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Blind Date Getting Drunk? Time To Climb Out The Bathroom Window

Blind Date Getting Drunk? Time To Climb Out The Bathroom Window


blackcouple Blind Date Getting Drunk? Time To Climb Out The Bathroom Window

The blind date has always been something that someone approaches with caution. You never know what is going to take place when you agree to go out with someone you have never met before. While there is a chance you will meet your soul mate, there is also the distinct possibility that you are going to encounter someone that you would have never agreed to go out on a date with on your own.

If you are not a heavy drinker, you probably do not date people who drink a lot. If you encounter a person who overindulges on your blind date this article will provide some ideas on how to handle the situation. One important thing to remember when alcohol is involved is if it gets out of control there can be very dire financial and legal consequences. The website of Tampa DUI lawyer, Katz and Phillips, P.A., states, “Depending upon the circumstances and severity of the offense, you could face probation, driver’s license suspension, heavy fines and, yes, imprisonment, even for a first offense.”

Use your discretion to determine if you should get into a vehicle with this individual. You do not want to be implicated in or the victim of a DUI accident.

When the Date Goes Bad

One of the worst things that can happen on a blind date is encountering someone that is drinking so much that they are becoming an embarrassment. Even if they are not loud or obnoxious, it may become scary when you consider that they are the one that is driving, and you want to make it home alive.

You have a few options that may help you get through this disaster of a date that does not include using the bathroom window or fire exit for an escape. These tips may not save the date, but they can help you arrive home safely.

Suggest Something Other Than Sitting And Drinking. Get up and dance, go for a stroll if you are in an area where walking is feasible, suggest a movie, anything that will get them away from the bar for a while. This may be difficult, especially if they have their mind set on sitting and talking over drinks, but it is worth a try.
Approach The Subject Of Driving. Ask your date if they are willing to let you drive home. Tell them that you do not mind if they are drinking, but you must insist on driving home. Even if it does bother you, remember after this evening you do not have to see or talk to them again.
Suggest Non-Alcoholic Round. Suggest that the net round of drinks that you purchase is non-alcoholic. Come up with whatever reason you want, even if it is something as silly as you hate how often alcohol makes you need to use the restroom. They may get the hint and stop ordering alcohol all night, or they at least may slow down.

The No Obligation Rule


The most important thing that you must remember in this situation is that you have no obligation to leave with this person at the end of the night. If they have been drinking too much and you do not feel safe, do not get into the car with them. Be honest about your refusal and encourage them to join you in a taxi ride home.

A blind date can be very exciting. Many people have even stated that it is their favorite type of date because they never know what to expect. However, this excitement should not include risking your life in a car with a drunk driver. Stand up for yourself and refuse the ride. Your refusal will save your life and possibly theirs. 

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer who frequently researches DUI accidents. She has found that many DUI charges are the result of social drinking and can be prevented if others encourage the drunk driver to sober up before getting behind the wheel or not drive at all.

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