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Conversion of Units – Centimetre to Feet

Conversion of Units – Centimetre to Feet


Conversion of Units is possible between different units of measurements of same quantity. There are two typed of conversions Soft conversion and hard conversion or adaptive conversion. For the conversion to be precise that is the resultant value should be exactly equal to the first measurement taken into account. The physical configuration of the substance need not be changed. This type of conversion is called soft conversion. A hard conversion involves changing the numbers and units. The physical configuration will be slightly changed. This kind of conversion is called hard conversion.

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Approximate values of Conversion:

The resultant value of conversion can be either of the following.

  1. Equal to (=). This means the value after conversion is exactly equal to the value taken in to account for conversion. For example 1 meter is equal to 100 centimetres.
  2. Approximately equal to (?).This means the value after conversion is approximately equal to the value taken in to account for conversion. Example 1 foot is ? 0.304799735 m


A centimetre is a measurement unit of metric system for length. The value of one centimetre is equal to hundred centimetres. Ten millimetres constitute one centimetre. It is used to measure length.  Other places where centimetre is used are for measuring rainfall. In CGS system it is used for measuring the capacitance. Capacitance is the ability of an object to bear or store electrical energy. Centimetre is denoted by two letters cm, Square centimetre as cm^2 and Cubic centimetre as cm^3.


A foot is a measurement unit of metric system for length. Foot or feet is denoted by two letters ft. One foot is equal to, 30 centimetre or 12 inches. A foot is used for measurement of area mostly in construction places. The cost of land area is measured using 1 square feet. Cost is set as specific price per square feet.

Centimeter to Feet Conversionis used in places of measuring height. There are two ways to denote height of a person it can be either in centimetre or in feet. Most common required format is centimetres however feet measurement is also used in certain places.  The requirement depends on place and country of requirement. The value of one centimetre is equal to 0.0328084 foot. Example for centimetre and foot value of height is 152.4 centimeter is equal to 5 foot.


There are several methods for conversion from centimetre to foot. The most common way is to convert manually. Other than this there are several online tools available to convert. There are several websites available to convert. The below chart can be used to convert the value from centimetre to feet for manual conversion.


Conversion Chart:


1 centimeter in feet =0.0328084 ft

10 centimeter in feet =0.32808399 ft

100 centimeter in feet =3.2808399 ft

1000 centimeter in feet =32.80839895 ft

10,000 centimeter in feet =328.0839895 ft

Centimeter to Feet Conversion can be obtained by the following ways also. Advanced digital calculators have an option for conversion as inbuilt functions other than the usual multiplication method. Spread sheet programs like Microsoft excel have an option for applying functions or formulas by which the conversion of unit from centimetre to feet can be obtained. Other than these there are several mathematical, scientific and technical applications that also have the converters. Sometimes the reverse conversion may also be required that is conversion from feet to centimetre. The value of 1 foot is equal to 30.48 centimetres. Although there are several technologies updated for conversions calculators are still at use in the field of education.


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