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Living the Life of Leisure: How to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Living the Life of Leisure: How to Make Your Home More Comfortable


Wouldn’t you agree that it is about time you made your home a more comfortable place to live, love and relax in? Many of us have grand ideas every year that we forget about, or just don’t put enough effort into sorting out. But perhaps 2014 deserves a bit more hard work from you! Imagine having the perfect pad this time next year; somewhere that you want to spend lots of time, as well as showing off to all of your nearest and dearest.

It is possible to do; you just need to make a plan and stick to it. So if you want a few ideas of how you can turn your home into a haven, keep reading for a bit of insight…

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Think luxury

The first thing you can consider is adding a few luxury items to your home and garden. Not everyone has a footballer’s budget when it comes to the home, but this doesn’t mean you cannot dabble in the high life now and again. It can certainly feel worth it when you have saved up for a special treat that will make you feel a million dollars. Whether this is a widescreen television for your living room or a hot tub for your terrace, you will know exactly how to give yourself the comfort you crave. Other popular choices are completely refitting the bathroom so it has the appeal of a spa, or adding a walk in wardrobe and en-suite to the master bedroom.

Upgrade your furniture

Sometimes you only need to look as far as your furniture to improve comfort levels, especially in the bedroom or living room. Do you remember the reclining chairs that Joey and Chandler had on the television programme Friends? This could be something you think about for your own space. There are plenty of amazing sofas in the shops that could be the perfect addition to your entertaining areas in the home. Also, think about how a new bed could improve your quality of sleep, which might actually positively contribute to other areas of your life.

Make a ‘man’ space

There are many homes that have an ongoing struggle between comfort and classiness, and this is often an ongoing feud between man and woman. However there is often no point fighting to have one room looking two ways, so just use another room in the house if this applies to you. It makes sense to have one area that is ideal for accommodating family for formal events, and another that is perfect for a group of males who wish to watch the big football or rugby match. Think about how much potential there is to make two amazing spaces within the same property.

Create more bedrooms

It is nice to have people over to stay without making them sleep on the sofa, so perhaps you might be inclined to create more bedrooms. This is sometimes possible for those who are able to build into their attic, or even build a brand new extension. Have a look online for some loft conversion ideas so you can get a general idea of how you would like your new space to look when complete.


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