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Five great reasons to choose one page web design

Five great reasons to choose one page web design


Over the last year we have seen a number of companies transform their websites into one page designs. One page web design has significantly grown in popularity over the last year and is expected to be even more popular in 2014. In this article we will explain five great reasons why you should choose one page web design.

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Single page web designs work across all devices.

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What is one page web design?

One page web design is often referred to as single page web design or pageless web design. Instead of having a homepage with navigational links pointing to other pages such as ‘about us’ or ‘contact us,’ a one page website simply has a single page that contains all of the necessary content. As a user scrolls down the page they reveal more content. There are many benefits of using one page web design, some of which we will now go on to explain.

1. Increased control

If you want to have increased control over the content that users browsing your website see, then you may want to consider opting for a one page website design. The problem with multiple page websites is that they give users too many options and often important content is missed. By presenting all of your important content on a single page, you can control what users see and when they see it. A clever web designer will ensure that the most captivating and engaging content is placed at the top of the page to get users’ attention. It is also important to keep your content interesting and engaging from the top to the very bottom, as you do not want to lose users along the way.

2. Improved user experience

One of the benefits of one page web design is that it provides a straight forward task for users to complete. All they need to do is scroll from the top to the bottom of your web page and they will find all of the information they need. Using one page web design can improve user experience as it prevents users from having to spend time and effort searching for information on your site by clicking on various navigational links and waiting for them to load. Presenting your content in a way that is quick and easy to find is sure to please those visiting your website.

3. Visually satisfying

Have you ever clicked on a multi-page website and been really impressed by the homepage but then severely disappointed by the rest of the website? This isn’t uncommon. Many website owners spend all of their time; money and effort on making their homepages look attractive to users, but then fail to do the same with the rest of the internal pages. The great thing about one page website designs is that they promote consistency and are visually satisfying.

Web designers often have way more fun creating one page website designs as businesses often give them the freedom to create a visual journey. This basically means that the website tells a story through the way in which content is presented on the page. Creating visual journeys is a fantastic way to capture and retain users’ attention, ensuring they scroll all the way to the bottom of your page.

4. Uniformity

Today we are always being told how important it is to offer smartphone users a fantastic experience when browsing our websites. The great thing about one page website designs is that they create uniformity across all platforms. Many features of traditional websites such as drop down menus do not work so well on smartphones, but all devices allow users to scroll, making one page web design ideal! The more accessible a website is the better, so a website should be designed to be equal for everybody.

5. Higher conversion rates

This is the reason you are most likely to be interested in. Yes, many businesses have found that by opting for a one page web design, they have experienced an increase in conversion rates. This is likely to be down to the fact that users are able to access the information they need quickly and that single page web designs are simple, removing the complexity of a multiple page checkout process.

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One page web design can help increase conversion rates.

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Whilst one page web designs won’t work for all businesses, they do provide benefits for the majority. In the next year we expect to see more and more companies adopting this approach to web design, due to the fantastic user experience it helps to provide. If you are interested in having a one page web design built for your business website in the New Year you should get in touch with your local web designer for more information.

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