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Don’t Let Transvaginal Mesh Surgery Complications Go Without Being Compensated

Don’t Let Transvaginal Mesh Surgery Complications Go Without Being Compensated


If you have had transvaginal mesh surgery and have seen some unexpected complications, then you could be entitled to compensation for your troubles. No one deserves more pain and embarrassment after they found a solution to their health issues. Vaginal mesh is used for multiple different reasons, but it is used mainly to help people who suffer from pelvic organs prolapse, also known as POP, or stress urinary incontinence.

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These 2 issues are very serious and should be handled by only using the highest quality products during surgery. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of people who have had faulty or low quality mesh break. So let’s review some of the main information you will need regarding your specific situation.

What Can Go Wrong?

The main issue when it comes to transvaginal mesh surgery, is that the mesh can break which then causes even more complications for the patient. Overtime some mesh products can erode, or passes through the vaginal wall, which means severe pain, bleeding, infection, and even nerve damage. These are serious complications that should never go without compensation.  Another issue that you may run into is when the edges of the mesh cut into nearby organs, causing them to fail. When that happens, surgery is usually needed to repair the other organs.

Aside from the physical damage that you may have had to endure, you also have to account for the emotional state you are in. Even prior to the original transvaginal mesh surgery, the physical toll of having POP or SUI can be extremely embarrassing. Then you finally find a miracle cure, only to soon realize it caused more harm than good. The emotional damage that this causes can only be described as extreme.

How Much Can Someone Be Compensated For?

Luckily, there have been plenty of cases like this won in the past, and the compensation can be in the millions. Each situation is different, but here are some examples of previous cases that have been won. In Virginia, 2013, a woman was awarded 2 million. In another case within New Jersey, a plaintiff was awarded over 11 million dollars during an Ethicon mesh lawsuit. These are just a couple examples of the thousands of other vaginal mesh lawsuits that are filed due to complications.

While money may not be your first concern after running into a situation like this, you deserve to live a better life. Don’t let complications from a transvaginal mesh surgery ruin your hopes and dreams, because you deserve everything you want.

What Lawyers Are Reliable For These Types Of Cases?

Usually, the lawyers you hire will be going up against massive corporations, which means you have to find reliable and experienced lawyers that know what to expect. Using lawyer who are new to these situations won’t be able to get you as much compensation, and could even lose the lawsuit all together. So, if you are trying to figure out which lawyers would be best, visit They will be able to give you the best lawyers to make sure that you can live a high quality life and ensure that you are compensated for the pain and suffering you have had to go through.


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