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How To Give Your Baby A Workout Physically and Mentally

How To Give Your Baby A Workout Physically and Mentally


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How To Give Your Baby A Workout Physically and Mentally

From the time parents bring their newborns home from the hospital, their primary concern is how they can help their babies physically and mentally thrive. Some parents, particularly those who are first-time moms and dads, fear that they will be unable to give their children the learning tools and physical benefits they need to grow into strong and healthy adolescents. Fortunately, the marketplace is full of products and innovative solutions to this dilemma. Using these strategies, mothers and fathers can raise their babies into happy, healthy, and intelligent children.

The Vital Link Between Reading and Mental Development

For years now, pediatricians and early childhood educators have advocated the importance of reading to even the youngest of babies. Reading provides one of the best resources that parents can use to strengthen their infant’s mind and teach vital early language skills. Even if people believe that newborns cannot understand the words being read to them, studies have shown that the youngest of infants still benefit by hearing the inflection, rhythm, and tone of their parent’s voice. Studies have also shown that babies who are read to from an early age  speak at an earlier age and go on to perform better in school later.

Physical Exercise Within Safe Confines

Along with strengthening their babies’ minds, parents also must be concerned with helping their babies develop and grow their muscles. During the first few months of life, a baby must learn to coordinate his or her limbs, muscles, and ligaments into motions that help them learn how to roll over, crawl, and pull themselves up from a sitting position. If moms and dads worry that their living room or bedroom floor is too hard and dangerous, they can give their little one a safe place to exercise when they place their infant in a play yard. This safe confine provides the ideal space for babies to exercise safely without falling over and getting hurt.

Bright Colors, Sounds, and Textures for Learning and Growing

Little ones learn about the world through sensory perceptions. While mothers and fathers must monitor what objects their babies chew on, they can be assured that their infants are learning in a safe manner when they invest in a baby gym Bright Starts developed for in-home use.

A baby play gym features a soft and comfortable mat on which a baby can lie or sit while reaching for the colorful and soft toys that hang tantalizingly within reach. Some of these toys light up and play music, giving the infant more of an opportunity to learn and grow.

Babies are a present that you get to spend the rest of your life unwrapping, exploring, discovering, and celebrating. The goal is not to rear the next Steve Jobs or Tiger Woods. The idea is to enjoy discovering how wonderful your baby is on his own terms–day by day, moment by wonderful moment. Just give him the love, support, and resources he needs to become the best person he can be. A healthy  start will produce healthy results for a successful life.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell is in awe of all the bright young parents with their amazing babies navigating this strange, brave new world we live in. She encourages them to take advantage of the kind of baby gym Bright Starts innovators have developed to help babies discover the world around them.


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