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Cloud PBX: What Is It?

Cloud PBX: What Is It?


aoe cloud Cloud PBX: What Is It?

Cloud PBX: What Is It?

If you’re in business, then you know about the value of ensuring that every incoming call gets picked up. Missing those all-important calls can sometimes indicate to potential clients that their business isn’t important enough to you, sending them down the road to your competitor. However, some businesses may lack the space or the budget to have their own operators installed onsite, including all the hardware they will need to route the calls.

In today’s internet age, the concept of a Cloud-based Public Branch Exchange (PBX) is helping businesses to handle their calls and increase their customer service return. Hosted via the internet, these service providers are not only giving small-to-midsize businesses a boost, but many large corporations are also turning this way as a good cost-saving measure.

Where Did The Cloud Concept Come From?

Surprisingly, the Cloud concept is not a new one. Previously, businesses used to store their data on-site, using what is called “point-to-point technology.” This means your computer would log into your company’s fixed hard drive or server, accessing information that’s stored on-site. Cloud technology, named because the program designers used a cloud-like drawing to represent the internet during meetings, came into its own in the mid-1990’s, giving businesses a way to expand their data storage rapidly without the need for additional equipment in-house.

What Is A Cloud PBX System?

Traditionally, a PBX system was used on-site in offices to handle multiple phone lines. These required operators to run them, as well as large piece of equipment stored in the office. They often needed frequent upkeep and repairs, resulting in down-time for the business. Cloud PBX technology uses the internet to route system calls, either direct to the business or to a customer help line that can be based anywhere in the world. These new internet “operators” are fully trained on all the aspects of your business, and give your customers a sense that their business is important to you.

Who Can Use A Cloud PBX System?

Seeing as they are an efficient and cost-lowering measure, nearly every company can use a Cloud PBX system. Due to rapid growth or just starting out, many companies lack the space and the budget to hire on full-time staff to man their phone lines and route calls to the correct place. A Cloud PBX system replaces all that with software solutions for VOIP that handles your phone calls from an outside location. If you are concerned that your phone calls are going unanswered, a PBX system can easily be routed to an internet-based answering company who can take care of your customer’s needs when you’re away from the phone.

What Are The Benefits?

Investing in a Cloud PBX system lets you reap the customer service rewards, and your customers will appreciate that their calls are picked up every single time. Additionally, the costs of running your phone system off a Cloud PBX are minimal compared to the outlay you would have if you had to host the system and operators yourself in-house. Whereas a traditional PBX can cost upwards of $5,000 for installation and equipment, plus operator costs of around $10.00 an hour, using a virtual system can cost as little as $20 per month, plus the cost of an internet connection. Though having a virtual company host and answer your calls will cost a bit more, it will nearly always be less than trying to do it yourself. Plus, you can easily expand to include more lines without expensive maintenance and extra hardware fees.

Going the Cloud PBX route for your business is a smart move for both a customer service and a budget point of view. Look into the possibility of having your calls routed through your Cloud PBX to an answering service that can provide your customers with a top-notch experience. By saving the cash on a traditional PBX and giving your customers what they want, you’re likely to see a healthy improvement on your bottom line.

As a small business owner, writer Melanie Fleury is always looking for new technology that can help her to expand her business in a cost effective way. To learn more about software solutions for VOIP , visit the website of Avoxi, a company that offers various products for businesses looking to grow internationally.

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