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Know different ways to remove your hair permanently

Know different ways to remove your hair permanently


Unwanted hair is the problem for many who are beauty cautious. Each time, they attend party or an event; they have to invest some time to remove unwanted hair on the body. This is especially important when you glam up with the trendy wear. Removing the hair through different traditional methods like shaving plucking is time taking and painful some times. As these procedures are temporary options to remove the hair in the unwanted parts of the body, your investment to remove the hair on the unwanted parts of the body is continuous. The only solution to get away from the hassle of removing the unwanted growth of the hair repeatedly is permanent hair removal.  Many are looking out for the best options for permanent hair removal. The current article explains you the reasons behind growth of the hair and also excellent procedure for permanent hair removal.

hair dye clean up Know different ways to remove your hair permanently

Secrets of hair growth

Hair growth in unwanted parts of the body happens in three stages. One is growth phase, regression phase, and resting phase. Traditional methods like shaving and plucking will cut the hair up to a level under the skin without damaging the underlying follicle that is root cause for growth of the hair again.   So many are now looking forward for some excellent options to remove the unwanted hair permanently. The entire follicle in the unwanted hair growth will not be at the same stage some will be the growth stage, some will be at regression phase and some will be at rest phase. Permanent hair removal should be done when the hair is at growth stage and this the reason why professionals ask you to come for number of sitting to get permanent hair removal treatments. The most effective treatments for permanent hair removal are laser hair removal. This is the most popular method used by the cosmetic clinics to get excellent results.

Laser hair removal

Removing the hair with most advanced technology will give the end results satisfying the expectations of the customers. During the laser treatment for permanent hair removal, the professional at the cosmetic clinic will focus on designated area of the skin and passes large amounts of light wave lengths to destroy the hair follicle that is underlying the skin of targeted area. 80%-90% of the hair which is at the growth stage will be removed at one sitting permanently. As the rest of the hair in the designated area are either at the regression stage or rest stage so, you have to come more than one sitting to get the permanent hair removal treatment in the designated area. The number of sitting varies from person to person depending on the nature of their body. The laser treatment for permanent hair removal is going to give best results because the fast beams of light that go aimed at the targeted area burns the hair follicle and its root so, it won’t grow back. Another advantage of choosing this laser treatment is it is less painful when compared to other permanent hair removal treatments.


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