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Has Kindle Lost Its ‘Zing’?

Has Kindle Lost Its ‘Zing’?


Kindle is the most popular device for all those who love reading eBooks. When the first ever model of Amazon Kindle was launched, it received a massive response and the stock was sold in five hours. However, with subsequent launches, it seems like Kindle has lost its zing.

has kindle lost its zing Has Kindle Lost Its Zing?

Despite the fact that the Kindle Fire HD has more resemblance to a tablet and comes with nearly all the features of a tablet, it doesn’t seem to impress a lot of users. What has necessarily gone amiss? Let us review the details.

Does Kindle Suffer From Designing Issues?

Of all the problems that Kindle suffers from; it is totally unfair to regard designing as a trouble. The Kindle fire model is known for its robust designing and the crisp clarity. The screen resolution is hugely impressive and the precision and ease with which you can view the books is worth a round of applause. If you are a bibliophile and are looking to have the best device that will help you read all your favorite books, there is nothing that can substitute the use of a Kindle.

Kindle ranks highest as far as book reading devices are concerned. However, the major cause of concern lies in the fact that it lacks “other” features. No one wants to pay an amount in excess of 200 dollars merely for the sake of reading books, unless they are a book lover.

Kindle lacks most of the additional features that are offered by leading android tablets in the same budget.  You have smart tablets that offer you a rich interface for reading books. When you can have some other tablet that supports a plethora of other features and functions, people are definitely going to pick those, rater than settling for Kindle.

This is one of the key reasons for the loss of popularity of once-so-popular Kindle.

The Lackluster Amazon App Store

When it comes down to Amazon app store, people are always disappointed. If you compare the number of apps in the android store, the Apple store and the Amazon store; Amazon stands no where in the league. The number of apps is strictly limited and you can’t do much with your reader.

Even when it comes to browsing, the feature is experimental. Further, you cannot relish your charm for photography as the Kindle doesn’t come with a rear camera. It is the lack of the basic features and the absence of the right number of apps that makes kindle a secondary choice.

Initially, it was the craze of having a device exclusively for reading that made kindle such a hot favorite among people. However, as technology improved and even smart phones have apps for reading eBooks, the use of Kindle has been restricted significantly. It would have been great if Kindle had an app that streamed some music directly, from linkin park to the rest to go along with the book, customized to enrich the reader experience, instead of the old option of transferring data using one’s laptop. Either Amazon needs to revamp the app store or launch a new Kindle laden with revolutionary features. If none of these actions are taken, there will be a slump in the performance of Kindle as the zing has been lost.

It is high time that Amazon does some serious thinking and comes up with new ideas to revamp its product lest the future does not seem to be particularly bright for Kindle.


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