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Intersection Roulette: Dangerous Roads

Intersection Roulette: Dangerous Roads


aoe roulette Intersection Roulette: Dangerous Roads

Intersection Roulette: Dangerous Roads

As America’s need for car travel grows, so does it’s roads and intersections. While American drivers are getting more used to huge intersections with up to 5 or more lanes of traffic, the simple fact is that as road space increases, so does the number of accidents for both cars and pedestrians.

However, it’s hard to stop progress, so knowing where the most dangerous intersections are can help you avoid the time and financial implications of getting into a fender bender. According to a poll by and a study released by insurance company, State Farm, the United States has some of the most dangerous intersections in the world. Knowing where not to go can be effective at preventing an accident. According to Auger & Auger, a law firm in North Carolina, ”intersection accidents can be even more dangerous as cars are not made for the impact that a t-bone collision causes.”

Five of the Most Dangerous Intersections in America

5) Poole & New Hope Road – Raleigh, NC

Though the south is thought to be genteel in their ways, they’re also home to some of the USA’s worst intersections and pedestrian traffic accidents. This four-way intersection converges 15 lanes of traffic into one small spot, including designated left and right turning lanes. Traffic accidents here are so common, it’s also one of the worst spots in the entire state of North Carolina.

4) Pines Boulevard & Flamingo Road – Pembroke Pines, FL

Once named America’s worst intersection by the State Farm study, Pembroke Pines’ most dangerous intersection was seeing an accident every other day at one point. The city, hating the national attention for such a negative finding, has rallied and installed more safety precautions, causing a drop in accidents in recent years. Regardless, it’s still considered one of the more dangerous in the country.

3) Abercorn Street & White Bluff Road – Savannah, GA

Georgia comes out on top when it comes to dangerous conditions for pedestrians, with the highest rate of pedestrian vs. car accidents in the country. With intersections such as these, it’s little wonder. Featuring curved roads, no crosswalks and a confusing array of turning options, this intersection has earned it’s place as third most dangerous.

2) 141 & Gravois Road – St. Louis, MO

Dangerous channelized right turns and the placement of a bus stop in a location that puts pedestrians in harms way puts this intersection firmly near the top of America’s worst. The bus stop’s location forces pedestrians to play a game of chicken, as the crosswalks are not clearly marked to get to the businesses and offices across the road. The Transportation for America group actually ranked Missouri the 17th most dangerous place to walk around on two feet.

1) 132nd Street, Industrial Road, Millard Avenue & L Street – Omaha, NE

Though you might assume that the nation’s worst intersection would be in busy place like New York City or Los Angeles, the reigning champion of America’s most dangerous intersection has been regularly won by Omaha, Nebraska. With four major thoroughfares converging into one intersection, confusion is high, and so are the amount of accidents. The site additionally features no sidewalks or even crosswalks, so those who dare to cross this intersection are quite literally taking their life in their own hands.

What to Do If You Are In An Accident

If you are unlucky enough to get involved in a fender bender or car accident, the first thing you should do is remain calm. Call the police and ask them to attend to the scene so you can get an accident report to submit to your insurance company and to an accident lawyer if you chose to pursue your case further. Request an ambulance be sent if there are any injuries that need immediate attention.

If you are not at fault and the other driver’s insurance does not cover your entire claim, speak to an accident lawyer to get some advice about what you can do. Write down the full details of your accident so you don’t forget any important facts, and also be sure to bring along your police report and an injury report if there was one. The more information you are able to provide to your attorney, the more likely they will be able to get you a good settlement.

America is home to some of the most dangerous roads on the planet. Seeing as the nation’s love affair with the automobile shows no signs of slowing down, larger roads are becoming a common fact of life. Protect yourself by knowing where the accident hotspots are and avoiding them if possible.  

Writer Melanie Fleury has been sideswiped in an intersection and knows how scary it can be. Auger & Auger, a North Carolina accident attorney, states that intersections are particularly dangerous due to the high speeds and the parts of the car that it often involves. If you have been involved in this type of accident, seek medical attention immediately. 

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