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Safe Planning for a Night on the Town

Safe Planning for a Night on the Town


If you are planning a night on the town with friends it is important to take every precaution that you end the night safely. Here are some ideas from the lads down at Carmax to keep your group safe without interfering with having a good time. Carmax Finance is a leading car dealership that arranges poor credit car finance to those in need!

Take Turns

If you are having parties often with a group of friends consider having a draw for designated drivers. You can come up with a simple way of making sure there is always a few people designated to drive and they are the ones who do not drink. You can rotate, pull names from a hat or leave it up to couples to decide who will be drinking and who will be driving. Another idea in groups is to say that whoever drives gets free food and non-alcoholic drinks all night on the rest of the group.

Hire a Limo

When you are planning for a major event such as a pre-wedding party, a major birthday or a big promotion consider hiring a limo. Travelling about town in a limo is an excellent way to keep the party going as you can actually hire cars with a bar service. As well once split amongst a group of friends the cost is not that much different than each of you taking a cab. You can arrange for a single pick up at a central location but then have the limo drop each of you ate home safe and sound at the end of the night.

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Have a Buddy System

If you are a drinker you don’t need to be reminded how easy it is for things to go awry. Consider having a buddy system so no one gets left behind. In busy clubs, pubs and bars it is easy to get pushed and shoved which can lead to separation. As well someone who is a little tipsy might wander off to find a drink, use the loo or worse because they meet someone looking for a little “romance”. Have a no one gets left behind policy and make sure everyone is within easy reach. You are all adults and can make decisions to join a new “party”, but having each others’ backs will help keep you all safe.

Stay at a Hotel

Consider everyone staying at a central hotel that is easy to get to at the end of the night. This works well as you can continue the party at the hotel as things are winding down and those who have had enough can opt to sleep it off when they are ready. It is a way to make sure everyone gets home safely as well.

Set a Budget

Set a budget for yourself for the evening. It is a good way to keep tabs on how much you are drinking. Taking out only enough money for an allotted amount of drinks and leaving your bank and credit cards at home will save you not only money but also keep you from over indulging as well.


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