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Some Interesting Schools Books For The Book Worms

Some Interesting Schools Books For The Book Worms


Book worms are sometimes misguided by the fact that they want to only read novels. Yes, novels are good, but there are other educational books in the market. However, other people argue that these bookstores are so overwhelming, especially in the educational areas. School books, are not as boring as how people perceive it. In fact, there are many interesting books that tackle different areas of education. Primary School books cover a wide range of choices, which can be broken down into the following categories:

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Primary School Books


Junior Infants


These books aim to guide the parents who have infants.


  1. Action Maths (Junior Infants) (€11.25)
  2. A Way With Words Junior Infants (€6.90)
  3. Maths Aid (Junior Infants) (€9.05)
  4. Starways Skills Book A (€ 5.40)
  5. Sounds In Action (Junior Infants) (€7.25)


Senior Infants


These books give additional information for those with kids at home. Great for gifts too!


  1. A New Baby (€6.20)
  2. Maths Aid (Senior Inf) (€9.70)
  3. Music Made Easy Senior Infants (€5.00)
  4. My Spelling Workbook Book A (New) (€5.95)
  5. The Tooth and Twinkle Stories (€4.85)


First Class


These books are those books that are mostly for kids who are starting out their learning process. Here are some books to help these kids and their parents:


  1. A Way With Words 1 (€8.35)
  2. Action Maths (First Class) (€11.75)
  3. All Write Now First Class Workbook (€5.25)
  4. Getting Ready Formy First Holy Communion (€2.95)
  5. Handwriting Made Easy 1 – Looped (1St) (€5.50)



Special Needs Education


These books, according to an online-based bookstore ABC Books, should be categorized according to the topic. It can cover several diseases and special needs not only for kids, but for grown-ups as well.




The Alpha to Omega Students Book available at €15.35 promises to guide students suffering from this disorder to become better in their classes.




Understand & Support Child Dyspraxia worth €20.99 is definitely an eye-opener and very informative!




Teach & Manage AdHd is a book that will allow guardians to further understand the kids and give them a sense of freedom as well.




Thomas Has Autism is both a slef-help and informative book. It is about dealing with the condition, and not letting it get in the way for the kids to be their best.



Junior Certificate


The coming-of-age years are here, and so are the plethora of choices. For those interested in business, here are some book suggestions you might want to read


Business Studies Junior Certificate


  1. Better Business Documents Book (€5.20)
  2. Business 123 Documents Book Junior Cert (€9.99)
  3. New Studies In Business Textbook (€28.85)
  4. You’re In Business Junior Cert (€32.50)
  5. EuroBusiness (Book&Workbook) 3Rd Edition (€35.75)


Music Junior Certificate


Not much of a business-person? Then why not read these instead?


  1. A Tempo (€14.50)
  2. Bravo Music Workbook (€10.25)
  3. Tuned In (€31.50)


Senior Certificate


Business Studies Senior Certificate


  1. 21St Century Business (Second Edition) (€26.80)
  2. Accounting (Oriordan) (€36.00)
  3. Business A Dynamic World (€30.00)
  4. Business Resources And Revision (€9.95)
  5. Business Today (€33.95)



Music Senior Certificate


  1. Music Leaving Cert Course A Set (€22.95)
  2. Music Workbook Leaving Cert Course B (€23.50)


See? There are so many educational books to suit every interest!


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