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Rain Photography: 9 Tips To Protect Your Camera!

Rain Photography: 9 Tips To Protect Your Camera!


Rain, the sign of life, the ray of hope for hopeless hearts, a reason to smile or to feel sad, a perfect time to capture nature. Photographers often find it the best time to take some of their masterpieces. Artists make rain as their main theme while painting photos on canvas with the use of Taking photos in rain is not an easy task. It takes efforts and care to keep the camera safe and capture the most stunning moments in rain. The lines below will shed light on the tips to take care of while photographing in rain.


download1 Rain Photography: 9 Tips To Protect Your Camera!

1.      Raincoat: Not For You, But For Camera

Find the best rain cover to protect your camera from rain. Pick the one that could easily come inside your camera bag. It’s important to protect your camera from rain, storm, or hurricane.

2.      A Plastic Bag Can Work Well

It can help you in keeping the camera dry. Make a hole for camera lens at one end while keeping your hand firm on the other end. Pick a plastic bag of gallon size.

3.      Stay In Dry Places

Instead of going in rain, you can stay in a porch or at any other dry place and wait for the moments to be captured. Indulge yourself in some activity, instead of getting panic.

4.      Stay Inside Your Car

Although it seems weird to stay inside car and take photographs of rain, but you can do that if nature is unfolding some beautiful scenes in front of you. Keep the window closed to stay safe from rain and wind and carry on with your passion of photography.

5.      An Umbrella Can Help

Don’t forget to take a folding umbrella along with wherever you go for photography. Buy a small umbrella that is enough to keep your camera safe from rain. You might think about the help of an assistant to hold the umbrella, but get the umbrella that you could hold in your hand.

6.      Use Camera Within Photography

Use umbrella either as part of photography,or to give your photo a cover if there are bright clouds on the sky. It will give your image a better look.

7.      Use Backlight For Photographing In Rain

Backlight will make the rain become more visible and brighter. The light source can be some streetlight or splitting sunlight. If you are shooting directly, your exposure will be affected positively by the light source.

8.      Use Little Flash For Experimentation

Light up your target of photography with little flash, but keep that limited to 3 drops. It’s not easy to use flash in your favor in rain, but you can keep on experimenting unless become an expert in it.

9.      Capture Emotions In Rain

Rain is all about arousing emotions. At one point, it turns people sad while at another point, it makes children joyful. Capturing these emotions will make your picture stand apart from the crowd.

Once taken, you can look for some affordable canvas prints online and present your photo in a gallery, or in a photography competition. It could also be a perfect home décor item, put to your home-walls.

Share your experiences of rain-photography with others!

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  • Another tip would be to use the reflections in puddles, particularly at night with the lights shining.

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