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Tenerife Holiday – A Mini World Tourist Destination Spot

Tenerife Holiday – A Mini World Tourist Destination Spot


Tenerife is the largest Spanish Island in the Atlantic off the north-western coast of Africa. Tenerife is a holiday hotspot since we can see the huge stadium of the deep blue sky with the glimmering moon as well the sparkling green meadows, from the sandy beaches to the thickly vegetated forests from the real hustle bustle of a busy city to the dreaming suburbs. Tenerife is the most visited island of the Canaries.

Tenerife is a mixed pot of microclimates. Within the seven hundred and ninety five square miles, you can find the snow clogged mountains and roads and just miles away the sun bathers the city. Beaches are lulled by the shore whereas the forest canopies envelop the trees in moss and lichen. People select Tenerife as a holiday spot to get energised. This thought has been aggravated by the fact that Tenerife has been acclaimed of having a mercifully mild climate.

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Places to visit

Tenerife has been receiving good reviews right from historic times. It dates back to Queen Victoria who used to flock here on vacations in the nineteenth century. Tenerife is the tourist destination for uncountable people all year round. Places for putting up in Tenerife include the renowned Costa Adeje, on Tenerife’s south coast, where you can enjoy a lavish life in the five starred restaurant, Guia de Isora, on Tenerife’s west coast, breathing peace and serenity with exotic views of the Atlantic, Playa de las Americas, home to many beaches and clubbing credentials, purely resort based city.

Tenerife can be a tourist destination all year round although different parts of the year have different attractions. Tenerife proves to be an exultant tourist spot for families as well as mature travellers. Tenerife provides a low cost more of transportation too, so you can easily seize the opportunity of grabbing a holiday plan to the Tenerife within your budgetary means and limitations.


Before leaving for the trip

You should make sure that while you are away for Tenerife holidays that your medical insurance and care covers you. You should contact the Tenerife Tourist Department and get relevant information regarding the currency, language, weather, flight duration and time zones. You should not miss out on the beautiful Siam Park which is a huge Thai themed water park. You can also check out for other places in travel books or refer to some travel guide for help regarding the planning of the places you would like to visit during the holiday.


Before going on a holiday, you must make sure that you travel safe and travel light. The landscapes are magnificently beautiful and you should not miss out on anything. The Tenerife holiday package can prove to be an exultantly diversifying trip. You are surely to be amazed and wonder struck by the attractive and alluring place to visit in Tenerife, from the sandy beaches to the deliciously smelling forests, steamy nightclubs to the serene villages. Those who have been before are surely to find it an amazingly refreshing trip yet again since there is always something new to explore.

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