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Freaky Flying Tire Accidents – Victims Legal Guide

Freaky Flying Tire Accidents – Victims Legal Guide


car tire in road Freaky Flying Tire Accidents   Victims Legal Guide

Most individuals aren’t used to seeing auto accidents on a daily basis, so when a person actually bears witness to one, it can be a sight to behold. One event that is more memorable for oglers, however, are random tires flying off of vehicles and bouncing without guidance down the road. While this sounds like an insane possibility, it actually happens more often than people think. These random incidences, though not often witnessed, can pose great danger so drivers and pedestrians should be alert to and understand these occurrences. 

Wheel Detachment

It’s not every day that people hear about wheels becoming detached from vehicles and shoot off on their own at dangerous speeds. This can partially be attributed to the fact that a person would have to be exceptionally unlucky to be in the exact wrong place at the exact wrong time for one of these wheels to cause them injury. Due to the fact that people aren’t injured in all of these accidents, it’s rare to hear of them on the news.

This doesn’t mean, however, that people don’t get hurt. Within the past few years, there have been incidents involving flying tires killing individuals as far south as Atlanta and injuring Cubs fans in Chicago. Just enter search terms “flying tire” on Youtube(dot)com and a slew of related videos appear which are a testament to individual tires rolling, bouncing and making human contact seemingly from out of nowhere.

Sadly, when these accidents do occur, they tend to be very injurious or even fatal. In cities with heavy auto traffic such as Chicago, most drivers know what to do after a fender bender–call the police to make a report, get medical attention and file insurance claims. For a random flying tire injury, to ensure you understand all of your entitlements, it would be of benefit to also contact a car accident lawyer in Chicago, or whatever city it occurred in.

Causes of Wheel Detachments

Drivers and pedestrians already face increased risks in some areas. The aforementioned story out of Chicago, for instance, which involved a pedestrian, occurred in a city where 78 percent of pedestrians injured by drivers are actually in the crosswalk when hit. Sadly, even bad drivers may not present the same dangers as wheel detachments.

Accidents involving flying wheels are often labeled as “freak,” but in reality, they’re often completely avoidable. Human error, such as over torquing wheel nuts, can damage the hardware used to hold the tires on a vehicle. In addition, simple wear and tear combined with other dangerous factors, such as poor road conditions or faulty brakes, can also lead to tires disconnecting from a vehicle.

Critical Steps to Take After an Incident  

If a person is ever injured due to a flying automobile or truck wheel, it’s essential to understand the next actions. Of course seek out medical help immediately. This will often be a common sense move due to the intense injuries that are likely to occur, but even a person who doesn’t feel serious pain afterward should still visit a doctor just to ensure their body didn’t suffer internal damage from blunt force trauma.

It’s also important to contact police as soon as possible so they can make a report and get witness statements. This will help later on during an insurance claim.

It should be noted that, even though the driver’s negligence may not have led to the wheel detachment, it is likely their insurer who will be responsible for medical bills, vehicle damages and other compensation. Of course, liability could also fall upon auto manufacturers or repair companies exclusively, so here again is another legitimate reason to seek out a car accident lawyer in Chicago or in your local area who will conduct the research to determine all parties that should be held accountable. 

After watching a youtube video of a flying truck tire barreling through a gas station pumping area, Teresa Stewart was inspired to write this information for the well-being of drivers and pedestrians.

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