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Using Spirit Level in the Right Way

Using Spirit Level in the Right Way


If you are one of those individuals who is into brick layering work or are venturing into it or simply need it to fix a few things in your homes or offices, then choosing the right brick layer kit is extremely important. The brick layer kit is probably one of the most expensive tools that is required in order to carry out the work efficiently.

SpiritLevel 300x97 Using Spirit Level in the Right Way

Whether you are indulged into a DIY or you have hired a professional, it is not possible for any of you to determine horizontal and vertical levels without the use of spirit level (bubble level) – small or large. It is used for a variety of projects in and around the home. The accuracy of a level is highly based upon the quality of the bubble level used. It is true that a quality bubble level is going to provide you with an accurate reading as compared to a cheap model. It is the glass or plastic vial which forms the most important feature of any bubble level.

Using Spirit Level

There are two major factors that have a great impact on the length of brick layers tool kit –

  1. A nine inch torpedo level is a must have when using this tool. This helps you to work in the tight spaces quite efficiently
  2. The longer and elevated the level, the better results you can obtain in terms of accuracy.

The vial is composed of a colored liquid which contains a bubble of air that moves vertically or horizontally along the vial. One of the best spirit level that you can purchase is the one that comes with both horizontal and vertical vial. Such vials come with two graduation marks. They are separated from one another for letting the positioning of the bubble in between the two graduations. This helps in indicating horizontal or vertical levels. For using a bubble level properly, you need to position it right at the center on a surface that is horizontal or vertical.

On placing the bubble level in the center, if the plane to be seen is not even, you have to ensure placing a straightedge on top and the bubble level on top of the straightedge. The bubble has to be positioned between the graduation marks. Wherein the bubble takes a position over or out of the graduation marks, you need to bring an adjustment in the bubble level to the right or left. The bubble will be seen on the right side of the graduation marks if the left side is too high and vice-versa.

You can now consider making adjustment for creating a perfectly level project. For checking vertical levels, you require positioning the back edge of the bubble level against a straightedge that is then placed against the vertical plane to be seen. In case the bubble is there between the graduations, the plane is level. On the other hand, if the bubble dwells outside the graduations, you need to move the straightedge unless the bubble comes to its central position.


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