use as much toilet paper tubes as you need to create small homes or giant structures as you deem fit especially with your children. Children have a way of thinking out of the box and they can surprise you with really wonderful creative structures using toilet paper tubes.

Sam Thompson lives in Sydney, Australia. He is an editor for Toilet Paper Plus, leading supplier of wholesale tork toilet paper. He spends his spare time surfing the beaches of the east coast of Australia. He hopes one day all companies will look after the environment.


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